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A Review on Religious Viewpoints Essay

Diverse analytical methods can be applied in populations study. Population appraisals are practical information gathering mechanisms in research. Reviews, as research techniques, are generally preferred in psychology studies. Individual self-reported information is gathered from surveyed respondents. Targeted information depends on the research objectives. A review might be centered on an individual’s details or be based on personal attitudes.

Appraisals can be prepared by applying comprehensive techniques. Prearranged quizzes are developed and the studied populace queried. Alternatively, a set of questions may be issued, in the form of a questionnaire, to the surveyed population. The two survey methods are acceptable in population research. However, the investigator is required to select the most suitable technique for the intended study.

Study reviews are usually regulated to establish research dependability and legitimacy. Controlled surveys have significance and their outcomes are realistic in a bigger populace. Enormous information quantities can be gathered in a modest interval. Review exercises are inexpensive compared to alternative information gathering methods. Appraisals can be developed rapidly and operated without difficulty.

Population assessment methods are applied in various subject areas. Individual details, opinions, historical conducts, and viewpoints are researched by reviews. On the other hand, inappropriate management of reviews can weaken research outcomes. Individual responses might lack precision and have biases. Reviews may be conducted in varied ways. Most commonly applied techniques include correspondence, phone, internet, or door to door visits. Whichever survey method applied a successful outcome can be expected.

Global human populations have a tendency of judging life aspects based on religious beliefs. Fundamental spiritual opinions have been incorporated across cultures that guide a member’s judgment. Religion has influenced various human social attributes. World attitudes towards life have greatly been directed by religious teachings and practices.

Scientific surveys ought to be conducted with exactness. Well-designed reviews are astute, edified, and largely relevant in development. Selected survey method for a study is dependant on the desired outcome. Internet-based reviews have extensively been applied in psychology studies.

Online survey techniques are advantageous compared to conventional methods. However, challenges with the methodology have been noted. Data accuracy, internet accessibility, and inferior answer speeds are obvious setbacks experienced in online surveys.

However, various aspects have improved data collection outcomes. Individualized email correspondence, summarized prompts, preannounced assessment aim, and uncomplicated designs are some major steps taken in the improved survey structures. Although the method might be attractive, prudent steps should be adhered to as partiality might arise (Solomon, 2001). Respondents in an online survey might not portray seriousness in their answers. Skewed responses might have consequences of false information.

A specific study question was required for a survey on religious attitudes. The reviewed subject and aims were determined based on historical scientific data. A justification statement was formulated that validated the study. Support data was collected and compiled from examined texts.

The information gathered was relevant to extent of spiritual mind-sets among specified populations. Study question and purpose were planned and approved by the researcher. Other study techniques were considered in the selection of a research method (Draugalis et al, 2008). A definite study question was critical for the religious attitude research. The religious attitudes survey was a significant study.

Most of the global populations have diverse spiritual opinions. The existing dissimilarity on religions has impacted societies across the world. Humans are opinionated over certain religious beliefs. A review of public outlook on religion can be utilized to perhaps investigate the cause and effects of society upshots. A common cause of study failures have been attributed to ambiguity in the study questions.

Data on religious attitudes among populations was gathered by use of questionnaires. Techniques applied in the questionnaire plan incorporated three investigation descriptions and strategies. Information included in the questionnaire stemmed from the reviewed study text.

Literature searched was centered on world population’s spiritual outlook. The reviewed information widened the extent of the survey document plan (Spencer et al, 2009). A survey document can determine if the study objectives are realized or missed. A well crafted questionnaire facilitated the study of the spiritual mind-sets of populations. The questions were specific to reviewed articles and intended objectives.

Items were formulated for insertion into the survey document. The topics addressed were based on the spiritual mind-set study question. Underlined cluster meetings were convened and items for the spiritual mind-sets review created (Burns et al, 2008). Specific study subjects were formulated from the focus groups. The meetings provided avenues for primary data on which the research survey document was based upon.

The religious attitude review population structure was chosen based on the study aims. Availability of resources had an effect on the type of sampling technique applied. A cluster sampling method was set up to investigate the population’s attitude towards religion. The populace was divided into mixed clusters.

Respondents in the research groups had diverse backgrounds of race, age, and gender. Grand speedy answers guaranteed a universal application of the study (Burns et al, 2008). Sampling technique chosen for a survey study required a large representative population. Group sampling secured a varied population structure that could possibly represent most members of the populations. Religious affiliations are usually varied among populations. Therefore, a large sample has increased chances of representation.

The survey document consisted of a graded against scaled answers. Graded answers assisted the surveyed population to attach precedence scores. Scaled rejoinders enabled the population to range their specific likings (Spencer et al, 2009). Statistical scores assisted the researcher in quantifying the responses.

A score range of 1-10 specified the respondent’s viewpoint on a question. Alphabetical letters from A-D were applied in the extent of a respondent’s preference. The questionnaire was simple and could be filled accurately in the shortest time possible.


Survey oriented studies require precision from the methodology applied and targeted objectives. Careful interpretation of the study objectives must be carried out. A systematic run down of similarity from the reviewed texts, the research question, objectives, and sampling procedures require consideration. Survey protocols have to be adhered to for a formidable outcome. Psychology researchers have attributed failure of studies to poor choices of research techniques.

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