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Adding Latinos to Health Rolls Essay (Article)

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Updated: Feb 11th, 2019

The article entitled States Struggle to Add Latinos to Health Rolls is written by Jennifer Medina and Abby Goodnough. The article is based on the data revealing slow rate at which Latinos are registering for public funded health care services.

The authors name specific states that have so far registered low numbers of applicants though those regions have the highest percent of Hispanics living there. Some of these include California, Texas and Arizona. The enrolment ends on March 31 and the personal of the clinics believe that the situation might change (para. 4).

The authors have also stated reasons for slow rate of registration. A number of Latinos are illegal immigrants, and they fear to register for the reason of being deported. Another issue is that many of them do not understand English so it is hard for them to even communicate with English-speaking staff. The journalists also indicate that some of those who are in the country legally also fear enrolling into the program because they are afraid of being assumed with public liability (para.5).

In spite of all these concerns, the authors indicate that the federal government has provided guidelines assuring all the immigrants that their immigration status would not be affected in any way. However, as the journalists indicate, the guidelines have not managed to convince them to register.

The authors have also incorporated some of the efforts being made by different states to deal with the situation (para. 5). Some of these efforts include translating English into Latin and wide-ranging Spanish campaigns for Spanish-speaking population to comprehend the message. State officials have also been using focus groups as well as drawing up detailed marketing plans in order to encourage them to register.

Alcoholism and contribution to health

The article entitled Alcoholism through a Doctor’s Eyes is written by Barron Lerner. The author discussed the preconception of alcohol which was assoiated with moral failing in the 1890s and could only be cured through adopting Christianity and abstinance (para. 3).

Lerner also incorporates the impact of alcohol to human life. He indicates that heavy drinkers are suffering from diseases like liver complications, while in the past, alcohol was not associated with any disease (para. 2).

Apart from increasing the risk of contracting terminal diseases, such as liver disease, alcohol also results in marriage breakeges. Another aspect associated with alcoholism is the lack of proper treatment for alcoholics (para 5). The author indicates that such processes as rehabilitation and detoxification are not that effective, yet they are expensive.

Lerner also states that all the efforts made to teach or advice people on how to give up that habit have never succeeded (para 6). The author attributes this issue to the preconceived thinking as well as information obtained from films, books and television when it comes to young people. The researcher proceeds that scientists have also found genes in humans responsible for alcohol addiction.

The author has also included information on the setbacks registered in the attempt to decrease alcohol use and its related activities (para.3). That is why, there is a lack of support from leaders in terms of enacting laws that aim to solve the issue of alcohol drinking.

For example, the author states that in the early 1900s, the US Constitution was amended to prohibit not only the production and sale of alcoholic beverages, but transportation of alcohol-related products (para.7). However, the law did not last long. It was amended again removing the prohibition.

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