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Agreement of April 17th 1492 Essay

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Updated: Mar 26th, 2021

The agreement was reached in 1492, and it granted Columbus the authority to explore and discover all the lands that lie on the sea and the ground. The Columbus voyage agreed to share the discovered lands with the King and Queen of Spain. Further, the discovered lands were to have a chosen representative from the kingdom of Spain. The voyage was also supported due to the 90% material gains. The kingdom of Spain was going to get from Columbus voyage. Part of the levies obtained from the annexed lands was to be given to the realm of Spain.

Columbus promised to be a governor in all the discovered and annexed lands and be answerable to Spain’s King and Queen. Columbus was to appoint the three leaders to govern the discovered islands and mainland, while the King and Queen of Spain were deemed to pick a representative to oversee the lands’ handling. Columbus was also going to remit the remainder of the treasures found in the conquered lands after deducting 10% and expenses incurred in the process. The voyager also promised that the levy obtained from the conquered lands would benefit the kingdom of Spain.

The kingdom of Spain was extended to the mainland and in the oceans due to the discovery and annexation of Columbus’ lands. As a result of the kingdom’s growth geographically, the empire grew in power, strength, and wealth and continued its expansion throughout Europe. The discovery of lands in the interior and the coast increased Spain’s influence and its control over trade as the water was the primary route of transporting trade goods. The voyage marked a significant period in history in helping the current Spain geographical mapping.

The Epilogue

Jared’s quest to seek the answers to Yali’s question about the differences observed in the world today employs history as a science and humanity. The observed differences in the world today from the sectors of science and technology, color difference, level of industrialization, domesticated animals, and cultural differences are caused by the environment. Environment and culture are two co-related factors where the setting determines the culture, and the culture bears a direct influence on the ground. At this juncture, the environment played a crucial role in the early establishment of developments that are historically recorded.

Various parts of the world have different ecological zones, and therefore, different cultures and production processes have emerged. As a significant factor in the development, diffusion of knowledge from one civilization to the other serves as a means through which knowledge, technology, and culture are transmitted and adopted by other societies. Access to civilizations through transport means like water bodies and roads made it possible for some civilizations to develop more and rapidly than others, preferably, due to lack of geographical barriers.

In the course of the text, individual idiosyncrasies have been highlighted as amongst the factors that are contributing to the perceived differences observed in the world today. The contributions of individuals like Hitler, Otto von Bismarck, and Alexander the Great, among other key historical figures, are cited as significant contributors to the differences in the world today. For example, Hitler influenced the outcome of the Cold War from the defeat of his forces in World War II. It was also interesting to know that the discipline of history is more of humanity than a science based on the differences in data collection and proving.

The account uses observation and natural experiments since it is impossible to reverse the course of nature. The arguments of Jared Diamond are clearly indicative of a well-researched issue. From the discussions, I totally agree with him. Jason’s assertion that the environment brings about the differences we see in the various geographical settings and sectors of life is real. Furthermore, people utilize the available natural resources at their disposal. Worldviews are also created and revolve around the general natural phenomena of a people. In fact, people also help to shape the future through their actions.

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