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Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting Analisys Report


As an event analyzed, the local open Alcoholics Anonymous meeting will be demonstrated. Following the experience gained in the process of interaction with the participants of therapy, certain conclusions are drawn up regarding the timeline and the resources needed for this purpose. To consider all the stages of work comprehensively and realize the set goals, it is required to study the specifics of the group’s work and its dynamics. Based on these facts, it is possible to draw up an appropriate plan for assessing the effectiveness of the work done and the potential benefits for the members of the meeting.

Timeline for Completing the Project

To begin with, the evaluation of the attended meeting will be based on its effectiveness. To describe the details seen and assess the merits and demerits of the group work, it will take several days to compile a detailed plan. As practice shows, the awareness of the problem “can have a significant benefit to the modern counseling field;” therefore, the results of the program are likely to be evaluated positively (Stone, Conteh, & Francis, 2017, p. 132).

Nevertheless, the activity of the group members will be analyzed, which will also take some time (about a day). The search for justifications can take several days since relevant academic sources need to be found and considered. Upon completion of the preparatory work, therapeutic sessions will be completed, which will take about one week. Each session will be equal to one meeting, but more time will be needed to analyze the results obtained (at least one day). Based on the work done, it will be possible to evaluate the benefits of therapeutic sessions in the context of group meetings and provide recommendations on potentially useful resources.

Algorithm of Actions

During the first meeting, records will be taken to receive the comprehensive picture of the event and not to forget crucial nuances. Further, the group interaction process will be analyzed, and the activity of individual team members will be considered as a factor influencing the effectiveness of the work conducted. Different evaluation criteria will be given since, as Kuerbis and Tonigan (2018) note, the social environment is an essential component determining the outcome of group therapies.

Once the baseline correlations are compiled, and preliminary results are obtained regarding leadership style, ethical issues, and other aspects, the plan of therapeutic sessions will be composed. Based on the performed activities, the effectiveness of the group approach to the treatment of alcohol addiction will be evaluated, as well as the knowledge base that is used in the modern practice of psychologists.

Necessary Resources

As resources that will be valuable in the context of the meeting analysis, the opinions of the program organizers may be taken into account for competent performance evaluation. Also, academic resources can be used where information is collected on the types of group therapy and its effect on subconscious behavioral motives. Wendt and Gone (2017) confirm that joint meetings enhance the degree of trust to one another and form a sense of spiritual responsibility. Also, the type of event will be evaluated to have an idea of ​​its purpose – educational, supportive, or another one. The facts of therapeutic sessions application should be found to consider the methods of introducing appropriate interventions and their effect. Having all these data, it is possible to perform all the work efficiently and as quickly as possible.


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