American Academy of Nurse Practitioners and Its Activities Essay

In terms of my role implementation, I have selected to work with the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners. It is imperative to note that this organization was incepted way back in 1985. It serves nursing practitioners from various areas of specializations. In addition, the organization is currently the largest nursing body that offers comprehensive membership to all nursing practitioners.

In other words, the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners offers a platform through which nurses can voice their opinions on various issues affecting them (American Academy of Nurse practitioner, 2012).

In regards to its membership portfolio, the organization currently serves about 155,000 members countrywide. This number has been growing steadily over the years as more nurse practitioners continue to join the organization as professional members.

While the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners may largely appear as a rights advocacy group for nurses, the key role of the organization is to propagate for active and effective role of nurse practitioners as important providers of healthcare services that are cost effective and of high quality.

The organization also aims at attaining the mission of leading nurse practitioners towards revamping healthcare delivery for patients by offering a professional membership for nurses.

The organization also operates under some core values which it adheres to strictly in order to achieve its mission and vision. These values include integrity, excellence, leadership, professionalism and service.

As a matter of fact, the organization encourages inclusivity, discipline and unity among its professional members, higher levels of transparency and accountability as well as visionary, proactive and innovative leadership (American Academy of Nurse practitioner, 2012).

The nursing board which supports my role in this type of organization is the Florida Board of Nursing. This board has well defined set of laws that govern the operations of nurse practitioners. The statutes contained in the act formulated by the Florida Department of Health outline Acts related to nursing practice, and certified nursing assistants (Florida Department of Health, 2007).

The document also contains nursing programs, requirements for licensure, administrative policies that must be adhered to by nurse practitioners, continuing education requirements, inactive status and the procedures followed before deactivating operating licenses that are not active as well as various fees levied by the board.

It is worth to mention that all nurses who practice in various states have to be licensed. Needless to say, the Florida Department of Health through the Florida nursing Board came up with these Acts and guidelines in order to monitor the operations of nurses within the state.

Each of the operating nurses in this state has to meet the requirements stipulated in the statues (Florida Department of Health, 2007). In overall, the board clearly states that these regulations are meant for safe practice and that those practitioners who fail to adhere to the set guidelines will be forbidden from running their operations in Florida.

From the above discussion, it is evident that the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners and the Florida Nursing Board have been put in place to provide checks and balances among nurse practitioners.

However, it is vital to assert that the Florida Nursing Board is more of a legislative body that formulates and implements rules and regulations for nurses who operate in this state.

On the other hand, the American Academy of Nurse practitioners is largely a professional body accredited to oversee the professional well being and development of the nurse practitioners. Team work is necessary if both organizations will have to achieve their goals (Drinka & Phillip, 2000).


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