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Specified Commercial Essay

The face of social media continues to transform our lives, as the nature and trend of modern mediums of communication continue to evolve with times.

As a matter of fact, these profound changes have brought positive impacts to modern businesses, thus revealing a promising future to marketing professionals allover the world. As observed in video game commercials of the day, professional marketers and bottom line businesses are fully utilizing the revolution of social media to attract and retain their customers in all possible ways. ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops TV Commercial’ is a live testimony of how far marketers in the contemporary world can go in marketing their brands.

New trends of modern communication tools and equipment have brought profound shifts in the way information is processed and conveyed to various people in the global society. This has changed the way we conduct business from the habits of the past to ways that are more sophisticated and effective.

For instance, this commercial video employs every rule in the book to successfully pass the message to the intended target. Key aspects of advertisement such as logic, humor and emotion have been applied throughout the advert, to effectively persuade potential customers.

In this video, PR trend has been intertwined with full-fledged in-gaming marketing tactics to come up with one of the most compelling commercials in the warring sector (Gagnon 4). Ranging from the tagline, ‘There’s A Soldier in All of Us’ to the persuasive visuals and tactics applied in the video, there is no doubt that this commercial has successfully achieved its purpose in the world, no matter the controversial messages it conveys.

The commercial is more of a live-action than anything else and it vividly demonstrates the power in the warring equipments being advertised. Just where the slogan of the advert seems to originate, a group of everyday individuals who does not seem to have anything in common in life, join forces in a serious confrontation against the enemies. However, the whole action in the advert gives the impression of a real warring confrontation as the characters manifest great expertise in the way they use their weapons.

Basketball idol Kobe Bryant and comedian Jimmy Kimmel are the most notable faces in the action, among a group of other individuals whose physical appearances and social identities gives the least definition of a warrior. However, the perception is never the same, as the individuals take into the battle with every dangerous weapon in existence.

Among other key players in this hardcore commercial include a homely waitress and a fast food chef, who brings down the curtains on the commercial by walking out of a big explosion in a stylish manner. In one episode, the homely waitress uses her leg to blast a door open before one of those backing her up in the operation utilizes the opportunity to toss a grenade into the building. In just another episode, Kobe Bryant is seen putting a 40MM grenade through an opening, to put a final end to an enemy.

This episode is actually a representative of the real thing that can be associated with the brands being advertised and it would actually inspire buyers to think of acquiring the products right away. If there are things that most gamers in the contemporary world would care about most, it is the application of the right presentation to come with awesome commercials.

That said, the great fun and emotion in this commercial have been connected with a compelling tagline to give a creative advertisement on the sophisticated weapons. The fun in this commercial is contained in the fact that, the advertisement seems to have used the wrong kind of people in the world to publicize the products, but all the same, the purpose of the commercial is finally achieved in an impressive manner.

As it would be observed, the role being played by technology in the modern world of business is quite overwhelming. Marketers in the contemporary world are taking chance of the great opportunities presented by modern technology to design effective commercial advertisements that are certain to create a big impact on their brands and products at the end of the day.

For instance, the scene in the ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops TV Commercial’ is a real demonstration of the products in action and the only thing that makes people understand that it is just a commercial would be the splash screen at the end of the game video.

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Gagnon, Frederick. “Invading Your Hearts and Minds: Call of Duty and the (Re) Writing of Militarism in US Digital Games and Popular Culture.” European journal of American studies 2. 3 (2010): 2-8. Print.

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