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Typical American Families Essay


Two Typical Families

Sitcoms usually portray typical families that may be a bit funnier than real ones. Two sitcoms, The Cosby Show and Roseanne, are no exceptions. The two families, the Conners and the Huxtables, have much in common. They share the same socioeconomic statuses; they also face the same issues concerning relationships with each other.

Of course, there are certain differences between the two families. However, it is possible to state that these differences simply serve a background which reveals how similar the families are. It is possible to focus on three points to prove this assumption. These points are: socioeconomic status, relationships between siblings and relationships between spouses.

Socioeconomic Background

In the first place, it is necessary to point out that the two families pertain to middle class. This makes them really similar as they face similar difficulties. The two families are not much concerned with making money. They are rather concerned with developing proper relationships with each other and other people.

Thus, they also know how to have fun. For instance, the Huxtables arrange great Halloween party (cosbyshow3). The Conners, or rather Roseanne and her husband Dan, have a nice special evening (RoseanneConnerVideo). Apparently, they do not need to focus on ways to earn money.

Relationships between Spouses

The two sitcoms also depict relationships between the spouses. The two couples can be regarded as model spouses. They love each other. They are caring and supportive. There is one more thing similar in both families. Thus, each woman treats her husband as another child. They accept that their men are a little bit childish. For instance, this quality is manifested in such cases as giving advice to children in different situations. However, it is obvious that the women know that they can rely on their husbands who are the heads of their families.

Relationships between Siblings

Finally, relationships between siblings are some of the major focuses of the two sitcoms. Admittedly, relationships between siblings play a very important role in everyone’s life (or rather in life of those having a sibling). Seemingly, these relationships are different in the two families. For instance, Vanessa and Janise Huxtable are really friendly and help each other all the time (The Cosby Show). They support each other.

On the contrary, Darlene Conner often makes fun of her sister (maskath-1). It may seem that the siblings hate each other. However, Darlene’s tricks also prove that she does love her sister and will help her whenever she needs that help. More so, such tricks show that Darlene loves her sister immensely as she can afford making fun of her as if she was the only one to have such a right justified by her love and care. Admittedly, Darlene would never let anyone hurt her sister.

Two Similar Families

Therefore, it is possible to assume that the two families are similar even though there are some minor differences. Apparently, these families are similar in different levels, i.e. they pertain to the same socioeconomic background, they are similar in terms of relationships between members of the families.

The two families are very friendly. Each member of the two families is caring and supportive. Admittedly, sitcoms usually depict typical families. Thus, it is possible to conclude that the majority of American families are like that. Hopefully, Americans still rely on basic values which are highlighted in the sitcoms.

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