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Apple Corporation’s Groups and Teams Essay

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Apple Incorporation is a multinational organization with its headquarters in Cupertino, California. Being one of the biggest companies in the global technology industry, it designs and markets a wide range of products, including computer software, electronics, and hardware products. Its famous brands include iPad, Mac, the iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, and Apple Watch. Apple is a publicly traded organization that remains the most valuable in the world today. This research paper discusses the types of teams and groups that Apple employs to implement its goals and objectives.

Groups and Teams

The successful performance and profitability of Apple Corporation are attributable to the idea of teamwork. Employees work together in groups that have similar aims in an attempt to solve existing challenges and promote productivity. After formulating the intended objectives and goals, the leaders and supervisors at Apple guide their followers to form diverse teams whose roles and responsibilities resonate with the outlined mission and vision (Vozza, 2017). Such groups are evident in both top and middle management levels. The ultimate objective is to ensure that the company achieves its goals and maximizes the experiences of every customer.

At the helm of this company is the executive team that formulates policies, practices, strategies, and initiatives that can make support the delivery of positive results. This group is headed by the chief executive officer (CEO) who presents immense knowledge and skills for promoting appropriate managerial functions and responding positively to the demands of the global market (“Apple’s executive,” n.d.). Other participants of this group include the company’s chairman, vice president, and all board members. The sole purpose of this executive team is to ensure that the company functions efficiently through the formulation and implementation of proper strategies and models.

Since Apple is a technology-based company, different employees join their respective teams depending on their competencies and expertise. The first one is that of hardware and it brings together workers who can develop powerful engineering equipment and devices. The second is the software and services group. It designs and develops powerful applications that will meet the changing needs of the targeted global consumer.

The design team is the third one and its members focus on the appearances and aesthetics of digital platforms and handheld devices (Vozza, 2017). The fourth team is that of operations and supply chain. Members of this group apply their concepts and skills effectively to promote the best logistical operations and add value to the final buyer (Baer, 2015). The marketing team ensures that all potential clients are informed about Apple’s finished products and platforms. They go further to encourage such clients to purchase or use them.

With these groups in place, Apple Incorporation’s executive team formulates appropriate objectives and goals that are capable of maximizing profitability. All employees should cooperate and focus on the established aims (Vozza, 2017). These initiatives and measures explain why this corporation’s teams have been in a position to achieve their business objectives.

Team Characteristics

The leaders at Apple Incorporation appreciate the effectiveness of teams since they can transform operations and increase profitability. They also focus on specific characteristics and attributes that will make such groups successful. Firstly, most of Apple’s teams have less than 10 members. This approach minimizes cases of disagreements and encourages participants to pursue every anticipated goal. Secondly, all teams pursue or promote specific norms, thereby remaining high-functioning and capable of achieving their objectives, such as cohesiveness, collaboration, and effective communication (Baer, 2015). Thirdly, they tend to have competent supervisors or leaders whose role is to make sure that all followers are aware of every established goal and rule.

Fourthly, the concept of self-direction is what defines every group at Apple Corporation. This means that all individuals are involved to make internal decisions and enhance high autonomy (Stallard, 2015). Fifthly, all participants consider the unique attributes or properties of teams. These include continuous collaboration, sacrifice for the anticipated goals, and commitment. Sixthly, all teams at Apple remain cohesive and committed to the outlined objectives (Baer, 2015). Such an attribute explains why they are high-performing and capable of achieving their goals. Concepts of teamwork, group cohesion, and effective group leadership have empowered all participants to remain involved and engage in action plans that can eventually deliver high-quality results.

Extrinsic and Intrinsic Rewards

Companies can utilize different types of rewards to facilitate team efficiency and performance. At Apple Corporation, the use of various models and strategies makes it possible for different team members to remain engaged, pursue the outlined objectives, and solve emerging problems (Baer, 2015). Such rewards systems are implemented in such a way that they motivate employees and make it easier for them to achieve their potential.

Apple Corporation has supported powerful systems and concepts that guide team members to be aware of their roles and duties. For example, the company’s vision and mission statements are powerful guidelines that encourage teams to focus on the wider or greater picture (Baer, 2015). The groups understand that their success rates will determine the overall performance of this organization. The fact that Apple has an effective model for promoting individual team members explains why all participants remain involved and willing to focus on the best outcomes (Stallard, 2015). The company promises rewards to teams that complete their responsibilities diligently and in a timely manner.

From this analysis, it is evident that extrinsic sources of motivation at Apple are complex or varied in nature. For example, the company’s managers apply Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to meet the unique psychological, physical, emotional, and social demands of individual workers and ensure that they focus on the outlined goals. The idea of continuous training creates interest among employees and encourages them to focus on the intended objectives. The company goes further to create teams and provide adequate resources depending on the anticipated aims (Stallard, 2015). The managers utilize their competencies to create the best environment for engaging in research and introducing superior systems or ideas that can eventually make this company competitive in the global business environment.

Intrinsic rewards are also evident in each team at Apple Incorporation. For instance, the best team players receive prizes occasionally, such as promotions and financial benefits. The company allows group leaders to identify employees whose involvement in different activities is commendable and selects them for more complex projects (Vozza, 2017). Consequently, many team members have become interested and willing to ensure that they deliver the targeted group objectives. These achievements and approaches have made it possible for Apple to achieve its objectives and remain a leading player in its industry.

Effective Rewards

The above discussion has indicated that Apple introduces various organizational rewards to support the effectiveness and performance of its groups. However, some of them appear to be more appropriate than others. The first one is that of proper working environments. Focusing on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, this approach ensures that all employees are committed to the organization’s goals and aims.

The second effective reward is the ability to allow employees to be involved in complex projects. This is the case since employees who want to expand their competencies and skills will always remain committed to this company (Baer, 2015). They liaise with their colleagues and eventually drive organizational performance. The provision of competitive perks and financial resources encourages workers and teammates to focus on the outlined business aims.

Finally, the existence of a proper organizational culture becomes an effective source of motivation at Apple. This is true since employees engage in acceptable behaviors, minimize conflicts, and make shared decisions that can eventually improve performance (Vozza, 2017). The company does not experience cases of disunity, abuse, or incivility. All employees strive to support this positive culture and encourage newcomers to be part of the entire process. With such reward systems and methods, Apple has remained a competitive and profitable company in its industry.


For many years, Apple Corporation has become the most valuable and profitable organization in the world. The application of an efficient leadership model has resulted in superior groups and teams that focus on the outlined aims. All participants solve problems and collaborate to deliver positive results. The existing teams focus on the best attributes that can promote performance and reduce disagreements. Extrinsic and intrinsic reward systems also explain why Apple achieves its aims much faster and supports the changing demands of every customer.


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