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Apple and Nucor: Market Analysis Report

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Updated: Feb 26th, 2022


After Stephen Wozniack and Steve Jobs founded it on 1976, they did not know that this company was going to produce one of the finest electronic gadgets of the 21st century. Today, this company has withstood many challenges to make products such as iPods, iPads, and iPhones which have taken the market by storm.

Competitive dynamics

This company has taken various steps to make sure that it remains the most preferred brand in the contemporary world. As Müller (2011) argues, the company has diversified its production to incorporate mobile phones, television sets, and music gadgets such as the iPods and computers. He says that this is meant to capture the various segments of people in the society.


Some of the features that place Apple ahead of its competitors include the iTunes, which O’Grady (2009), says has become a very important source of revenue to the company. In addition, he points out that the company designs and makes software and hardware.

According to him, this is a way of minimizing expenses incurred as they outsource another company to make the software and the hardware. He further argues that this company has a very strong and dedicated Research and Development Centre where the people involved collect the views of the people to improve on their product.


However, Müller (2011) has identified weaknesses in the company that has made it not move ahead as anticipated. At first, he argues that this company has very poor relations with other companies such as Microsoft and Intel.

This has made it difficult for it to source chips that are used in the manufacturing of the computers. In addition, he notes that their products are not long lasting. As a result, their revenue is bound to decrease with time.


The company has taken the advantage of changing society to make products that are appealing to the eyes of the people. As a result, iPads and iPhones have become a must have for many people and especially the youth. The company has also made it possible for people to buy their products online.


According to O’Grady (2009), Apple’s software has been found to be incompatible with the software from other companies. He says that this has made it difficult for its customers to enjoy the benefit of installing new software in their gadgets.

Moreover, he argues that most of its products are far beyond the reach of many. He further claims that the main competitor, Microsoft, has introduced in the market Microsoft Vista and the Windows 7, which are fast moving in the market.


Carrying out a market research prior to making a product is very important in determining its success or failure in the market. Therefore, Apple’s success in the market can be attributed to this.

Nucor Corporation


The collapse of other companies led by the Nuclear Consultants, that had been established to help in the advancement of nuclear energy after the World War II, led to the formation of Nucor Corporation. This is a steel making company that is currently based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Business Level Strategy

For any business to succeed Griffin (2007) points out that the employees play a very critical role in that success. He therefore argues that Nucor Corporation has established a very small group of people who takes care of the over 18000 employees.

According to him, the Corporation has put the welfare of its employees first by according them a chance to air their grievances whenever they arise. This he says will ensure that such employees devote all their energy to the success of the company.

In addition, Osterman (2007) points out that the corporation has cut off the barriers between the employees and the management. He has observed that this is a positive move of doing business because the employees will become motivated; hence working hard to achieve what is expected of them.

Furthermore, he claims that the company offers equal benefits to all the employees regardless of the position held. The Corporation top executive has put in measures to curb unnecessary expenditures such as memberships in certain clubs and purchase of luxury cars.

In order to cut down on its operational expenses, Griffi (2007) points out that the Corporation has constructed a mini-mill steel factory. According to him, this move has helped in the scaling down the amount of energy used previously. As a result, profit margins go up, thus propelling the company to greater height of success.

SWOT analysis of Nucor


According to Osterman (2007), the company’s ability to minimize on the amount of energy it uses helps it in minimizing its expenses. In addition, he argues that the company has plants that are environment friendly; that is they do not pollute the environment. They also have a dedicated team that looks for ways of improving their technology.


This company has failed to extend its operations beyond US. This has therefore made it difficult for people outside the United States get their products. As a result their competitors have taken this opportunity and have enjoyed the benefits that come with such a move.


According to Griffin (2007), Nucor has a chance of improving on its technology, if its team carries out more research on this. Soon after the acquisition of DJJ Company, he argued that the company would take this advantage to start an efficient delivery stem for scrap metals.


More and more companies are coming up in this business and unless the company adopts a unique way of dealing with it, they stand to lose to the new ones.


Nucor Corporation has taken all the necessary measures to ensure it remains competitive in the world today. Therefore, this should be an illustration to others that want to be as successful as Nucor. Unnecessary expenses should be checked to maximize on returns.

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