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Applied Study: Bubba Gump Case Study

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Updated: Jul 15th, 2019

Interventions that will Reduce Management Turnover

Retention and training: this is necessary for a company to achieve prosperity. Any company believes in taking successful training managers who are conversant with all the organizational aspects or culture of a company. This is because when they are placed in a new unit, they will be able to spread the culture of the organization into the new branches.

Bubba Gump heavily relied on its internal employees to enhance their growth; this was necessary so that it could match its expansion to quality and ensure that their chain ran like clockwork. In this regard, the assistant general manager or one of the managers in an organization should be equipped with the relevant training so that he or she can be ready and fit to hold the general manager position.

Retention of management starts with recruitment where the management has the opportunity to assess the skills and to determine whether a candidate is good enough. This can be achieved by adopting a good format of the interview where a candidate should spend a whole day in a particular unit shadowing one of the managers, sitting with staff and talking with kitchen managers and staff.

Meeting with sector directors and unit training managers will enhance the recruitment of a quality staff member who is fitted to occupy managerial positions or a person who can be the most effective and successful manager. Use of working interview is necessary to evaluate the personality, initiative, comprehension and other important qualities in a person.

This can give the company a necessary feed back from various sources regarding their ability to interact with an organization’s staff. The principle of Bubba Gump is that better hiring implies better management trainees. Upon recruitment of a new staff member, the manager is required to take a 10-week long manager training which emphasizes on soft and operational skills.

Bubba Gump organizes a camp called the president’s camp every fall for a selected management team from each unit where they have an opportunity to work with the top executives. There is also a 12-module self-study program that was created in 2001, and it is aimed at enabling the managers to elevate and enhance their skills in all aspects of Bubba Gump management like in interviewing, kitchen operations and budgeting.

Bubba Gump has established an excellent hiring system whereby recruits are employed as management trainees and prepared for management functions. During interviews, the recruits are expected not only to have the necessary skills, but they should conform to the Bubba Gump’s culture.

Inviting guest speakers: this program was initiated when the Singer Learning Innovations from Cincinnati was invited to guide the managers on management strategies and soft skills. It visited all the Bubba Gump’s units and held seminars and addressed various conferences (Crecca, 2003).

How would the Interventions be different if I were to reduce non-managerial turnover

Fulfillment and employment stability: the behavior of individuals is always motivated by the desire to satisfy his or her needs. If an individual can satisfy his or her needs at work then he or she stands a chance to improve his performance to meet his needs.

Employees, for example, who have the desire to satisfy their social contact and obtain a work place where the employees work as a team, then such employees will always look forward towards coming to work and producing as a part of the team because of the perception that they will achieve their socialization needs in the work environment.

Employees should provide a work environment that will motivate employees and drive them towards meeting their needs.

Devising better promotion structure: the managers and employees should devise a way of enhancing employees’ job satisfaction. This is because it is cheap to maintain the already existing employees since hiring new ones may take time and money for training.

Job satisfaction problems should be addressed by tackling issues like job boredom by practicing job rotation, learning on their career interest and varying employee task. When an organization selects and trains employees, it is imperative that the employees should be motivated and derive satisfaction from their job. Employees should be motivated since work motivation is necessary for workers to maximally produce.

Employees should be motivated by their jobs in order for them to increase their performance. There are those employees who come to employment in order to be motivated while others suffer from the tendency of not being motivated (Aamodt, 2009).

Other three factors that enhance employee motivation and to enable Bubba Gump to reduce non-managerial turnover are self-esteem, intrinsic motivation and the desire for achievement. Self-esteem implies how the employees consider themselves valuable and worthy to an organization.

Employees with high self-esteem are considered to be well motivated and hence their performance will be above par. Regarding intrinsic motivation, employees become motivated when they are treated in a non compelling manner.

This will make the employee to be aware of the expectations of others and will match with them. Employees who are intrinsically motivated tend to perform better since they enjoy the challenges that come with successfully accomplishing tasks (Aamodt, 2009).


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