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Art and Human Values Term Paper

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It is well know that Art is one way of conveying one’s feelings and generating an attractive object that is enriching to others. It is a way of controlling masses and manipulating the mind of people. It is also vital in the community since it defines people and makes them better.

To add on, art and human values deal with the essential, hypothetical, and practical perceptions. Different people have different opinions of the human values on perspectives of art. Available literatures on art and human values are diverse and bring about abundant art. The present society, however, does not concentrate on supporting art.

The people in the contemporary society according to current data do not even know the significance of art. This paper will examine the economic and technological pressures that shape the notions of art and artists. It will discuss technology and its role in art. It will also discuss the ways through which artists relate with technological and economic advances to identify with their works.



The opportunities of audience involvement in art works have substantially increased due to the introduction of digital technology. The level of cooperation amongst technologists and artists influences the required relation between computers and artists. Computer graphics were initially demonstrated as art in the year 1965.

An outstanding growth between art and technology has been noted since 1980. Since then, organizations have been established to aid art developments. Artists and technologists are establishing schemes for creative examination via practical and physical interactivity. Interactive art deals with the techniques through which technology works. In today’s art, the performers and the viewers have a fundamental role to play. In the ancient times, it was a dream for artworkers to convert viewers into contributors.

The chances for involving the audience have increased with the introduction of new technology. Cooperation in art practice has considerably grown, in the sense that illustrative art has developed some of the features of film production, with groups of experts cooperating in projects (Rader 214).

Computers play a decisive role in identifying artwork designs and administering the actual time outcome of that design. Computer as a means of technology manages the manner in which an artist performs in association to his surrounding and audience.

Computers, therefore, convert artists from experts in generating artworks to creativity catalysts. Artwork involvement by interacting with provisions of the artists has become common. The context of art and technology is well typified by the association between the work, the artist, the audience, and the surrounding. Art practices are becoming extremely influential in modern technology.

The manner in which the artist associates with computers and digital technology to specify his work is, however, multifaceted. The increasing level of relation between technologists and artists influences the required attention amongst artists and computers. In cases where the artist is not able to utilize technology, then the rationale is due to the artist’s failure to use the software. The problems associated with working with technology have made artists abandon existing rules.


Research has shown that art has an economic impact on society. Securing sufficient funding is the keystone of any art programme. Apart from contributions from individuals and organizations, there are other ways of obtaining financial art support. These include public/private endeavors, developer contribution, percent and non- percent art plans and local finance.

Chances for public art can be cherished as a section of the continuing art process. A town or business could collaborate with other corporations and engage artists in scheming gardens, establishing destinations, establishing art exhibits in unoccupied places and encouraging museums to hire public art workers. The utilization of percent for art works involves assuring a funding stream for projects in public art in spite of what occurs to arts finances.

This offers a mechanism for acquiring funds from a wide array of city departments and sectors. It also offers a chance to work with and incorporate public art to many town organizations. Regardless of how many developers are encouraged to finance art, they are accountable for maintaining and preserving art works after commissioning. These need their own consultants to make sure that there is quality in art works and that they comply with the general goals of the public art strategy(Rader 214).

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