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Aspects of the Skeletal System Essay

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The primary function that the skeletal system performs is to support the body. A person cannot make any movement without a skeletal frame. The body of a person has an endoskeleton within the skeletal structure. The endoskeleton ensures support for the body as the person develops. The skeletal structure contains bones that have connective tissues and collagen fibrils. The bones have a covering of calcium compound cells at the surface that gives the bones the strength and structure that they require for protecting and supporting the body (Arnold 6).

The bones protect and give support to the structure of the human body. In addition, the bones help a person to work effectively. The bones are quite strong, and they act like poles inside the body. Therefore, they hold up the body and give it the required support and shape. If people had no bones, then the possibility of carrying out undertakings such as jumping would not exist.

Thus, the skeletal organization with strong bones helps one to attain body equilibrium. The system enhances the achievement of equilibrium whenever a person walks. Therefore, having a strong skeletal system enables one to achieve and hold some degree of composure while doing tasks such as carrying heavy loads or walking (8).

An adult person has 206 bones in the body whereas young children have around 300-350 bones. During a person’s growth, some of the bones fuse such that by the time a person attains nine years, they have 206 permanent bones. People deliberate bones to be just living structures as they have nerves, epithelial structures, and muscles. In addition, the bones contain a connective tissue whose main function is binding the bones together. The skeletal arrangement in human beings also contains ligaments, cartilage, and a network of tendons that connect the bones (6).

The bones look alive while in the interior than at the exterior part of the body because of the nonstop flow of blood that they receive from the cardiovascular system. The bones also receive nerve impulses from the body’s nervous system. The ability of the bones to remain alive is irrespective of the fact that they appear brittle whenever they are at the external part of the body.

The usual bones have an outer layer that is characteristic of compactness and rigidity, whereas the inner layer has spongy-like bones. The spongy-like bones are quite light and a bit flexible. In addition, the scientists deliberate the teeth as a section of the skeletal structure. However, the consideration does not qualify the teeth as bones (7).

Learning about the skeletal system is interesting since one gets to know that people naturally grow with the bones. The hyaline tendon experiences the production of horizontal growth that receives a replacement from the bone muscles during a person’s life. The appositional growth process enhances an increase in the surface area of the bones, which leads to widening (10). The skeletal system has muscles that facilitate the effective movement of human beings.

On the other hand, the tendons serve as a means of attachment for the muscles to their respective bones. They can stretch from one end to the other. A person can best maintain effective coordination with the muscles through the signs evident within the body’s nervous system. Therefore, proper movement only takes place after the sensory system issues signs to the skeletal tissue to experience some contraction. The muscle contraction brings about the movement of the bones attached to the muscle (12).

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