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Australian, Perth Water Supply Crisis Essay

The grim consequences of global warming are now with us here. An apocalyptic report pointed to a severe water supply shortage in Australia with a highly unpredictable rain pattern. The projection is coupled with a 3-7 years timescale for actual statistical measures on the rain patterns and climate change across Australia. According to the article, Australia’s Water Crisis (1), a grim picture is painted about Australian water status “The reality is that nation’s water resources are limited in both quantity and quality.

Australia uses about 24 million megalitres of water annually. Each Australian uses 1,224,000 cubic metres of water a year.” The report observes that several unfavorable adverse effects and scenarios are bound to unfold following the critical incidents of water shortages in the country. Among the undesirable consequences include social and economic impacts on a large scale.

According to the chart illustrated below, the nation will experience falling crop yields in many areas adversely impacting both developed and developing regions of the country. In addition to that, rising water shortages will create a scenario by impacting adversely, driving some animal species to extinction in addition to rising fires in many parts of the country.

Projected Impact of Climate Change.

Source: Australia’s Water Crisis

The rising trend in water usage on a global scale does not leave Australia behind. Australian cities have over time faced dwindling water levels. The article Australia’s Water Crisis (1) brings to light the grim effects of the dwindling water resources within the city of Sydney. The report asserts that a 41% drop in water levels has been witnessed while demand for the same commodity experienced an upward trend, in the range of 1614 megalitres of water (Australia’s Water Crisis 1).

Water Crisis Worldwide.

Source: Australia’s Water Crisis

Dwindling water resources within the city of Sydney statistics.

Source: Australia’s Water Crisis

Statistics indicate that the crisis is developing and if no interventional measures are put in place, the situation will consequently spiral out of control.

The situation is aggravated further by irresponsible usage of water in the domestic industry among other sectors. According to the article Australia’s Water Crisis (1), irresponsible domestic use of water among the communities accounts for a 0.5 % continuous drop in water levels and the situation does not seem to improve. The article Australia’s Water Crisis (1) reports that measurers put in place to help curb irresponsible use of water and impose restrictions seem to yield very little.

The statistical evidence adduced above illustrates the distribution of water usage in various sectors where the domestic sector takes the largest share of 54%. This is followed by flats and units taking 17%, industrial usage taking 11%, commercial usage taking 10%, Government and Institutional use taking 5%, and others taking 3%. These results are bound to change due to increasing demands over time with rising population and other needs coupled with the adverse effects of climate change.

Australian water ports are not left behind in the trend. Reducing water level makes it difficulty for ships to Perth at various ports in the country ports limiting the number and tonnage of ships calling at any port. This could adversely impact on commercial services in the transportation of goods from one destination to another.

This could consequently jeopardize the Nation’s income from shipping and other maritime activities in addition to jeopardizing job opportunities in the shipping industry. Radical measures have to be laid down to comprehensively deal with the emerging scenario.

Hatton (1) asserts that the need to put comprehensive water reforms due to prolonged droughts which have been observed over the years, unpredictable rain patterns, and falling water levels in the country and its sea ports, based on scientific evidence is wanting.

The country is known to sit on a water basin that contains millions of liters of water which could be mined for domestic and industrial use. In addition to that Hatton (1) describes comprehensive plans by the Australian government to tap on its water resources. “The most prominent example of science engaging with our water challenge is the recent Murray–Darling Basin Sustainable Yields Project (MDBSY), arising from the emergency Water Summit on 6 November 2006” (Hatton 1).

This illustrates the comprehensive nature and importance attached to the project. According to Hatton (1) “The work dynamically links groundwater balances with surface water availability, calculating flows through and between the system’s rivers, and groundwater/surface water interactions under current water-sharing arrangements, before estimating the water available under each future scenario.”

Informed decisions have been made on these technological approaches to water mining. “The new Murray–Darling Basin Authority now has a more complete and agreed platform on which to base its planning, including the new sustainable diversion limit” Hatton (1). These strategic plans will help avert a social crisis in the dimension damaging consequences.

In addition to that, a comprehensive report on the country’s water systems including sea ports and other water resources including water ways have to be evaluated and a strategic plan designed fro future water developments.


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