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Ben and Jerry Homemade Inc. Case Study


Was teambuilding an effective or ineffective intervention? What evidence supports your conclusion?

From the case of Ben and Jerry homemade inc., it is evident that teamwork is one of the most crucial aspects that determine how an organization employs particular strategies in order to achieve its objectives. Successful management of this company is largely attributed to teamwork.

Although the nature of teamwork in this organization appears to be simple, it is very effective. Through teamwork, it is quite easy for the management team to make decisions that are more informed. Effective decisions should also lead the management towards finding viable solutions and creating a platform for higher levels of performance.

Therefore, there is need for the organization to continue focusing on improved productivity and satisfactory customer service delivery. Although teamwork is a crucial organizational practice that facilitates objectivity and cooperation at different levels of management, the belief that its implications are always positive might be misleading.

It is apparent that the application of teamwork in organizations presents a number of shortcomings to respective team members as well as individual organizations. The latter is attributed to the limitations that originate from factors such as team size and groupthink that often hinder the attainment of organizational objectives.

In this particular case study, teamwork comes out as an effective tool in the management and operations of the organization. Effective teamwork spirit demonstrated in this organization has compelled employees to embrace cohesion, effective communication, homogeneity and stability as well as a positive groupthink.

In some cases, teamwork might generate or lead into conflicts at workplace because employees have different tastes and preferences. However, the organization has managed to address cases of conflicts among workers in the course of pursuing and valuing team spirit.

The aspect of teamwork at Ben and Jerry Homemade Inc. is strongly entrenched in the company’s objectives of achieving both the vision and mission statements. As a matter of fact, various areas of operations at the organization have embraced and practiced teamwork as part and parcel of the r growth agenda. Besides, management decisions within teams are respected and given priority by the top executives of the organization.

Other than (meaning instead of) teambuilding, what other intervention would you substitute/recommend and why? Be specific.

Besides teamwork, techno structural intervention with emphasis on total quality management will be an important tool for enhancing operations at Ben and Jerry Inc. Organizational management in the 21st century is entirely dependent on the capacity of an organization to apply the necessary management strategies in order to improve productivity.

When it comes to total quality management, the organization will be in a position to plan and generate the most appropriate road map for growth and improved profit margin. The total quality management plan should be based on the readiness and expectations of the market. In addition, this intervention strategy will result into a major entrepreneurial opportunity for the company.

Therefore, the operations of the company should be guided by the demand for high quality ice cream products that generate impressive returns on investment. All the products of the company should meet market demand. In other words, the products of the firm should possess greater nutritional capacity compared to those of other competitors in the market.

In addition, the management of the organization can assimilate the correct demands for its products so that they are more appealing to customers. All products released to the market can be scrutinized to ensure that they meet the tastes and preferences of customers.

In order to improve productivity of the company’s operations, there is need strike a balance between the company’s processes and anticipated outcomes from different departments. This may be achieved by establishing a viable monitoring framework for all systems within the organization.

For example, some of the organizational processes that should be monitored include acquisition of raw materials, production, marketing and distribution. The company should strive to enhance inclusive creativity and innovation so that it can reinvent itself in the production of ice cream products demanded by the market.

It is also crucial to mention that the company can improve the performance of its human resource by establishing a regular performance appraisal system. It is not possible to attain the set goals and objectives without assessing whether the employees are working as per the set goals.

Apart from organizational appraisal system, employees should also be taught the importance of evaluating themselves. Self-appraisal is viable in organizations that recognize their workers. Furthermore, instituting reward systems for workers is another growth strategy that this company can adopt.

Employees who achieve the set objectives should be rewarded accordingly so that they can progress with the same spirit of hard work. The system of rewarding employees in organizations differs a lot depending on the nature and scope of operations. In the case of Ben and Jerry homemade inc., quality is of great concern.

Unless employees are rewarded appropriately, they may fail to deliver high quality products as anticipated by the targeted market. Reward systems generally motivate employees to improve their performance at workplace.

On a final note, employees should be regularly coached and mentored through capacity building and training programs. These will boost their morale and productivity at workplace. Mentorship and coaching programs are major growth impetus in modern organizations.

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