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Biological Psychology Essay

Core assumptions of the biopsychological approach

The core assumption of a biopsychological approach is the fact that illness and health come as a result of a given interplay. In this case it should be known that this interplay revolves around factors like psychological, social and even biological aspects. Most notably, there is always an initiative and attempt to understand the aspect of psychopathology that is done through proper examining.

This is the examining of different interactive influences that play a big role in biology and learning. In addition, cognitive processes are also examined to understand psychopathology in a better way. As far as this core assumption is concerned, there might be an example where an individual’s style of thinking makes him vulnerable to a given disorder (Pinel, 2002, p. 23).

Historical disciplines that converge to create biological psychology

Closely tied roots of biology and philosophy have always converged to create biological psychology. These are historical disciplines that have been in existence for some time thereby their convergence creates a new discipline. It should be known that the roots of psychology are ancient but they have always been recreated by the emergence of philosophy and physiology that are new disciplines.

In the process, there has been a special role of biological psychology that as emerged as a result of these new discipline (Pinel, 2002, p. 47). Social and philosophical disciplines have also converged with biology to create this new disincline in one way or the other.

Earliest examples of a biological approach to studying behavior

The earliest examples can be traced from the way human behavior functions. There was some research on the human brain structure to try and understand the principles of evolutionary biology. Another example is where people could ask how prescribed drugs could be able to treat different behavioral effects.

There are other earlier methods that could be used to understand how the brain works by proper analysis to assert whether some behavior can be associated with different traits(Pinel, 2002, p. 78). Cross cultural utilization of biological bases of different behavior is another earlier approach that was used to study behavior in one way or the other.

Modern careers that have resulted from studying biological psychology

There are different careers that have emerged as a result of studying biological psychology. Careers in neuroscience have emerged and this where people have been able to study the nervous system as time goes by. Counseling psychology has also emerged as a career because there are individuals who study psychology with an aim of being counselors to different people (Pinel, 2002, p. 125).

There has also been an emergence of psychologists who have been able to practice because biological psychology is a wide field. Psychologists have always been academicians or professionals in the field of biological psychology. Researchers have emerged in biological psychology because there are certain aspects that come about as time goes by.

How biological psychology is viewed by other professionals

Professionals in psychology today lay more emphasis on different behavioral perspectives that have been enhanced by biological psychology. This means that they view biological psychology in a positive way because it has assisted in various areas. In this case, biological psychology has been appreciated because it is able to look at how environmental variables affect behavior.

As a matter of fact, professionals in psychology have been able to team up with others who specialize in biological psychology to enhance research with an aim of coming with new solutions to different problems (Pinel, 2002, p. 63). This means that biological psychology is a core discipline that has been embraced by these professionals for long term sustainability.

Reference List

Pinel, J. (2010). Biopsychology. New York: Prentice Hall.

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