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Business Continuity Planning and Its Elements Report (Assessment)

The Drivers of Risk

The primary goal of the question is to determine whether particular kinds of risks can be anticipated while introducing new technologies. It turn, the risks, which can affect the functioning of the IT system have to be monitored continuously at different levels of subordination (“FFIEC: Risk Monitoring and Reporting” par. 1). It remains evident that the threat analysis is complex due to the inability to introduce certain assumptions of the risks’ occurrence (Engemann and Henderson xiii).

As for the projections of the particular dangers while implementing new technological innovations, one of them can be referred to as the inability to predict the outcomes of the modifications, and this aspect I monitor as being considered in the majority of the technological companies. In turn, other risks are related to this matter, as the unpredicted consequences can take place during the implementation process.

The International and External Vulnerability Landscapes

Firstly, the vulnerability is the drawback of the information system or other aspects, which can be utilized by the competitors by posing threat to the organization and be related to the dependency on the external sources (external), the flow of the processes in the supply chain (external), and the lack of the sufficient structure of the inside organizational architecture (internal) (U.S. Department of Commerce 9). Firstly, the causes have to be identified, as the lack of this step leads to the application of the wrong stages, which caused a substantial loss to Microsoft (Azad, Wilson, and Wright 5). The next step is the ability to realize whether the risk can occur, and the establishment of the risks management strategy. Lastly, the outcomes have to be assessed to determine the efficiency of the approach.

Asset Inventory Data

Nonetheless, the challenges related to the maintenance of the assets’ data tend to be present. The organizations tend to assure the information exchange to enhance the quality of operations and the overall organizational performance. In this instance, one of the bright examples is General Electric Company, as it practices the system optimization to enhance the exchange within the organization and provide relevant data to the consumers (“General Electric Co” par. 1). It is essential for the company, as the availability of the information about the assets helps define organizational success and determine what strategy to pursue to stay competitive in the market while comparing the information with the analysis of the competitors and offering it to the end-users.

Business Process Changes

Additionally, the identification of certain alterations of the business processes has to be depicted due to the presence of its potential influence on the BCP. Nonetheless, the management has to be aware of the particular changes in the organization to enhance the company’s performance. In this instance, the Guardian utilizes various metrics and KPI such as the request rate, latency, and other various API endpoints to monitor the website’s performance (Sivapalan par. 3).

In turn, the alert system maintains the organization aware of the particular changes in the dynamics of the response (Sivapalan par. 3). Additionally, the company, which uses this approach, can set the points efficiently to be aware of the particular changes in the flow of the business processes and assess the possibility of the risk occurrence related to the various matters such as a corporate image.

Quality Management Systems

Moreover, the principles of the quality management systems can be efficiently applied in the context of the BCP. Nonetheless, the quality management systems imply orientation to quality control in different spheres such as the alignment of all units with the quality strategy and viewing the organization as the interdependent components (ISO 7). In this instance, various technology companies such as Motorola and Toyota use Total Quality Management to enhance their organizational performance and minimize the threats and risks (Elkington par. 5). Nonetheless, the usage of this approach can decrease the levels of risks and vulnerabilities by implementing the strategy of the improvement of the organizational performance and quality control on various levels to cultivate a positive perception of the company in the market.

Quality Policy

The primary goal of this question is to assess the beneficial influence of a BCM quality policy. In this case, it implies the compliance of the company with particular standards while using BCM to assure the quality of products and services despite facing the fluctuations of the environment. One of the examples is the corporate and business strategy of Toyota as it emphasizes quality as one of the essentialities of its success (Toyota par. 1). It is apparent that the utilization of this policy is advantageous, as it assists in achieving exceptional performance, avoidance of the risks related to the performance, and enhances the relationships with the customers while building trusting relationships with the users and supply chain’s participants.

Continuous Improvement

Lastly, the concept of continuous improvement can be actively implemented in the instance of the BCP to enhance the outcomes of the management. For example, the primary concepts imply the quick reaction to the constantly altering environment and high focus on the development of these aspects on the strategical level (ISO 8). In turn, Toyota also uses this approach (Toyota par. 1). In this case, continuous improvement can contribute to the constant risk assessment and determine the efficient strategy, which will change the attitudes towards managerial practices and uncertainty avoidance.

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