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Business Management and Leadership Research Paper

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Updated: Jun 19th, 2019

The following essay will entail an overview of the application of business management and leadership in a process of recruiting a manager to a service division of a newly found organization.

For any recruitment process to be successful, the company should build good relationships among the recruiters right from its foundation since the recruitment process should not be undertaken by a single individual (Clark, 2009; Amos, 2004). Now that our organization is new, it should start creating a firm foundation to ensure its recruitment program maintains quality through its future.

Our client is new and very fast growing organization that is seeking to engage a dynamic and result oriented individual to oversee the operations of its service division that will lead to excellent customer services. The service division is a new division in our organization and requires a dedicated person who will lay a strong foundation for the future of our organization.

The suitable candidate to fill this position should be conceptual to enable him have a general overview of the organizations so that he can solve the problems facing the service division in manner that will benefit the organization (Higgins, 1994).

The service division deals with customer issues, thus the individual should possess excellent communication skills to ensure efficiency when communicating with the clients. Communication is just one among the various interpersonal skills that we are looking for in the suitable candidate to fill this position.

The manager will be having subordinate staff that without interpersonal skills, he may not be able to conduct this division as we want. Thus the manager should be the role model to his/her juniors through leading and motivating them as well as inspiring them, and creating trust among them. Above all, the manager should be effective in his line of duty so that the rest may be equally productive since they are led without biasness (McNamara, 2011).

Applicants for this position must have experience in the following areas.

  • Planning: This is required to enable the individual to come up with the organizations goals, missions and objectives and find means to accomplish them (Higgins, 1994).
  • Organizing: Experience in organization will enable the manager to establish an organizational structure in this division. This will give him a better ground to distribute authority to his subordinates, so that he can be able to coordinate tasks and information within the department (Higgins, 1994).
  • He should have experience in leadership since this will be the topmost position in this division and it will require quality leadership. Leadership skills will enable the individual lead the staff into high productivity towards the company as they continue building their careers (Higgins, 1994).
  • Controlling: This will enable the candidate always direct people towards firm objective, evaluate performance regularly and be able to take the necessary corrective and preventive measures (Higgins, 1994).

The following are some of the questions that will be used in the interview to help identify the right candidate for this position

  • Tell me something about yourself
  • When working as a manager, do you prefer to be liked or feared?
  • What relevant experience do you have in this field?
  • Has anything ever irritated you at workplace and how did you handle it?
  • Have you ever suggested something and it was implemented?
  • Tell me something about team work

In conclusion, the above preparation was very important in this process of recruiting since it will enable me settle down on the best candidate in this position.


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