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Camelot Ice: Company Analysis Report

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Updated: Mar 2nd, 2022

Introduction and Objectives of the Project Plan

The project plan is one of the most important and vital documents which determines the main strategic directions and goals of the project. As the basic vehicle for matching solutions with means, or management resources with market opportunity, management planning becomes the mechanism through which a company is brought into line with the external environment. The company, Camelot, develops a unique plan worked as essential functions of management, which have a forward-looking, integrated, and balanced view of total action. Project plan encompasses the perspective of the future, the types of objectives established, and the strategies and tactics to be employed.

Through project planning, the fundamental strategies of the business enterprise are conceived on the basis of market needs, forces, and opportunities; and project is implemented as a philosophy of business operation and a way of corporate life.

The objectives of the plan are to gain competitive advantage over other companies in Australia and improve its online accounts system, distribution facilities and online advertising. Before talking about the objectives of the Camelot Ice Cream, it might be useful to mention its strategic direction based on a fresh perspective of its mission and understanding the environment in which it operates. The following five strategic directions of the Camelot Ice Cream presume that the company will:

  • review and deepen its existing services to ensure that they are state-of-the art for working effectively with children and adults;
  • further assess consumer and community needs to identify gaps or needed shifts in product delivery in order to expand or add new in near future;
  • take a leadership role in working with a range of providers to identify and meet the needs of children and adults;
  • explore the feasibility of expanding the organization’s visibility in the community; and
  • emphasize building its discretionary financial resources to invest in providing quality services (Dobson and Starkey 44).

At the same time the objectives of product delivery are divided among the employment support and residential support for children and adults. In order to conduct employment support, the Camelot Ice Cream will

  • help more people to have good jobs in the community with a good payment and suitable wages;
  • try to increase the number of referrals for jobs and the amount of available training to suite the jobs requirement;
  • use the opportunities of the increasing number of businesses in the county that will give more chances to employ people; and
  • implement the local public policy that continues to form more positive conditions to support the employment.

By implementing support, the Camelot Ice Cream will support all the consumers in main categories, such as community, suppliers, employees and customers. In such a way, the objectives of support will cover the following:

  1. the consumers will have greater choices and chances in social, free time and civic activities in the sounded community;
  2. increasing the number of consumers in the main programs who use the community resources in the county;
  3. all the consumers are more socially interactive and are better integrated into the community; and
  4. the Camelot Ice Cream supports a creative instructional move towards in designing the experience and activities of each consumer (Dobson and Starkey 65).

Based on information about ends and means to determine various business relationships, trends, and patterns of behavior, it is concerned with the analysis of alternative strategies. In essence, purposeful research, experience, judgment, and decision making (all of which are directed toward guiding the corporate system and bringing it growth, survival, and adjustment) form the fabric of the project planning process. Management is an integrated, intelligent, rational process for guiding business change. Management is closely related to problem solving. Planning stipulates an intentional, unified approach to the solution of various project problems. Although the specification of a plan for solving a problem is the first step, execution must accompany planning to achieve results (Dobson and Starkey 71).

Having perceived its market opportunity and having developed various project plans and selected a generalized strategy, Camelot Ice Cream then creates its project program, which implements and maintains an effective plan. Project programming is dependent on the planning process, results from it, and is geared toward execution of major strategies and achievement of company objectives. Rooted in the resources, organizational, and personnel available, it faces the difficult task of determining the specific ingredients that will compose the project approach. It manages the project effort to the end that the project mix maximizes its impact on the marketplace.

By sequencing and balancing strategic directions, planning determines events not through momentary reactions to pressures for decisions, but by the logical consideration of the operations themselves. Investments are a less attractive activity for many executives than areas that involve contact with people or orders and action. Management and strategic direction stipulated by Camelot Ice Cream is but one aspect of the broader planning function. Its role is to specify the plan in order to achieve desired strategies.

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