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Canadian Strategic Human Resource Management Essay (Critical Writing)

Suppose your employer is planning a chain of high-quality restaurants to sell food products that it already produces. Outline which areas of human resources management will be affected

  • Compensation as there will be the need to design a compensation system to accommodate additional employees.
  • The alignment of HR strategies to those of the business will be a crucial move to ensure that the enterprise does not lose the main reason why it was set up.
  • Management of the entire employment cycle is also another area of concern. New restaurants will require new and additional employees to work there. This strategy will alter the employer’s employment cycle. For instance, they have to attract the right employees, carry out a recruitment process, train and develop new employees as long as they work for the company.
  • The organization’s culture has to change so that it can include additional restaurants.
  • The HR will also have to adopt some regulations to ensure compliance with some laws about the health, safety, and security of customers.
  • Mobility management will also change to accommodate the needs of expatriates working for the company.

If a bank is planning to open a new branch in a distant city, with what inputs will the human resource department be concerned? What activities will the department need to undertake in the transition to a fully staffed and operating branch? What type of feedback do you think the department should seek after the branch has been operating for six months?

The human resource department will mainly be concerned with attracting and recruiting employees who shall work for the branch. However, the department must solstice for funds to carry out the recruitment process. The department can also arrange to outsource in departments where employees are understaffed. The department will carry out the entire recruitment process for the branch to be operational.

This move will start with placing advertisements for the available vacancies so that any interested candidates can apply for jobs. It will be the responsibility of the department to receive applications from various candidates, select the suitable ones, and to contact them for interviews. After selecting qualified employees for the job, the department will be involved with training and developing those new employees to prepare them to take up the job. Finally, the department will have to sign various agreements with relevant bodies such as labor organizations of the foreign country or city.

After 6 months of operation, the department will seek to know how employees are performing. This role will be done by carrying out performance appraisal on all employees of the branch. This case will lead to the generation of a performance appraisal report that will be presented to the entire management of the bank at the head office.

If the birthrate during the early 2000s was to double from the low rates of earlier decades, what are its implications in the years 2020 and 2030 for

  1. grocery stores,
  2. fast-food restaurants,
  3. the Canadian armed forces,
  4. large metropolitan universities.

A double from low rates would lead to an increase in population, and consequently, the entire population. If the trend is maintained in the end, the population will keep on growing in 2020 and 2030. Several sectors will experience an effect arising from this change in the population size. Demand for grocery products will increase. Therefore, more groceries will be put in place to cater to increased demand.

However, before more grocery stores can be established, some shortage will be experienced since there will be a shortage of supplies. This challenge will force the owners of grocery stores to increase the prices of their products. However, when more grocery stores are established, the shortage is catered for hence creating equilibrium in the market. This increase in the size of the population will lead to the establishment of additional grocery stores in the end.

Fast food restaurants will also increase in the end therefore creating competition. This situation will be seen from the type of services, products offered, and their pricing. To counter the competition in the market, these fast-food restaurants will lower prices, offer quality products, and services to attract more customers than those of the competitor. The Canadian armed forces will also increase in size because more people will seek military employment to avoid the problem of unemployment that is associated with the increased population.

Large metropolitan universities will be overcrowded due to the large enrolment of students. This case will lead to a shortage of facilities if no additional purchases are made. To avoid this problem, the Canadian government will spend money purchasing additional resources to cater to the growing student population in these universities.

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