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Celebrities and their Effects on the American Society Essay

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Updated: Mar 18th, 2020


The contemporary American society is characterized by celebrities and their positive and negative impacts on both the young and the old. The culture is evident in mainstream media where television programs, magazine articles, and other outlets seem to focus more on these individuals than on other issues affecting the society. As such, one can argue that celebrities are an important part of American culture.

People tend to copy their lifestyles and personalities. Their actions are an inevitable part of modern day media. The irresponsible conduct of these persons is the major issue in the news on radio, television, and magazines.

Their uncouth behavior patterns are negatively impacting on the American youth. Something needs to be done to address this issue. Celebrity managers should be encouraged to take their clients through counseling sessions and relieve them of their duties unless some efforts are made. Provision of mental health services is the probable solution to this menace.

Promoting Mental Health among American Celebrities

The youth view celebrities as their role models. They end up imitating their lifestyles and embracing their values and aspirations (Sheridan, North, Maltby, and Gillett 560). One negative impact of this is the fact that several celebrities are known to engage in drug abuse and other immoral activities. For example, Justin Bieber, one of the famous teen pop icons, has received a lot of media attention as a result of his love for alcohol.

According to Duke, the celebrity has “…admitted to drinking, using marijuana, and taking prescription pills” (para. 8). Such acts have increased incidences of drug abuse among the young American generation. They have also led to other immoralities like prostitution and crime. Abuse of drugs is common during performances (Liddle 43).

As such, it is important to find ways to deal with this menace before celebrities turn the “life song” of American young people into a dirty one like those promoted in concerts around the country. One of the ways to do this is to encourage Bieber and his ilk to “sing their songs” on the couches in the offices of mental health counselors (Herd 1260).

Celebrities and their antics entertain Americans. Perhaps, it is high time for society to return the favor by making these idols happy as well. One way to do this is to establish rehab centers and public etiquette schools in Hollywood and other areas where American pop stars write their songs and make movies about the USA.

It appears that most celebrities do not care about the adverse effects of their behavior on other people (Diamond, Bermudez and Schensul 270). That is why the larger society should assume this responsibility of taking care of their personalities, who are so busy tickling Americans to cater to their own needs.

Barrack Obama, the US President, has realized this need. In a public address to the nation, he said that “…public figures and celebrities (like myself) form the pace of the society (…) it is from our actions that the nation becomes…” (Sheff 4-7).

In the same spirit, the Obama administration should come up with legislations requiring all the American celebrities and their custodians to hire mental health specialists. Perhaps, the President should set the ‘pace’ and enroll for counseling sessions himself. After all, this will increase his ratings as one of America’s most unconventional presidents.

The government should play its role in protecting the citizens against the negative effects of celebrity culture (Ferrence 169). Successive administrations have invested billions of dollars in fighting terrorism in the country and the world. However, it appears that the authorities are paying too much attention to the Osamas in Iraq (may he rest in peace!), ignoring the local terrorists by the names of Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga.

Such skewed attention is unfair to the local celebrities as it tends to make the terrorists more famous than Britney Spears. The government should realize that Americans have made up their mind. They have chosen Lady Gaga over Osama. The administration should follow suit and set up legislations aimed at protecting this endangered species by encouraging them (celebrities) to embrace mental health services.

Perhaps, a Don’t Ask Don’t Tell law should be enacted to help these personalities. The government should encourage Bieber to “…(toss) eggs over a fence and onto (other people’s) mansions” (Duke para. 2), to relieve stress after a hard day at work. No one should ask him a question. Celebrity managers should lobby the government to enact these laws.


The future of American society is at stake. The celebrities appear to be wreaking havoc on the youth. Something needs to be done. The government should enact laws to make celebrities, under the tutelage of their managers, attend a specified duration of counseling every year. Promoters who fail in this duty should have their licenses to handle this precious American heritage revoked.

Americans should stop viewing these personalities as negative influences over the youth. Instead, they should join hands with Obama (and the government) to help them.

It is obvious that entertaining Americans is a very difficult task. Matters are worsened by the hard life many ordinary citizens are exposed to. As such, celebrities are working under a lot of pressure to play their honorable duty of making America happy. That is why they need to have access to mental health services to help them cope with the stress they undergo.

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