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Changes of Facebook’s Policies Over Time Essay

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Updated: Dec 22nd, 2021

A policy is typically described as a deliberate plan of action which acts as a directive in attaining the desired objectives. The strategies which are used in Facebook have been undergoing a lot of changes on daily basis so as to improve the security of the information it contained. Facebook has not always managed its users’ data well and this is the main reason as to why the Facebook team has come and reason together on the new policies in order to manage and govern the users’ data in a most secure way. When it was first established, it was only accessed by the few people who were your friends any information which relates to you.

With time, this has been improved, and as per now the users can be able to access their on information and that which belongs to other people. There have been changes over a number of years by the Facebook fraternity to come up with the privacy of all the users. The implementation of various strategies by the company has lead to many users experiencing complications in the utilization of the websites. There has been great improvement of the company policies which have enabled the may users to access many linked information such as the movies which one can access without any problem (Dunay, 2009).

The changes which have been made on Facebook have been successful. Facebook has enhanced the reconnection of long time friends and establishment of new friendship. The updates which one post on the Facebook wall enables them to connected and even chatting together which is very important to their developments. This has enabled new friends maintain their friendship, hence big ups to the Facebook team for the job well done.

In essence, it has made its effort to accommodate every user even as they change their policies over the time. As much as many people connect and socialize in many ways and styles, privacy issues are very sensitive and this has forced the Facebook team to change their policies over the past years and they keep on to change even in years to come (Shih, 2009). Checking on the privacy settings now, can make one to change to a level with which he or she is comfortable with. There are many changes which have been made in Facebook which have been successful and in operation now. These includes data, audiences, implementation etc and each is addressed as follows.


This involves things like availability of personal data on Facebook which has been successfully maintained. The data here is used in the establishment and interpretation of the various conditions which are to be met in the Facebook company. There is increase number of users of the Facebook resources which has enabled the many people from the Google sites to access various data. Again, the tremendous increase in population size is one of the major factors which have contributed to policy changes of Facebook (Pearlman, 2009).

Types of personal data

There have been tremendous changes on Facebook with respect to the details of the individual users which have been successfully effected and maintained. Some of which are common on its interface and they include what has been discussed below.

  • The details which a person mostly prefers such as the movies and the web site among many others. The person’s prevalence is of great priority and hence the people who are able to renew their status are very important hence all of the expectations are included.
  • There are other information which is found in the Facebook such as the name, and birthday among other details when enrolling as one of the users. This helps identify and authenticate a person from others.
  • There is extension of information which relates to the users’ members of his/her family. There is also the information relating to the users’ religion and the academic centers where one has been to. There is also use of the employment details of the user.
  • There is also a list of friends whom the user has been able to make.
  • There is also a chain of the friends which the users is able to maintain in the site hence the indication of the schools attended will enable them to get more people.
  • There is use of the photos which the various users posts so as to have other people view them.


The audiences are the main people who make the access to the various contents to be of the highest priority. The increase in the number of users is linked to the many successful changes which Facebook has been making which accommodate everyone. There has been the expansion of the connections of the data which is being linked so as to have the many users’ access the information of other people without any restrictions so long as they are friends of their friends.

This was established by the management of the Facebook so as to have the users have an easy access of the Facebook and also to be more effective in their objectives. This has been able to reduce the users who are getting into the information of other people. The access to the data is restricted to the people who are authorized by the user to view the status, and even make a comment on it (Sankar, 2009).


There has been comparison of the users which has increased to over one billion. This has enhanced the categorizing of the people in to various sizes such as the slice but not the use of the volume of the location. The above are just but a few features that Facebook team has come with as the policies are changed over time. This is a clear show that it will keep on changing as far as settings are concern. Facebook users have reacted differently as the policies are changed, some congratulating the team for the changes they are making as they suit and meet their needs. Some of the users have even gone up to an extend of threatening to move out of Facebook and join other competitors, but Facebook on the other hand has tried their effort to accommodate all users (Treadaway, 2010).

Future changes

The future strategies of Facebook should involve the securing of the users’ photos in the site so as to avoid the actions of other people who might use them maliciously. This is in relation to friends who should not be allowed to tag their names so that the photo also will be found on their photos album. There is need for having the pushbutton which will be used in reporting any kind of danger a person is subjected to.

This is a panic button which will enhance the safety of all the users. The button will lead to a site which gives instructions to the users on how to overcome any cases which instill fear. This will reduce the chances of luring the users to a trap which may lead to their death as it has been reported so far. The impact of this is that the company will not be able to accept the offer as its involving and that its complicated to install and can easily lead to various effects.

The panic button will simply means that there must be inclusion of the police which is not appropriate as the users are in various parts of the world, hence getting to the point where they are endangered might be very tricky and too late since they are mostly emergencies. The protection will ensure that the people who have such bad intentions does not access the information other people. In this case, they should address this as they change their policies now and even in future (Ward).


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