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Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Proposal

Implications and limitations

The sample in the research was a proposed study in the National Football players’ league. The players interviewed suffered from head injuries, causing the Chromic Traumatic Encephalopathy. The sample for the research is the players with head injuries. In a research, the proposed sample should reflect coverage of the represented population.

There are implications posed by the sample used and the instruments available in measuring the sample. First, the research deals with an investigation of the case and control groups.

The empirical measurement of the research entails the exclusion and inclusion methods, which may not be helpful in ascertaining the exact number of players who have suffered from Chronic Traumatic Enephalopathy (Boston University, 2009).

The proposed sample used in the research is not only small but highly restrictive. The sample is highly constricted because the research is retrospective, and hence has numerous implications. It means that few players will be selected, and hence they may not fully represent the entire population.

In the course of the research, follow-ups on the participants is required, which is exceedingly costly hence the sample is reduced. The reduction of the players means that the research is restrictive and cannot be relied to give valid results.

The proposed results will have certain implications to the players. The researcher may dispel with different requirements, hence requiring different variables to complete the research study (Nelson, 2012).

The comparison of the interviews taken will include many assumptions and the decisions made may be marred by assumptions. The statistical distribution of tables to analyze the correlation factors and the interviews has an error margin and has a low level of accurate data processing.

The limiting factors present a possibility of errors in the research. The greatest limitation is the fact the sample of retired football players with head injuries is extremely limited. The implication is that fewer players in the National Football League have suffered from head injuries.

The disease is said to occur after the retirement of the players, which means that a lot of time may be taken in establishing the right sample. In addition, most of the players who have retired have not tested for the disease (Holbrook, 2009).

The measuring methods in the research are likely to be interfered with by other factors and may be highly affected. The testing of their reliability will occur after the research is finished. Therefore, the internal and external consistency may be lost in the time of making the measurements.

Though the use of inter-observer tests will be applied in measuring the validity, there are many errors which may not be detectable. Hence, the research may rely on assumptions only (Boston University, 2009).

Appendices and References

The research will take approximately two years to be concluded. The period proposed will be enough to select the sample to be used in the research. The first three months of the two years will be spent in preparing the required documents, such as the consent and authority to conduct research.

Five months will be used in selecting the sample using the purpose method, and three months will be used in preparing the questionnaires and formulating the questions to be asked in the interviews. It is within the three months that participant permission will be sought.

The research assistants to assist in the research will be recruited and trained within two months. Rehearsal on how to approach the respondents and the collection of data will take one month. Once the training is completed, the research assistants will take four months collecting data from the respondents.

Data will be collected using questionnaires and interview sessions. The interview sessions will be recorded by the research assistants. The questionnaires may be answered by the respondents or the research assistants may assist the respondents (Nelson, 2012).

One month will be used in submitting the data by the research assistants for analysis. The same month will be used to analyze the data and make conclusions. Compilation of the research and the conclusions reached will also take one month.

At the end of the data collection, if it is established that the time framework has not enhanced gathering of enough data, then time extension may be sought (Health Day News, 2009).

The researchers will require two personal computers and six laptops. The two computers will be left at the center and they will be operated by two research assistants. A data collection center will be created. The computers will have stable internet connection to monitor the communication between the assistants in the center and those taking part in data collection.

Consistent feedback and monitoring of the data collection process in the field will be highly encouraged. It means that the two assistants at the center must be present up to the time the people collecting data return from the field. The computers at the center will be installed with the SPSS to analyze the data (Holbrook, 2009).

The printed copies of the questionnaires and interviews will be done at the center. Therefore, a printer will be needed. Having a printer controlled at the center will save time and will facilitate proper coordination. The research assistants collecting data will require pens to give to the respondents so as to enter answers on the questionnaires.

A consistent internet and power supply will be a key resource if the research is to be a success. The monitoring of the entire research and data collection will require internet connection (Schwartz, 2009).

All the personnel required in the research must be fluent in English and should be computer literate. They should also demonstrate high standards of interpersonal communication skills. Two of the assistants must have knowledge in statistics so as to assist in measuring the data, drawing the graphs and checking the validity of the data using SPSS software.

High observance of research ethics will also be a substantial requirement, which must be maintained by the research assistant at all material times. The professionals will need to be paid well since well paid professionals will be motivated. The research assistants will be divided two at the center and others will be collecting data (Holbrook, 2009).

The budget of the entire research will include the money spent on the hiring of the research assistants to the amount used in buying the computers and their installation. The assistances will be hired on a contractual basis and hence they will be paid at the completion of the research.

High salaries of 2,000 US $ will be for each research assistant. There will be allowances totaling to 1,000 US$. The high salary concept will be aimed to motivate the assistants hence delivering quality results. The computers, laptops, pens, power, internet, printers and the installation will cost 7,000 US $.

In addition, 1,000 US $ will be used by the research assistants to commute to where the response are. Extra 1,000 US $ will be set aside to cater for miscellaneous expenditures incurred in the period of the research. The total budget will be 12,000 US $ (Schwartz, 2009).


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