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Community Telehealth Care: An Action Plan Research Paper

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Updated: Jun 24th, 2022


An action plan is a detailed strategy that outlines activities required to attain a specific objective. It is also referred to as organized steps to execute a certain task effectively. Telehealth uses electronic information and communications expertise to improve long-distance medical services, patient and professional clinical-related training, and public wellbeing management (Van Galen et al., 2019). Some of the technologies employed include the Live video streaming, mobile data applications, and social network platforms (Van Galen et al., 2019). This work details an action plan used to establish telehealth in a rural community.

A Background Check on Each Site

Since there have not been specialist services for a long time, the first thing to do will be to visit the intended site one by one to assess their suitability and readiness. The latter will enable me to write down all the resources and improvements needed for the project’s success. This phase will involve informing all the workers and the community stakeholders on the new development. The latter will guarantee that all the employees are involved and feel that they are part of the program.

Central Communication Point

Telehealth is all about communication to get the right specialists to the patients in need. 24-hour running information exchanging base will need to be established. The above-mentioned procedure will ensure that nothing is missed between the patient and the specialist (McClellan et al., 2020). The point will be for setting an appointment with both the physicians and the clients. This section is important because the doctors are not based in the community and will need to see the sick and go back to their main employment areas. Matching the ailing individuals and the physicians’ schedules will be a vital assignment for workers here.

Resources and Necessary Equipment

The health centers will need to have treatment equipment since doctors will only come with their expertise. My colleagues and I will select the necessary machine compulsory for issues that facing our patients. This is the stage of mobilizing resources through the State government, health administration committee, or non-governmental organizations to acquire enough necessities (Pollard et al., 2017). We will also ensure that hospitals are hygienic for these exercises by ensuring that the available rooms are cleaned. In other clinics, we might also require constructing new building for this purpose since most of them are fully utilized.

The Specialists Schedules

The rural community needs various types of special treatment; people have various conditions that need different specialists. Some of the needed medics in our community include; gastroenterologists, endocrinologists, dermatologists, cardiologists, anesthesiologists, surgeons, psychiatrists, pediatricians, radiation oncology, obstetrics, gynecologists, and dermatologists, among others (Van Galen et al., 2019). It is impossible to mobilize resources for all the professionals to come to a clinic in one day, each will need a day or two in a day. A calendar will be formulated for all physicians throughout the month for better planning.

Community Mobilization

After we put every aspect of the medication to occur has been put in place, the last assignment will be to inform the community of what is available and when. Educating the residents will help maintain the schedules and ensure that the people get the services they need on time (McClellan et al., 2020). The citizens will also be required to register stating their issues, with a list of individuals in need of acre we will source for enough physicians for each category.


The action plan, as highlighted above, can only be successful with the right mobilization of resources and all stakeholders. We will ensure that our program works by working together as physicians, hospital administrators, and other healthcare stakeholders, including the community. Though this is a new health delivery model in our society, we have prepared ourselves for high and lows. Telehealth is an opportunity to improve services for our people.


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