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Competence, Compassion, and Fairness as Cornerstones of Nursing Essay

Although some people might consider nurses to be less critical or qualified than doctors, nursing professionals play an essential role in any healthcare system, since they help to implement medical treatment and facilitate the healing process through providing their patients with psychological support. Considering the need to establish and maintain personal contact with sick people, nurse practitioners must possess certain qualities, as well as uphold the right values and beliefs to excel at their job. In this essay, I will discuss three constructs, namely, competence, compassion, and fairness, which are central to my philosophy of nursing and will explain their importance to the nursing profession.

When it comes to administering any medical help, I think that the knowledgeability and skillfulness are paramount, as medical treatment should not inflict any harm and be effective. To achieve good results, a nurse should be competent, attentive, and experienced. Furthermore, it is essential to be motivated by the fundamental value of achievement, which means the internal desire to demonstrate one’s capabilities and excel at one’s goals and be ready to provide high-quality help any time (Schwartz, 2015). Careful consideration of each patient and his or her unique situation, paired with substantial knowledge of nursing practices, can contribute to a successful career in this field of healthcare.

Another important quality of a professional nurse is the ability to show compassion. Daily, nursing practitioners have to deal with a wide array of people, which means that they should be understanding, hard to irritate, and capable of creating a personal connection with the most difficult of people. In addition, some patients might experience significant pain, so a professional nurse needs to know how to elevate some of that pain through compassion. Hence, the benevolence value, which can also be defined as the inner desire to enhance and sustain the welfare of others (Schwartz, 2015), is crucial for nurses who want to create a comfortable and supportive environment for those seeking medical help.

The last but not least cornerstone of my nursing philosophy is fairness. In the modern world, quality of life and life expectancy often correlate with education level, social status, and income, meaning that economically-disadvantaged members of society have poorer access to healthcare services and might even receive the medical help of low quality. However, I believe that every person deserves equal rights and opportunities when it comes to their health. Thus, the basic value of universalism, or the internal striving for equality, justice, and tolerance (Schwartz, 2015), should be a guiding principle for nurse practitioners. An exemplary nurse for me is the person who is free of prejudice, treats everyone with respect, and provides patients with the same quality of help in spite of potential differences in their financial situation or insurance coverage.

Summing up, I am strongly convinced that competence, compassion, and fairness belong to the core of the nursing profession. A well-qualified nurse should not only have the right knowledge and skills but also be open to his or her patients and willing to help them whenever it is possible. Perhaps, unlike doctors, nurses’ ability to help people often lies in their positive and supportive attitude towards their patients. Finally, it is vital that all aspiring nurse practitioners treat all the sick people equally and, in doing so, show their respect for the fundamental human right to health and medical care.


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