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Concepts of Components Theory Exploratory Essay


Concepts are important in any research study. They are utilized to develop nursing theories. In essence, nursing theories originate from concepts. To achieve theory development, concepts must be defined. Additionally, they must be refined to establish connection with the theory. This paper will explore conceptual components of theory.

Conceptual components of theory

Components form the blocks for theory construction. Besides, concepts create hypothesis. Hypothesis is usually accepted through use of concepts. Any theory can only be understood if its concepts are clearly outlined or if those expected to understand it are well conversant with the concepts. In essence, there can be no theory without concepts. Concepts make the building blocks of nursing theories (Rushing, 2008, pp. 198-210).

How the components are observed and measured in practice

Components of nursing theories can be observed and measured through research studies. Moreover, since most concepts are usually accepted, they are observed based on accepted rules for observation. They are also measured based on agreed procedures. In essence, assumptions are usually made on ways of observation and measurements.

Nursing theory has numerous concepts. Among which are four main ones namely health, patient, environment and nursing roles/goals and functions. Middle range theories such as Johnson’s theory of sensation have utilized a number of nursing concepts. This can be observed through the patient’s behavior, nursing goals, health and environment of nursing (Veo, 2010, pp.17-22).

For instance, the theory of sensation states that inconsistencies between what is experienced and expected in physical sensation usually result in distress. This can be observed through seeing, tasting, smelling and hearing. In essence, Johnson argues that when one is prepared to face surgery prior to the event, this reduces anxiety and thus increases his ability to cooperate fully throughout the procedure.

It is also necessary to note that concepts are usually defined by measuring operation utilized. For instance, health can be measured by body mass index. Secondly, nursing can be measured through functions or roles. It is necessary to note that some concepts can only be measured indirectly using indicators.

How the theory has evolved based on the testing of the concepts

The theory of sensation has evolved over time. This has spanned through different theorists including psychologists. Scientific theories change whenever new findings come up. This usually happens when new findings faults old ideas. In the process, new interpretations are usually presented on old data. Sensation has evolved over time due to change in personality constructs/concepts.

Moreover, interaction with the environment has also led to behavioral changes. Modernized technologies have also led to advanced ways of measuring sensation. This has led to significant changes in concepts of the theory of sensation. In essence, when methods of observation and measuring of concepts change, it is probable that concepts also change to give new interpretations.

Testing of concepts over time change with advent of new technologies and ideas. Validity of constructs is usually based on research and theory. Nursing theories are developed by defining and redefining concepts based on research. This evolves based on new constructs (Wills & McEwen, 2010).


Concepts are essential in development of theories. They form the basic blocks of theories. They are characterized by assumptions since they are usually accepted for the period of time in which they are applicable. That is, once new ideas are brought forth, they are usually changed to fit into new constructs.


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