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Concerning the Products and Manufacturing Processes Report (Assessment)

One of the most complex issues of the modern design, the assessment of the possibilities within each project offered is a major problem, which means 5hat the design of certain products must be subject to detailed considerations and searching for the probable flaws, as well as seeking the means to eliminate the latter for the customer to be interested in the given product.

Hence, the observation of the offered scenarios will provide a sufficient food for thoughts and help to practice the evaluation of certain marketing and production issues. Hence, the analysis of the scenarios offered will provide a sufficient practice for the real-life market situation.

Speaking of the first and the second scenarios concerning the public mobile toilets and the cleaning buckets with the inclusive support for the mop, one can claim with certainty that the innovations offered in the given scenarios certainly sound in the most inspiring way and deserve being implemented.

However, it must be also admitted that the given innovations presuppose a number of limitations and constraints. To start with, the idea of public portable toilets is considerably restricted by the number of people that can wait in line for their turn.

On the one hand, portable public toilets are supposed to be used in a fast way, yet, according to the results of the researches carried out so far, the lines in front of the door to the portable toilets can reach the most enormous length. As Anthony and Dufresne (2007) say, the ordeal of waiting in lines is one of the most common features of using portable public toilets (p.268).

Moreover, according to the authors, the usage of the public portable toilets can also trigger certain discrimination issues, namely, the race or gender discrimination; as the writers assert, the cases of the issues in question have been registered and are a part and parcel of the reality: “In addition, today’s transgender population can be at a loss in deciding which public restrooms to use, because they do not fit nearly into either of the existing categories” (p.270).

Speaking of the limitations connected with the mops, one must admit that the objects in question, namely, the buckets themselves, provide enough limitations. It is essential to mark that the mops attached to the buckets can cause certain confusion and be quite uncomfortable to handle with in case the mop weighs more than an empty bucket.

In terms of the manufacturing processes concerning the issues in question, one should mark that the most reasonable steps to undertake in the course of the manufacturing procedure will be to create a portable toilet that will be lightweight and easy to transport. As Palm (1997) suggests,

The main component of the portable toilet is lightweight sheet plastic, such as polyethylene, which forms the actual toilet unit as well as the cabana in which it is contained. A pump and holding tank form the portable sewage system. (Palm).

However, it must be also kept in mind that a good portable public toilet is supposed to be firm and solid, for it not to be ruined by the storm or any other forced outer impact. Hence, the manufacturing process will involve the search for the materiel that is both light and strong enough to take the blows of the wind, storm and snow.

Therefore, the manufacturing processes involved in creating a portable public toilet will presuppose the search for a light and at the same time lasting material, its processing and the final stage of creating the toilet that will stand the coarse weather and be easy to transport to any other place.

In addition, it is important that the toilet should be resistant to chemicals. Speaking of the manufacturing processes concerning the production of the buckets with the mop attached to them, it will be necessary to search for the specific materials for both the mop and the bucket.

It will be desirable that the bucket should be made of the material that would make it heavier than the mop yet light enough for the worker to lift it, whereas the mop must be light and at the same time not fragile.

It is also essential to mark the constraints that are connected with the products developed. Once knowing the limitations that the products in question presuppose themselves, one will be able to avoid a number of mistakes when developing the concept and implementing it into the reality.

Speaking of the public toilets, one should mark that the key limitation connected with the toilet itself is the lack of space within it and the impossibility to locate more than one person at the same time comfortably. Hence, it will be desirable to make the public portable toilets as easy and fast to use as possible, thus reducing the time of waiting in line for one’s turn and helping people to feel more comfortable.

Therefore, the portable public toilets must be constructed in such a way that nothing should cluster a person’s way to the sink and the toilet. Moreover, the objects in the toilet must be located in such a way that they could take the minimum of space and be close at hand for the public to reach easily. It is also essential that the toile seats should be secured with nuts, bolts, and rivets.

Speaking of the cleaning bucket and mop creation, one must remember that the size of the mop must correspond to the size of the bucket. To be more particular, the mop attachment is supposed to be no longer than the diameter of the bucket bottom, for the mop to be easily operated with.

On the one hand, the attachment must be long enough to clean the maximum floor area; on the other hand, the mop must fit easily the cleaning bucket, which poses certain limitations to the designing and manufacturing.

The last, but not the least issue concerning the creation of the aforementioned products concerns the possible materials to make the given goods of. It is necessary mark that in the first case, the lightness and the firmness of the material is the main concern.

Therefore, it would be the most reasonable decision to make use of such materials as compressed PVC or polypropylene plastics, as Palm (1997) offers, which will contribute to the creation of the desired effect.

It is also essential to mark that, for the buckets and mops used at home, lighter constructions should be used and the sponge should be constructed in such a way that it could be removed, whereas for the professional use, the buckets should be equipped with the attached sponge and must be heavier and, thus, more stable.

Concerning the construction of the cleaning bucket and the mop, one should consider such an idea as making the buckets and the mops out of plastics. Since the material is light enough, it will not hinder the process of cleaning and will not make it overcomplicated to transform the bucket from one place to another.

Therefore, the process of the cleaning will become more comfortable and fast. In addition, it would be a good idea to make the mop adjusted to the bucket out of plastics as well, making it somewhat lighter with the help of the hollow trunk and the simple, flat design of the mop attachment.

Moreover, it seems that the attachment can be made much lighter, once the specific materials are used to make the head of the mop. Despite the fact that a piece of cloth is often used to clean the dirt off the floor, it will me more reasonable to attach a piece of sponge to the mop to make it lighter, since the cleaning facilities of a sponge are practically the same as the ones of a cloth, yet a sponge weighs less.

Another two scenarios offer a group of other products for consideration and provide considerable food for thoughts, clarifying several issues concerning the construction of golf carts and the production of the kids’ helmets. Speaking of the first issue in question, one must emphasize that the key constraints and limitations that the given problem presupposes concern the creation of the buttons on the dashboard.

It is reasonable to suggest that the plastic keyboard for such mechanism as golf carts will demand a number of controls on the panel, whereas the area that can be used for placing the buttons on is restricted by the size of the dashboard itself.

There is no doubt that, reducing the size of the buttons themselves, one can fit a considerable amount of controls on the dashboard, yet it is obvious that there are certain restrictions, since the buttons are supposed to be easily spotted and comfortable to handle with.

Making the buttons small and positioned close to each other, one will make the dashboard hard to operate with, since it will be hard to distinguish between each button and press the correct one. Therefore, there is no doubt that the modeling of the golf cart keyboard is considerably restricted by its size.

Concerning the complexities and the limitations that one is likely to come across when creating a kids’ helmet, the fact that the helmets will have to be light and at the same time provide safety for children.

In addition, the choice of the materials has to be restricted to certify that only the materials that cannot harm children’s health are used. Therefore, the production of children’s helmets is supposed to feature the helmets that are made of light non-toxic material that offers considerable protection from the outer factors, like a considerable coercion on the helmet and the probable falls on the ground.

Another important thing to focus the attention on is the possible manufacturing process. When creating the dashboard for the golf cart, it would be most reasonable to resort to the technique that presupposes heating small pieces of plastic to the liquid or near-liquid state.

It is essential to mark that, as a non-Newtonian liquid, the heated plastics will be quite easy to handle with, creating the buttons of the required shape and placing then precisely into the room where they are supposed to be located.

In terms of the procedures that the creation of kids’ helmets will presuppose, one should not that the plastic injection modeling will be the most suitable process of the helmet creation. According to what Bryce (1998) says, the given process will allow to apply the necessary corrections in the course of the moulding, which is extremely important for shaping the details of the helmet:

The primary advantage of this process is that many functions and features can be incorporated into the product design. This process will minimize, or eliminate, the amount of secondary work required to produce the same product in other ways or using other materials. (p.1)

Therefore, it cannot be argued that the creation of the given product presupposes the use of molding technique. When applying the given approach to the production, one can anticipate that the complexities mentioned above are supposed to be overcome. With the help of the molding technique, the probable obstacles concerning the firmness will be overcome and the reliability of the material can be achieved.

Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that there are considerable constrictions concerning the properties of the given products. Speaking of the dashboard for the golf carts creation, one must take into consideration that the development of the dashboards will involve rather tough treatment and, therefore, must be durable.

In addition, it is essential to consider the recyclability of the material used for the helmets creation. However, it is also important to mark that the elements of the dashboard are not to be made of the metal that is disposed to corrosion.

Since in certain cases, the carts can be exposed to rain and moist weather, which is likely to expose the carts to the danger of becoming rusty. Thus, it is necessary to avoid using the materials that are subject to corrosion.

When talking about the kids’ helmets, one should also note that the major constriction that is linked to the given item is its being environmentally friendly and consisting of the materials that will enhance its recyclability, enhancing the latter and, thus, contributing to the fight with the environmental pollution. Therefore, the materials that the helmet is supposed to consist of are of crucial importance.

Another issue of utter importance is the consideration of the materials that can be utilized in the course of the given products manufacturing. It is important to note that in the given case, the PP and ABS plastic would be the best choice of materials due to the latter’s high rates of recyclability.

According to the results of the analysis and the probable suggestions of solving the complexities depicted above, one can claim with certainty that the experience obtained is of utter importance.

Creating the models that will help to understand the mechanisms of the manufacturing processes and the further search for the problem solution are of considerable help for investigating the way the modern manufacturing system is structured.

Hence, with the help of the information obtained, the algorithm of the manufacturing processes can be understood and, hence, the ways to enhance and improve it can be suggested.


Anthony, K., & Dufresne, M., 2007. Potty party in perspective: Gender and family Issues in planning and designing public restrooms. Journal of Planning Literature, 21 (3), pp. 267-294.

Bryce, D. M., 1998. Plastic injection molding: Mold design and construction fundamentals. New York, NY: SME.

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