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Twitter API Analytics

Abstract Twitter is currently one of the most imperative and powerful social media platforms. Besides, Twitter has become one of the significant new channels for public communications. The studies on the uses of Twitter have emphasized on the isolated and critical events including political and crisis communications, popular culture and events such as sports. The […]

The Impact of the Arabian Spring on the Citizens’ Decision

The political decision of citizens in any country is usually influenced by the situation within the country and by the events at the international political arena. From this point, it is important to examine the dependence between the success and failure of the definite political events and people’s further decisions to participate in the similar […]

The history of labor unions in U.S.

The labor relations system that exists in the U.S today has a historical background dating back from early 1800s. After an in-depth look of the labor history I noted that most events which unfolded over the years altered the course of labor relations in America. Many labor unions were formed in a successive sequence to […]

The Existence of Fraud Cases in Major Global Corporation

Abstract Fraud as defined by Wells (2011) is “any act, expression, omission, or concealment calculated to deceive another to his or her disadvantage” (61). Fraud is mainly depicted in financial terms with financial reports of different firms being main ways through which the vice is executed. This study will examine financial fraud in major multinational […]

Metadata and Tools in American Express

American express plays a major role in helping merchants to buy and sell their goods and services. It provides advanced payment services to its client’s travel and expense management solutions for all sizes of businesses. American express processes millions of transactions due to the high number of members around the world. It also assists small […]

International Relations as Natural and Social Science

Introduction/Thesis statement Nowadays, it became a common practice among many political scientists to suggest that, since the observable emanations of international relations in today’s world do seem to have acquired a number of qualitatively new subtleties, the application of a positivist methodology in IR can no longer be considered appropriate.1 This suggestion, however, cannot be […]

Future Challenges to the Field of Professional Psychology

Professional psychology has undergone significant challenges that should be taken into consideration to face those efficiently. These challenges are primarily predetermined by such processes as globalization and technological advancement. Within the context of globalization, shift from a mental health professional to a primary health care provider is necessary to pay more attention to cultural and […]

Enterprise as an Inner Calling

Introduction There is no doubt that entrepreneurs are one resilient group of people. With dynamic markets characterising the world economy today, only the resilient, dedicated and tough business people can survive. This is especially because entrepreneurs in the contemporary market environment keep on taking risks, dealing with affectations or narcissism from competitors, handling singularity and […]

Similarities of Business Process Management to Continuous Improvement

Total quality management is the organizational practice used in ascertaining that the organization meets the prerequisites of its clients. The process involves improvement of services, products and processes through a contribution from all the stake holders in the organization. On the other hand, business process management is an effort made by an organization aiming at […]

The Role of Culture in Gospel Communication

Introduction Culture helps in defining an individual’s identity. It shapes all human concepts. Numerous debates have attempted to explore the impacts of culture on an individual’s developmental features.1 Culture triggers the manifestation of identity that gives the individuals their exposure and orientation. This supposition holds that if the same individual is raised under a different […]

Capitalism: Theoretical and Operational Limitations

Capitalism refers to an economic system in which wealth is owned by a few individuals or corporations that influence its production and distribution. Proponents of capitalism claim that it is a necessity in the attainment of political and economic freedom. However, several criticisms lodged against capitalism have labeled it unethical. These criticisms have elicited mixed […]

The Analysis of Wal-Mart’s Retailing Strategy

Wal-Mart is one of the largest multinational retailing corporations operating in North America and globally. The company was founded by Sam Walton in 1962. Today, the company’s headquarters are located in Bentonville, Arkansas. The corporation developed from a small chain of stores in Arkansas, and now Wal-Mart operates more than 7,000 stores which are located […]

Economic Perspectives in Lives of the Poor

In spite of the developed opinions and stereotypes, the poor frequently start their own businesses because of impossibility to find the work and because of necessity to support their households. From this point, poor households try to operate their own businesses to receive some assets which are necessary for the everyday life, but these businesses […]

Techniques for Detecting, Preventing or Mitigating DoS or Distributed DoS attacks

Introduction The internet has become part of the daily lives of people throughout the world. Some services such as banking, transportation, and healthcare are heavily dependent on it. According to Patrikakis, Masikos, and Zouraraki (2004), the internet is an intricate system of computers that are linked with the intention of creating an easy communication platform. […]

Kennedy and the Bay of Pigs

Introduction The US Administration is constantly faced with scenarios that require risky decisions to be made. Sometimes this risk taking results in positive outcomes while the results are horrible at other times. One of the cases where the risk taking led to negative results was in the case of the Bay of Pigs invasion under […]


Brandon, a fifteen-year old male addressed a hotline trying to solve his family problem, uncertain and even conflict relationship with his father. This can be a sign that his individual functioning is not distorted by some abnormal factors. The boy reveals his understanding that family is one of the essential values and wants to have […]

BigLafz Puzzle Company

BigLafz Puzzle Company is experiencing some organizational challenges owing to the deteriorating financial performance. Having been in the business environment for almost a century, the organization finds itself caught between ‘a rock and a hard place’ owing to its decreasing profitability. In fact, it has lost its competitive edge over its rivals and the collapse […]

Towards a Critical Evaluation of Ethics & Social Responsibility in Advertising

Introduction Today, more than ever before, advertising practitioners face ethical and social responsibility concerns that are common to all professionals, but they also stumble upon issues related to factors unique to the advertising industry. Despite some academic and popular debate of ethics and social responsibility challenges in advertising, ranging from their sweeping social ramifications to […]

Tesla Motors Marketing Strategy (2013-2016)

Introduction The following paper is an elaborate presentation of the marketing strategy over the next three years (2013-2016) for Tesla Motors, which is an electric carmaker company whose portfolio includes only two car brands, namely The Model S and The Roadster. Marketing strategy involves the analysis of Tesla as a company without focusing on any […]

Female leadership: Maria Mahdaly

The Gulf countries such as Saudi Arabia have experienced considerable transformation with regard to female leadership over the past few decades. Women within the Gulf region are increasingly influencing their country’s growth in different economic spheres (Thomson & Lloyd, 2011). For instance, women are increasingly assuming leadership roles, and in a bid to motivate growth […]

Report on Aging Population in Singapore

Introduction There is no doubt that an ageing population presents multifaceted problems to any country (Grenade & Boldy, 2008, p.468).Therefore, tackling problems experienced by ageing populations demand collaboration and coordination among different agencies. It is against this backdrop that the minister in charge of MCYS asked Mr. Lim Chee Seng (my immediate boss) to prepare […]

Testing of Employees

Job testing is an important concept in the discipline of Human Resource Management in job selection process, especially in hiring candidates for specific job descriptions. Getting the right individuals for employment is critical to achievement of an organization’s goals. Thus, this reflective treatise attempts to explicitly identify critical testing process involved in hiring potential employees […]

Ethel’s Chocolate Lounges

Consumers make dozens of purchasing decisions every day. Professional marketers want to understand what motivates consumers to make a purchase. These factors and influences are numerous, from broad social and economic trends to personal considerations and individual perceptions of products, services, brands and companies’ advertising strategies. Routine purchasing decisions do not take much time; however, […]

Gender Role in Harry Potter Books and Movies

Introduction Rowling’s’ Harry Potter series has managed to capture a global audience for both print and film. This sensational fictitious tale has ensnared the hearts and minds of many children and adults alike. Mostly, the children read them right into adulthood, growing simultaneously with the famous Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermoine Granger as the […]

The National Enquirer

What Kind Of Paper Is The National Enquirer? The National Enquirer is a tabloid that publishes gossips, celebrity news, scandals and other informal and personal information of prominent persons. Just like other tabloids, the information contained in the publication focuses on personal lives of individuals as well as other information related to secretive activities of […]

Morality and Justice

Introduction: Animal Liberationists and Environmentalists Animal liberationists are groups of people who oppose the use of animals in medical, biological or chemical research work. Animal liberationists fall under the animal liberation movement which is a global animal rights movement that operates under three major components; legal development, direct action and philosophical debate. The animal rights […]

How contemporary toys enforce gender stereotypes in the UK

Research proposal Research questions The research topic is “How contemporary toys enforce gender stereotypes in the UK.” The key research question is: Do toys reflect old stereotypes in gender?. The minor research questions include: How do toys represent their subjects in terms of gender?, In what ways are these representations symptomatic of real life?, Do […]