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Alice Walker’s The Color Purple

Introduction The Color Purple by Alice Walker is an epistolary novel about African-American women in the southern United States in the 1930s. It addresses some crucial issues, such as segregation and sexism. This work was adapted into a film by Steven Spielberg in 1985 (Bay et al., 2015, p.169). More than that, The Color Purple […]

Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe

In analyzing Chinua Achebe’s “Things Fall Apart”, the main theme in relation to post-colonial theory is the identity of individuals at a personal and community level. This theory seeks to understand how an individual’s character affects their surroundings. The lens is a means that enables critics or students of literature to be able to focus […]

Diversity Practices in Business

Diversity Analysis Business, Law and Ethical practices are the main motivation behinds any organization’s desire to develop an efficient diversity program. Failure to have a good diversity program in the organization is likely to lead to expensive consequences such as discrimination suits. Organizational culture analysis happens so that the organization is able to initiate and […]

Unruly Customers and Turnover in Service Industry

Introduction The ‘customer is always right’ is a slogan popularized by the management to encourage staff to take customer complaints seriously. This view assumes that customers are always “rational and functional” in their encounters with employees (Reynolds & Harris, 2003, p. 145). While honest customer feedback is vital in improving business services or products and […]

Workers Safety: Protecting Welders From the Hazards of Poisonous Gases and Other Dangers

Introduction Multiple industrial operations involve processes that pose many dangers to workers. In the course of performing their duties, industrial workers meet both immediate and non-immediate hazards. Industrial hazards can result from air poisoning, electrical shocks, moving components such as conveyor belts, as well as exposure to radiation. Welding processes present multiple sources of hazards […]

Self-Managed Learning in Maritime Company

Executive Summary Self-Managed Learning is the modern approach to management development and to professional development according to which employees become responsible for their learning according to their needs and skills. Thus, Self-Managed Learning can be discussed as a continuous empowerment process. During recent decades, companies are inclined to empower their employees by sending them to […]

Exploring Representations of Difference and Disability. Building Blocks or Barriers?

Introduction: Children with Disabilities and the Modern World There are a lot of ways with the help of which children with disabilities can integrate into the modern world and become an integral part of it. However, researchers believe that among the most efficient interventions of all, children’s books with characters who are disabled as well […]

Peculiarities of Using Drama, Improvisation, and Creative Approach

Introduction The contemporary society faces the concept of globalisation. As every issue, globalisation has its advantages and drawbacks that cover all sectors of human activity. Cultural issues should be taken into account as well as peculiar features of every language including teachers who would teach certain languages and approaches applicable to different categories of students […]

Charismatic vs. Inspirational Leadership

Introduction Leadership is one of the most important management functions in every organization. An organization can only run successfully if it is piloted or led by a skillful, as well as, an influential leader. A good leader inspires and motivates his followers. Additionally, the leader is expected to structure the organization in a manner that […]

Leadership practice

The two aspects, leadership and management are closely related in an organization. These two aspects are equally significant to any firm. In point of fact, well led and managed organizations beat the defectively managed ones. Both leadership and management within an organization determine its performance. Severe competition within a firm is overtly associated with better […]

Matrix Organizational Structure

Organizational structure refers to a way in which an organization or a company arranges its employees and duties. It establishes hierarchy and line of authority. An organization should adopt a structure that is in agreement with its objectives and goals. Matrix organizational structure employs a multi-dimensional approach (Amaral and Uzzi, 2007). It combines one or […]

Mediated Civil Nationhood

The conceptualization of the nationhood largely depends on the social political as well as the economic status of a nation. In established countries, nationhood seems to occur against the backdrop of proactive effort, especially by the government, on people roles in maintaining the national identity in the global arena. Such approach is topdown, and seems […]

Company Overview: Cisco Systems, Inc.

For the two decades that Cisco Systems, Inc. has been in existence, the company has successfully cut its own niche as a world leader in the field of networking and communications technology. Headquartered in San Jose, California, Cisco’s impressive financial performance in a tightly contested business environment have seen its stakes rise in the world […]

Types of Business Organization

Introduction Michael Jenkins theorized (1980) that the entrepreneur can choose the sole proprietorship organization to ensure quickness in terms of business formation and decision making activities. The entrepreneur’s goal is use revenue to reduce poverty (Heavey, 2008). Each business organization has some advantages. In terms of capital, the sole proprietorship is characterized as having the […]

Organisational knowledge Management

Organisational knowledge The business world is increasingly becoming competitive with new approaches to businesses being developed in different industries. An organisation attains its corporate objectives by proper management of its human resources and building of orchestrate teams. To nature invention and innovation, an organisation must develop strategies that grow and preserve organisational knowledge(Meinolf, Ariane, John […]

Volvo Productive Model

What were the main design principles affecting process design at Volvo’s Uddevalla plant? In the 1970s, Volvo embarked on redesigning its production process in order to improve its competitiveness. This led to the establishment of Volvo’s Uddevalla manufacturing plant where workers played a key role in the production of cars. Volvo revolutionized the process of […]

The biggest collaborative projects that exist because of social media

Introduction According to Aggarwal (2011), a social network refers to a set of internet-centered applications to create and interchange user-generated materials. Currently, everybody is likely to accept that social network has become authentic in the recent past. Even though, sites like Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube were not available prior to 2004, it is currently incredible […]

Childhood SES and Obesity

Introduction The main aim of this article is to examine the relationship between socio-economic status and obesity. Extensive research work has been carried out to study the various socio-economic status (SES) indicators and their association with the disease. From the research, the general pattern of association for both genders to the various socio-economic indicators displayed […]

Strategic Analysis of

Executive Summary The purpose of this report is to analyze external and internal environment of to assess the firm’s competitive position in the online retail industry to develop a strategic plan. However, this report concentrates more on market size, market growth rate, industry trends, five forces model, competitors, key success factors, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities […]

Beethoven’s Biography

Biography Ludwig van Beethoven was born on December 17th, 1770 in a place called Bonn (“Life of Beethoven- ‘Childhood’ ” par. 1). He was the first born son and his father was so determined to mold him into a musician. His father used to give him violin and piano classes when he was a child. […]

Movie Review: “Secret Window”

Abstract Secret Window tells the story of a writer who succumbs to a psychotic break after discovering his wife’s infidelity. He lapses into a split personality disorder causing him to kill his dog, burn their matrimonial home and finally, to murder his wife and her new lover. He does not grieve for his losses successfully. […]

Top five violations of workplace confidentiality laws or guidelines

Introduction Confidentiality remains a critical issue at workplaces. Employees and employers must handle all data in their workplaces with caution. Employees must be prudent with all confidential data in an organization. Hence, any third party should not have access to sensitive and confidential information of employees or an organization. Employees must consult and obtain permission […]

Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Introduction Yuksel (2008) described the attitude that customers create after receiving services from the providers. The description revealed clear positivity or negativity in accordance to the quality of services offered. Primarily, dissatisfaction is associated with poor quality of services while satisfaction relies on good quality of services. Many researchers have performed evaluation on service enterprises […]

Marketing in Modern Businesses

The principles of marketing are nowadays taught in many educational institutions. This knowledge is believed to be crucial for entrepreneurs or managers. Overall, the importance of marketing for modern organizations can be explained by looking at various definitions of this concept. To a great extent, they explain why this activity is relevant to companies. Moreover, […]

Smart classroom and its effect on student learning

Introduction Technology advancement and application is an inevitable element that has found application in almost all fields of the economy. Technology is associated with both positive and negative effects according to a specific situation and what it is able to achieve. Smart classroom is an advent of technology utilized in learning institutions. It entails the […]

The History of Gaea Goddess

The history and parentage of Gaea goddess Over 200, 000 years ago, individuals in Africa formed beliefs and myths depending on their nature of life. This resulted from realization of the fact that they are finite in nature. Due to migration of people into the ancient East, the myths found their way into Greece. Gaea […]

Personality theory

Many people use the term ‘personality’ to identify the characteristics of an individual or the kind of skills a person has. Psychologists who study human personality tend to use idiographic or homothetic techniques in trying to explain the aspects of human behavior. “Personality theories organize what of which we already know, stimulate new research and […]