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Review of the book Fair Play Essay


Does redistribution of income, business income, or risk levels enhance the level of efficiency, profitability, cost effectiveness and overall success of business strategies? Regardless of the circumstances in question, it can be argued that wealth redistribution should be undertaken in an objective, open and realistic manner so as to ensure that the growth and development of an organization is enhanced.

Book analysis

Detection of faulty logic is a critical aspect of money management that demands special attention (Landsburg 3-9). In view of this statement, it can be said that faulty logic is a very risky aspect of money management and allocation of scarce resources. Effective money management can only be best practiced through reinforcement of quality of service, reliability of a given business strategy and enforcement of stringent quality management procedures.

Through his informative and instructive writing strategy, the author, Landsburg (1997) explains that the mysteries of money management are many and dynamic. To enhance the success of financial management in an economically and politically healthy society, the book Fair Play explains the manner in which tolerance, fairness, justice, and moral values among people are vital attributes of effective money management in the modern business environment.

The wisdom of money management is an important aspect of cost effective money management in the modern business environment and societal setting. This fact is evident in the unique yet very strategic manner in which the author of the book explains the concept of addressing taxes that in turn redistribute income.

This concept emerges as a vital issue in the business environment as well as in the strategic utilization of scarce resources. Through the use of real life parenting skills, family interactions and examples of relationship among siblings in the family environment and real life situations, the author manages to clearly articulate vital cultural principles that can help enforce trust and the need to adhere to modernized business and strategic money management strategies (Yunker 7-32; Landsburg 27-41).

The book, Fair Play has a lot of merit with regards to its positive contribution on the power of prices and market economy. Immigration and free trade are issues that have also been discussed in detail. Different market pricing mechanisms do exist (Wenz 38-51).

According to Landsburg (23-43) who effectively equates parent-children relationships and money management strategies, the economics of free trade, immigration, minimum wages, racial discrimination, the role and value of money and racial discrimination demand in-depth understanding of money allocation and other risk related money management strategies.

As revealed from the emphasized wisdom of the playground, children are ‘a good thing’ and deserve to be accorded due attention when determining the value and significance of money and monetary engagements (Landsburg 18-20).

In line with this argument, the implication of free trade and immigration comes into play in a number of ways. The book plays a critical role in explaining the meaning and application of free trade principles and strategies which if applied would enhance the reliability and accountability of money management mechanisms.

The book, Fair Play, is definitely of good quality as it manages to effectively articulate the meaning and application of free trade and immigration economic concepts. The book uses an artistic approach in elaborating on critical economic issues in an easy to understand manner. On the issue of minimum wage, the book successfully gives a detailed evaluation of the estimations and approximations of minimum market wages and the significance of streamlining business operations and money management techniques.

As a result, the main benefits of free trade such as its ability to increase efficiency and productivity levels, enhancement of consumer satisfaction, fostering of employment and constant economic growth, reduced poverty levels, minimization of price and political wars and tension and reduced export charges (Yunker 5-17). The book has a lot of merit as it encourages the strengthening of family values and in-depth understanding of vital financial management strategies.

The book is timely and significant to the political class as it fosters national and international cooperation as well as political stability through fair, friendly and reliable business engagement (Landsburg 61-73). The trickiest issue in the book that deserves detailed attention and which could otherwise hinder proper planning and execution of business strategies relates to the moral dilemma of spying and the degree to which business processes and social-political relationships are destroyed.

The management of authority in any economic situation is imperative and should never be misused. In the view of Landsburg (46-51) this implies that all business management decisions should be geared towards reinforcing the importance of quality, effective customer experience, strategic business management and strict adherence to the laid down policies that would in turn reduce operational costs (Wenz 25-34).

Through the readership of poetry in young children, the author makes the book to be very significant by explaining that pricing mechanisms should always be aimed at achieving market leadership. It is therefore evident that in the use of money, effective planning and investment strategies should be employed to reduce various risk levels.

Progressive taxation

Increment of tax levels based on the upsurge of taxable income is an issue that deserves proper planning and in-depth analysis of all related internal and external factors. Progressive taxation often has social, economic, cultural and ethical implications that pertain to the manner in which the taxes affect people’s daily chores.

In a money-based economy, progressive taxation as suggested in the book Fair Play has the risk of creating rifts and dividing people along financial and socio-cultural boundaries. In essence, people who are taxed more could end up feeling discriminated against while those being under-taxed due to their low income bracket may be perceived to be poor and helpless members of the society.

The author of the book Fair Play explains the concept of progressive taxation. The author manages to reinforce the significance of progressive taxation if well implemented. The book facilitates better understanding of the fact that progressive tax helps to enhance economic development by attracting more investors due to the fair taxation options offered in new business start-ups. Revitalization of the economy which employs the progressive taxation strategy is made easier and practical.

The said option can leave a window of possible misconstruction and misapplication of progressive taxation principles. Redistribution of state and national resources is often made possible when progressive taxation is put into practice. The book Fair Play is very effective in its approach in the distribution of resources as its core principles are to improve income distribution and thus ensure that more people or countries acquire an increased purchasing power (Landsburg 4-213).

However, the book fails to give a clear and detailed explanation of what progressive taxation means with reference to the manner in which family and societal money management needs are. It also fails to elaborate on the degree to which progressive taxation benefits the very rich in the society.

Nonetheless, the book clearly articulates the relationship between the adoption of progressive taxation strategy and the need to foster reliable, cost effective and accountable means of creating wealth. As an effective pricing mechanism in business operation, progressive taxation is a market pricing mechanism that has the potential to advance social coordination, cultural wellbeing, political wellness and social economic cooperation.

Prices play a major role in the market. Determination of commodity prices and the use of minimum wage in the business environment should always be undertaken in an objective manner. Like other associated benefits of free trade in the modern business environment, the book uses a unique communication style (Graf 19-27).

Through the explanation of the concept of discrimination, it can be said that discriminatory strategies are important as they help foster unity, cooperation and contextualization of money management practices. They also help to ensure that people spend money based on the priorities. The book’s usefulness therefore emerges from the fact that it encourages proper planning, allocation of resources, avoidance of risks and successfully utilization of various pricing methodologies in promoting social coordination and business cooperation.


The book has a lot of positive implications to the society in which its core concepts are applied. Ethically, the book encourages fair determination of the cost of goods and services offered at the market place. It then helps to strengthen the cultural aspects of family values as its approach is based on ensuring that faulty logic and marketing strategies applied do not contradict the known social, political and economic norms of the society.

It also makes understanding of both positive and negative implications of a free trade and immigration conceptualized and customized to a specific market. The comparison and contradiction of parental and economic wisdom is effectively explained thus successfully bringing out the fact that economic justice should always be understood to provide fair treatment and just allocation of resources.

The meaning of the different scenes where a daughter and her parents are featured in the book is that failure to foster economic justice could result in a lot of political tension and loss of social, political, religious and technological efficiency and total lack of efficiency and cost effectiveness (Landsburg 168-176).

Cultural and political biasness is effectively linked to the concept of authority and the need for people to respect authority which stipulates pricing of goods and services both in a controlled and in a free market economy (Graf 11-13).

The content of the book is full of wisdom and many meaningful lessons that encourage constant cooperation and utilization of scarce resources among people. This fact is evident in the manner in which the author keenly explains the value of redistributing wealth in reference to the habit of children sharing their toys with their peers.


As described above, it is evident that pricing strategies are important means of enhancing economic justice. Redistribution of income, business income, or risk levels improves efficiency, profitability, cost effectiveness and overall success of business strategies. The concept also clarifies that wealth redistribution should be undertaken in an objective, open and ethical manner.

The book has a lot of economic value, unique writing approach and a clear flow of economic concepts. The said attributes make it easy for the reader to understand and possibly apply its content.

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