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A controversial issue is an issue that raises questions from several quarters about the way that issue is being handled. Education systems have elicited a lot of controversies in the recent time. A good example is the government sponsored guideline on religion in public schools and Home-school education system, which has drawn many controversies. Some of the controversial issues include religious matters, accusations of abuse in home-schools, and assessment methods.

What are the virtual threats posed by Christian home schools?

In recent times, the number of home schools has increased tremendously especially those which are Christian based; this is posing competition to public schools and also raising questions on Christian curriculum being taught in this schools. Parents home-school their kids because of various reasons, this reasons will determine whether parents will continue to home school or take their children to public schools and charter schools. The controversial issue about these home- schools is their religion curriculum and assessment methods. This issue has raised questions and parents want the government to control what is taught to the children and how these children are taught. What will happen if the government enforce it curriculum to the home school, which is not Christian based, will be implemented, or not? On assessment ways; the controversial issues is how to quantify the standards of education being offered and which examination bodies should be used in assessing the children.

Is Home Schooling A Better Way To Educate A Child?

The question draws a lot of debate about the current and future trends of education. those who support public schools ague that; Public schools offer a lot to children in terms of social enhancement and scandalizing education in schools. Home schools can offer little in terms of social and cultural integration and can not be the best way to educate a child. Yet, those support home schooling differ and say that home schooling is a better way of educating a child as what is offered to the children can be determined by the parents. But, the home schools continue to increase

What Are You View On The New Guidelines On Religion?

Guidelines about prayers in schooling institutions have been issued before by the U.S department of education. But, the new guidelines if not followed by schools will lead in loss of funds from the government. The issue of religion in schools has always been controversial. And the guidelines from the education department are also very controversial. The new guidelines require that teaching staff and administrators should be neutral when dealing with religion and they cannot promote or discourage prayer in school. What brings controversy about these guidelines is about student speech at functions that are school sponsored such as athletic events. There is a create division by the courts on where schools rule student instigate speech on religion. The question then is how religious is the speech. The guidelines also allow a student to make religious speech, but what happens if the students turn the platform into an altar or a church. These guidelines are not an answer to every question and will not be a solution to prayer debate.


Most of these issues that are controversial lack definite answers, and an answer will depend on which side on is on. For example, the issue of home schools is a debatable question that requires critical examinations on its education system, before arriving at any conclusion. As for religion guideline, it is important to note that religion has always been a controversial issue that will always elicit debate. Guideline just slow down the under laying differences but the controversy will always remain.


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