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Current Situation of Nurses in the Healthcare Essay

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The productivity of a workplace in any organization greatly depends on the environment that the workplace creates for its employees. Motivation of employees is one aspect that affects the productivity of an organization either positively or negatively. The emotional experiences affect the behavior of an employee in the workplace. Motivational strategies and concepts can be used to boost the morale of the employees thereby improving the productivity of the workplace. The goals of an organization should be set in a way that they are also effective not only to the organization but also to the employees. Proper orientation will help integrate an individual’s goals with the goals of the organization ensuring success on both the employee and the organization. A proper means of performance approval and management will motivate the employees to work harder. Rewarding the employees who do good work and contribute greatly to the productivity of the organization will help increase job satisfaction. This paper will seek to analyze job redesign for the nurses in a healthcare organization that will help increase the productivity of the organization.

Current Situation in the healthcare

The nurses in my workplace have some defined responsibilities and tasks where in most cases they attend to the patients giving them the necessary care. There exists a team of top management that designs the work that each nurse should take and the time that every nurse is expected to be at the workplace. There exists a gap between the top management and the employees and the nurses do fear individuals in the top management. The individual nurses are supposed to work on the specific areas where one has been assigned and the training and orientation concentrates on a specific job for each nurse. Very few nurses have been promoted to higher positions and those who have been promoted have been promoted on some doubtful methods and not on the basis of their performance. Most of the nurses have no space to manage their work or themselves but the management dictates what each nurse will do. They also have no options in monitoring their standards or even improving them. This makes most of the nurses feel frustrated since they neither have hopes of advancement to higher levels nor options on the work to take (Phil, 2004, p.80). The job is at times stressing and the individuals are never motivated to make improvements on their performance.

Company-Wide Rewards

The behavior of employees in an organization is affected by the trends in the organization. Rewarding the employees for some work that is well done plays an important role in the behavior of the employees. At the end of every year, the organization organizes a ceremony for all the employees in the company where those individuals in the organization who have performed well in their designated roles are rewarded. Unfortunately, most of the rewards go to the top management in the healthcare organization. Since there are no experts involved in the process of selecting those who have performed well and the strategies used by the management is not known to the nurses, the nurses have no option other than just keep quiet for the management to exploit them. Very few nurses are rewarded and even those who are rewarded are not the ones who deserve the rewards (Linda, 2005, p.260). This does not motivate the behavior of the nurses in any way and if anything, it affects it negatively.

Goals in the Organization

The company has some goals that are set by the management without the involvement of the nurses. The goals are aimed at ensuring the success of the organization and make no considerations on the part of the nurses. The management uses these goals on the nurses to help the organization increase productivity. These goals end up overworking the nurses since the role of an individual is decided by the management and not by the individual (Linda, 2005, p.247). The kind of the work that is available will determine the role that an individual will be given in the organization. These goals are not effective and cannot help in the success of the organization.

Solution to the Situation

To begin with, the management need to link with the nurses so that they can integrate the goals of the individual nurses to suit to the goals of the organization so that the nurses can use their goals to help in the success of the healthcare organization. The specific goals set should also allow the nurses to have options in the jobs that they take so that these nurses cab be able to grow and develop in the field (Phil, 2004, p.54). In the training and orientation, the nurses should be trained in way that each nurse can take on a certain job as a whole and not taking parts and leaving other parts for another individual. The nurses should then be left to manage themselves and have choices on the work that they can take in the organization. This will make them more competent in the field since they work in an environment that suits each one of them. More nurses need to be rewarded so that they can be motivated to work harder. This can be done by ensuring that industrial and organizational psychology is applied in the process of selecting the nurses who have performed well. Psychologists can be involved to develop the scale and strategy that will be used in selecting those who deserve the rewards.


The productivity in an organization is affected by the behavior of the employees in the workplace. These behaviors are affected by the emotional experiences of the individuals which are as a result of the treatment by the management. The goals in an organization should allow the employees to have choices in the workplace so that the employees can grow and develop to maturity in the organization. Self-management helps the employees in an organization to develop positive behavior about themselves and this way they are able to gauge their standards. The individuals who perform well need to be rewarded and the process of rewarding them need to be designed well so that there is no bias in choosing them.

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