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Declaration of Independence Content Essay

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Updated: Apr 11th, 2022

The preamble reveals the rights and freedoms that people should enjoy while under the leadership of a given government. It outlines the circumstances under which one can be deprived of his/her fundamental rights, such a person is free to break away from autocratic leadership and chart his/her own path.

Therefore, the introduction is attempting to alert people that personal independence is just some steps away in case a given leadership style does not prioritize the views of the governed. In addition, one should not entertain insults and abuses since they belittle an individual.

The preamble informs the US citizens that there are many options in life; therefore, they should not tolerate injustice towards them from the British. The Congress is addressing citizens of the United States of America (USA). It requires the citizens to remain vigil on the leadership style exercised on them.

Moreover, the citizens ought to explain the reasons behind their displeasure with the current government or leader in office before actual separation. It reminds the citizens that it is their mandate to ensure that the government is not destructive in handling all issues.

The accusation section discloses to the reader a leader who is authoritative, that is, he does not consider the interests of others. For example, he refused to assent a law that could accommodate large groups of people. In addition, the reader comprehends the state of this nation, where people who holds different opinions to the King are butchered and also held captives at the far islands.

The reader gets to understand that human freedom is curtailed in these states and only those who are darlings to the King are offered little freedom. The King also has manipulated the nation’s justice system. These abuses, surely, legitimise Congress’s action against the King.

For instance, in invading the people’s rights and then going ahead to dissolve the House of Representatives so that he cannot be held accountable legitimise this action.

Further, his refusal to assent to judicial laws shows that the King is obstructing the provision of justice for all. He also acted without consulting the legislature in sending standing armies to quell violence. The King filled new offices with his cronies, who were acting with his demands of harassing the US citizens.

The Entreaty Section exposes the numerous attempts that the Congress has tried to seek justice from their courts, only to be subjected to harsh treatment for reporting their grievances. Again, this section shows the discontent that the US citizens have for their British brethren who they term as enemy during war and friends during peaceful times.

This is because they have never intervened when the ruler disrespects the rights of the people. This section is right in antagonizing the British public against the American cause, because over time, there have been calls for intervention by the American people during tough times but the British brethren did not respond to the calls.

Therefore, the American citizens feel cheated by the British public and the natives goes ahead to warn them not to attempt controlling them in the future.

The Resolve Section plays a significant role of indicating the break away from colonial ruling of the British. It further shows the willingness of the American people to lead themselves, for example, build peace, levy war, and initiate trade links amongst others.

The signatories to the declaration risked their lives and fortunes in signing the final declaration. This meant that they were ready to lose their holiness, fortunes and lives for the sake of the declaration of independence.

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