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Development of Monitoring System for Racing Camels and other Racing Species Research Paper

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Updated: Jun 26th, 2019

Technology Driven Project Development

In the modern world, technology seems to play an essential role in the life of every human being. However, it should be stressed that the social life is not the single sphere where technologies are applicable as they are commonly used in the development of projects. Open innovation is one of the most discussed topics in the field of technology driven project development.

According to the experts, the open innovation is “the use of purposive inflows and outflows of knowledge to accelerate internal innovation and to expand the markets for external use of innovation, respectively” (Huizingh, 2011). The enterprises that implement the system of open innovation into their business benefit as it allows using more flexible approaches (Bianchi, Campodall’orto, Frattini, & Vercesi, 2010).

Although innovation is the driving force for the successful organizations and project, it should be stressed that nowadays it seems to be rather complicated to come up with fresh and creative ideas, and that is, humanity should innovate the area of innovation (Chesbrough, 2003). According to Chesbrough, the innovation is considered to be the invention that is adjusted and implemented into the market (Chesbrough, 2003).

For the innovation to enjoy popularity, business should follow the certain model and keep to innovative approaches of the product offering. The paradigm of open innovation is centred on finding new ways to the market and combining external and internal ideas for the product or project to meet the company’s objectives (Chesbrough, Vanhaverbeke, & West, 2006). The technology-driven project development is not as focused on the clients as the customer driven project development.

Customer Driven Project Development

Customers have insights regarding the product, and they want to understand that their opinion matters and appreciated. As the matter of fact, companies with the customer-centred approach are likely to succeed. When developers of the project have a close relationship with the customers, there are greater chances for the product to become more comfortable and better in usage. To get better involved in the issue, some aspects should be taken into consideration, namely customer driven innovation and customer-driven developmental process.

Customer-Driven Innovation

Not every organization realizes the significance of the innovative capabilities (Cohen & Levinthal, 1990). The researchers state that the success of the company’s commerce is highly dependent on the prior knowledge of the organization and vision of the perspectives.

Nowadays, it is not enough to provide the customers with a good product as the vast majority of companies do so. For the customers to enjoy, the product should be innovative. The customer-driven innovation is an example of co-creation as it can only occur if the team of developers interacts with the client on all the levels of the product development process and as the result, the product satisfies the needs of the customer. Such interaction is possible due to the customer centred approach.

Customer Driven Development Process

The collaborative approach gains momentum during the product development process and becomes more widespread in the modern world. Engaging buyers in the process of the improvement and creation of the product gives a competitive advantage and can lead the company to success and prosperity. Despite the understanding of all the benefits regarding the engagement of the customers into the development process, the area is not researched and demands further investigation.

According to Bill Aulet, entrepreneurship is not an easy task. The author of the book Disciplined Entrepreneurship: 24 Steps to a Successful Start-up claims that the enterprise has much more chances to succeed in the case there are a couple of co-founders (Aulet & Ursache, 2013).

The more people take part in the development of the project, the better opportunities the company has to reach success. The crucial role plays charisma and communication, and that is, such approaches should not be undervalued. The book is an excellent guide in the sphere of innovation and provides the relevant information regarding the implementation of the invention into the working process. Autlet claims, that there are twenty-four steps that can bring the company to prosperity.

The key factor is the client-centred approach. Having an idea of the product, the developers should examine the market and be aware of the customers’ needs and preferences. The company should be focused on the chosen segment and ignore the other ones. The most important aspect is that the company should accept the core orientation and try to follow it as long as possible.

Among such core orientations are the following, namely low prices, highly-professional customer service, and addressing to the users’ experience (Aulet & Ursache, 2013). The business model should reflect the values and needs of the consumers. The author highlights that the success formula is about the engagement of the customers into the development process and taking actions because this what entrepreneurship is about.

Real-Time Performance Monitoring

Real-time performance monitoring system provides the sufficient data regarding the work of the employees. This method is usually implemented in the working process to increase productivity and effectiveness. Despite a number of advantages that the system offers, the shortcomings are evident.

The employees usually claim that the real-time performance monitoring contributes to the stressful situations and reduces the satisfaction from the job and trust. To eliminate the drawbacks the organization should take into consideration possible ways how to reduce the negative effect of the system.

To get a better understanding of the problem, one should take into account that the system can be viewed from different dimensions. The system of real-time performance monitoring can be implemented to humans, horses, and greyhounds as well.


Because of limitations of the performance management, the organizations usually seek for the approaches that will improve the work of the company. The commonly used method is the real-time performance monitoring. The system requires unstoppable electronic monitoring of the work of the employees. The major aim of the organization is to increase the work quality and productivity.

Guiding by this objective, the managers want to improve the performance by real-time monitoring; however, usually it turns out with the dissatisfaction of the workers and violation of trust. Taking into consideration the weak side of the approach, managers should minimize the drawbacks obtaining a benefit from the real-time monitoring. The strategy is used in the sport to improve the quality of the sportsmen performance. Having the needed data, the coach can give advice regarding the changing of eating habits or program of the training.


Real-time performance monitoring is beneficial for the implementation while working with the horses. The approach provides a better understanding of what should be changed in the training process to improve the quality of work. Horse racing is a widespread sporting event that enjoys great popularity in the whole world.

However, the scientific approach is still not used in the sport. In comparison to the human sport, the horse racing follows the same methods that it had almost two hundred years ago. The companies can get a competitive advantage by the development of the innovative products for the horse racing as the market has a number of vacant niches. The challenge that the vast majority of companies face is the creation of the gadget that allows trainers to control and adjust the training environment to get the best results.

Gmax technology provides the coach with a number of essential characteristics, namely the position, conditions of the environment, speed, and other relevant data. The device is beneficial as it allows monitoring fitness and tracking biometric data. The usage of the innovative products in the horse training makes the sport more comfortable and enjoyable.


In contrast, to the horse racing, greyhounds in most of the cases are not the part of the gambling and are made for enjoyment. However, there are countries where this sport gains more and more supporters, among them are the following, namely the United States, the Great Britain, and Mexico.

Taking into consideration numerous debates centred on the greyhounds race, it worth stating that this sport is controversial and is not accepted by society. In comparison to horse racing, greyhounds are not as profitable and popular. Although this sport is a part of the gambling industry in the stated above countries, it should be noted that it cannot compete with the horse race popularity.

To improve the quality of training, the coaches use the real-time monitoring system. Trainers pay a lot of attention to the nutrition and dogs’ workout. To be able to compete, the greyhounds need to meet certain requirements and criteria. The companies should develop innovative products for the coaches to control and improve the performance of animals.

State of the Art Camel Racing Technologies

The camel racing is a widespread sport. A lot of experts are looking for technologies to improve the performance. The model of the compression suit for horses inspired the developers, and they made the same kind of costume for the camels. The major idea is to increase the blood flow and support the circulation of blood in the muscles (Zacharias, 2014). The physiotherapy treatment is also used while working with camels to keep track of health and maintain the animal in shape.

Camel Jockey

Camel racing is a popular activity in the countries of the Eastern world. The best camel jockeys are children; however, to prevent the abusive behaviour and protect human rights, children cannot take part in the camel racing. Children are perfect jockeys because of their light weight.

Existing monitoring tools and techniques

Camels used to be a source of transportation; however, nowadays the animals are raised for racing. The nutrition and breeding are strictly controlled. A number of training methods are used to achieve the best results. In the United Arab Emirates sophisticated methods are commonly used, among them are the following ones, namely working out on the treadmills, and swimming pools.

As the matter of fact, the government encourages the development of the camel race industry by providing subsidies to the camel owners. The camel coaches work on the invention of new techniques because they can sell the well-trained camel for an impressive sum of money.


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