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Disseminating Evidence: Strategy Essay

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Updated: Apr 27th, 2022

Evidence based practice and treatment has assumed significance in recent years. It involves that for all practical reasons, decisions must be based on sound quantitative research studies where a few selected criteria can be relied upon as evidence. In nursing field too, the practice is used to promote health care by integrating it with the best available resource evidences with the field experts, and in close association with the factors that may happen to affect the individuals. This essay aims to discuss strategies for disseminating evidence to key stakeholders, and to those of greater nursing community.

Strategy for disseminating evidence to key stakeholders

There is a great need to understand the processes to disseminate the evidence based solutions to key stakeholders such as funding agencies, practitioners, researchers and the patients. The evidences presented are important as it recognizes that patient care is individualized and constantly evolving, and there is every scope of uncertainties. Research should be quantitatively healthy, and there be no scope for fairy assumptions. It decreases the risk involved in tackling a medical challenge, and provides the funders with ample support to fund research and promotional activities. The strategy followed is by using various modes of dissemination like publication of print reports, information through websites, conducting workshops to educate people, and most effective of all, using a combination of all the above means. Disseminating results through numerous, functional modes increases utility of the data, contentment and further dissemination of the evidence. Repeated exposure to a message through various media may enhance the uptake of the information and impact the audience. Another additional strategy is to use the program evaluation to check the existence of dissemination feedback loop, and the results are shared with the stakeholders, who could use the information to advance upon current practices and re-engineer program policies (Mueller, Burke, Luke, & Harris, 2008).

Strategy for disseminating evidence to greater nursing community

Dissemination strategies focus mainly on plan staffing or nursing community, and the issue of why management teams that are accountable for supporting people with health issues fail to use evidence-based practices. There are certain barriers to information dissemination, and they are: the nurses lack the essential awareness and skills to incorporate these practices, and certain managerial efforts weaken the support staff capability to apply and preserve novel approaches. Three sets of strategies are functional for overcoming these barriers and nurturing dissemination: adopting evidence-based practices so that specific health solutions are more reachable and comprehensible to health care providers; educating nursing community about pertinent data and skills; and addressing the executive level hiccups to the support team to assist the discharge of practices. (Corrigan, Steiner, McCracken, Blaser, & Barr, 2001).

Discovery-delivery gap has not been reduced in real time settings for many reasons like existing state health laws, governmental policies, financial support, privacy concerns, and program staffing. Evidence based practice need to be encouraged to have a better healthcare ecosystem.


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