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Do You Think There Is Gender War Essay

There are several debates concerning the issue of gender war. According to some people, gender war exists within all societies in the world. Most scholars have analyzed and presented different opinions on this issue. However, it is critical to note that a great level of disparity still exists.

The book “Huevos y la Mujer Latina” critically examines whether gender war exists within the present society. Various propositions can be drawn from this book. Ideally, the book presents a supportive ideology about the presence of gender war in different societies (Segura 11).

The book indicates the significance of understanding the meaning of gender. Evidently, this term has been used to refer to different meanings within most communities. Therefore, its meaning is embedded in the socio-cultural beliefs and practices within these societies.

Generally, most sources indicate that gender is mainly a sociological construction. From this perspective, it is already evident that gender war exists. The political and sociological elements within every society play a crucial role in this war. This is because these factors create and sustain the war on gender (Segura 20).

Observably, the present societies are marred with issues of equality and equity. These aspects dominate all components of human lives. Notably, in every undertaking, the society is troubled to address the issue of gender.

Distribution of resources and opportunities must occur in consideration of gender parity. However, most people always tend to avoid either of the gender in such situations. This practice has always led to the development of intense gender war.

As eminent in the book “Huevos y la Mujer Latina,” the situations prevalent within a particular community dictates the kind of gender war. This means that not all communities will face the same type of gender war. The book highlights different types of gender conflicts that are prevalent within most societies.

Conflict based on gender roles and delegation of duty is a predominant type of gender war (Segura 57). Generally, there are confusions on certain roles. This emanates because gender and role is not deliberated on in a comprehensive manner.

The book identifies the role of public administration and governments in the development of gender war. Particularly, this is with reference to the ancient societies in which most systems only favored a particular gender.

It is believable that certain jobs and roles have specifically been set aside or left for a given gender (Segura 76). This has always generated many questions. In some scenarios, the system has led to the emergence of gender war. Globalization has contributed to immense development within different societies.

Consequently, technological advancements have also influenced the concept of gender. Nonetheless, there are still numerous instances of gender war. The book argues that gender is entrenched into the societal factors and dynamics. Thus, as the society advances, there is a corresponding complication in the gender system.

The book provides a comprehensive analysis of the different kinds of gender wars. As an important tool, it is applicable within diverse societal contexts (Segura 92). It is appropriate for various personalities involved in gender issues to get access and read this book.

The book unearths some stereotype thinking and perceptions that people have had on gender and war. The book might also elicit critical and opposing views from other scholars. Principally, this may concern the issue of existent of gender war and their various types.

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