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Dr. Beckett’s Dental Office: Service Marketing Essay

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Updated: Apr 22nd, 2021

Which of the seven elements of the services marketing mix are addressed in this case? Give examples of each ‘P’ you identify

Based on the information in the case study, it is evident that Dr. Beckett specializes in offering services to patients who present with dental problems. She aims at providing consumers with exemplary dental services, which would help her to realize better proceeds that would be critical in expanding her firm. The seven Ps are utilized in marketing approaches in the evaluation and re-evaluation of business activities.

They are important in achieving the set goals because they enable managers to closely monitor the impacts of rapid changes vis-a-vis customers and needs (Lovelock & Wirtz 2011). In varying degrees, Dr. Beckett addresses each of the seven Ps in the reconstruction of her practice and the overall process of providing services to patients. The product is embodied in professional dental care since she goes out of her way to give her clients the best treatments possible.


In a typical marketing scenario, prices of goods and services are adopted on the grounds of the costs of production and the quality of items, among others (Lovelock & Wirtz 2011). In the context of the case study, it is clear that the overall costs of providing dental care have continued to rise remarkably. The pricing element of the dentist’s marketing mix is underlined by the fact that her services are slightly more expensive than those of business rivals. This is because she has spent more funds to make her practice more executive looking and effective. In addition, higher prices tend to be assumed to represent relatively high-quality services (Wu, Ray & Whinston 2008).


Small changes with regard to how products are promoted can lead to great changes in sales results. Promotion is also prominent in her marketing mix. She advertises her services in unique ways, such as providing an office with an executive look. She has also displayed her degree certificates on the wall and occasionally gives her clients some presents. Her clients’ referrals are her means of promoting her work (Kowalkowski, Kindstrom & Brehmer 2011).

In fact, it has been demonstrated that consumers who are satisfied with certain products could be important in improving their sales by referring to other persons. However, if the quality of goods and/or services start to worsen, then many people discourage others from making purchases, which could negatively impact the performance outcomes of many organizations (Kowalkowski et al. 2011).


As far as the place aspect is concerned, she has also excelled by providing an attractive office that is tastefully designed and strategically located for easy access by her target white-collar clients. In fact, it is indicated that the dentist went to her current location from a facility that she believed was not spacious. Thus, the former officials could not allow personnel to work efficiently.

Physical evidence

In marketing, physical evidence is crucial in showing that a certain service was offered (Lovelock & Wirtz 2011). The dentist leaves some physical evidence, especially when she extracts teeth from her patients. In this context, physical evidence could remind a consumer that the health care provider offered dental care that negatively or positively impacted him or her.


Both the health care professional and her staff execute their roles in a professional manner. The dentist aims to provide excellent services by hiring and orienting a team that is exemplified by highly trained staff. Thus, she is optimistic that her firm would gain a competitive advantage and more market shares.


Processes in every company are essential because they are used to provide outcomes. In the dentist’s office, processes are well organized and they result in high-quality care. For example, workers ensure that patients’ queries are handled in professional ways. In addition, clients do not queue for relatively long periods before they go into the dentists’ office, which is strategically located.


Finally, she has packaged her products in a very attractive manner, and her employees are always in smart uniforms. The clinic is spotless and she provides entertainment and coffee for her clients. This way, she presents an environment that makes them feel cared for and in professional hands.

What supplementary services are offered? How do they enhance service delivery?

Supplementary services that are offered to clients are those that do not characterize the main offers of a firm (Anderson & Narus1995). They are utilized to make companies appear unique in the competitive business world. Clients tend to feel valued and appreciated when they get extras (supplementary services) (Anderson & Narus 1995). In addition to the conventional dental work, Dr. Beckett and her team offer supplementary services, which include educating patients, providing refreshments and entertainment as well as after-sales services. She takes time to conduct dental check-ups before she treats her patients so that she can be both effective and provide the necessary information and advice about their conditions.

Furthermore, she provides magazines and refreshments for her patients as they wait to be attended to in the office. Children are also provided with playroom and toys so they can be distracted before or after receiving treatments. The supplementary services adopted in the dental care facility enhance service delivery by ensuring that patients are made comfortable before and after they are attended to by workers. In addition, they go a long way in improving the extent to which processes are organized (Anderson & Narus1995).


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