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Eating Greens in Modern Society Research Paper

In the current society, people have become very sensitive of every food they take. According to Apte (2010, p. 78), health experts have been vocal on the need to eat healthy foods in order to stay healthy. This message has been received positively by various members of the society, especially those in the middle and upper classes.

Sustainability is a term that has gained popularity among the nutritionists. The greens have come out to be the sustainable type of food in the contemporary world. People have come to appreciate the importance of the greens in leading a healthy life. This piece of research is focused on eating greens.

Research Aims

In every research, it is always important to clearly define its aims. According to Lund (2011, p. 19), aims are the broader desired outcomes of any given project. They are the long term benefits that such a research project should bring to the researcher. This scholar holds that a research should have specific aims that would define its path. The following are some of the specific aims of this research.

  • This research aims at bringing a clear understanding of the importance of greens in food sustainability in the contemporary Australian society.


Lund (2011, p. 89) defines objectives as the subsidiaries to aim. This scholar holds that objectives are the exact answers to the question, which means that they are the specific steps to be taken when answering the question.

In a research process, it is important to clearly define research objectives because it helps others understand the scope of the project. It helps state the level beyond which the research may not hold. In this research, the researcher developed research objectives to help define the scope of this research. This research paper will address the following objectives.

  1. To bring a clear understanding on how eating green can affect health of individuals.
  2. To create an understanding on individual Australian can ensure that they have food sustainability through greens.
  3. To create an understanding on how the citizens of this country can be made to appreciate the importance of greens.

The Modern Treads in Eating Greens

According to Lund (2011, p. 78), the current society in Australia, and other countries around the world have changed their perception about greens. For a long time, the greens were considered a meal of those who are economically challenged. This perception is changing following the researches by health experts.

Many of the health problems that most of the Australians suffer are caused by deliberate avoidance of the greens in preference to food rich in calories such as fried fish, pizzas, and sausages among others. These medical doctors have come out strongly to emphasize on the importance of the greens to the body.

The greens are coming out to be the sustainable foods to the body, and the society has come to embrace this fact. There has been a sharp rise in the number of those who take greens in this society. This is because they are convinced beyond any reasonable doubt, that in order to lead a healthy lifestyle, there is need to eat greens. In order to conduct a comprehensive research in this field, the researcher will use quantitative research methods. This method is elaborated below.

Quantitative research method

Quantitative research is a kind of study that utilizes figures to arrive at certain conclusions (Hakim 2000, p. 73). In this regard, the research will take the form of a survey, whereby the researcher identifies sample respondents and posts questionnaires to them. In this research, there was need to compare the relationship between variables in order to establish cause and effect.

The researcher was interested in knowing how different factors (independent variables) had effect on the dependent variables. This demands a method that would be objective and able statistically to generalize the findings. Quantitative method was found to be the most appropriate method to use in this research.

Quantitative research involves systematic empirical study of a phenomenon by use of statistical tools. Its main objective is always to employ mathematical theories and models in developing its generalization (Anderson 2004, p. 87) Therefore, quantitative method would help in this research.

It would enable the researcher test the hypotheses put forth for validity and allow the use of a sample as a representation of the entire population. It would help the researcher to use the data to determine the influence of project portfolio management on the performance of individual projects within a firm. The quantitative method would also help in knowing if there is any relationship between individual projects within the firm.

Format for the questionnaire

Questionnaire design

The questionnaire for this research had four parts. The first part will capture the background information of respondents. The second part will deal with the demography and gender of the respondents. This is to ascertain the prevalence of views in various categories in order to ensure that if any differences came about, then they would be captured in their demographic space.

The third part will deal with academic credentials and work experience of the respondents. The motivation for this section came from the understanding that different sections of population respond differently to issues, based on age and academic credentials. The fourth part will delve into the specific issues relating to eating green among the respondents.

The questionnaire will employ a mix of open and closed ended questions to capture different aspects of issues studied. Open ended questions are used because they give respondents more time to figure out their opinions, which would make them volunteer more information related to feelings, outlooks and comprehension of the subject (Murray 2006, p. 14).

This would allow a researcher to understand the position of respondents as regards to feelings. Open ended questions minimize some errors that could have been created in the course of research. Respondents rarely forget answers if given an opportunity to respond freely. Furthermore, respondents cannot ignore some questions because they must go through all of them.

Open ended questions generate data that can be used in data analysis by other researchers. In other words, they allow secondary data analysis. On the other hand, closed-ended questions are analyzed easily. That is why they were used in this study (Taylor 2005, p. 96).

Each response can be coded for statistical interpretation. Nonetheless, closed-ended questions are compatible with computer analysis package. The technique is more specific meaning that its answers are consistent in all conditions. This aspect is impossible with open-ended questions because each respondent is allowed to use his or her own words.

Finally, closed-ended questions take less time to administer unlike open-ended questions, which are detailed hence time consuming. This would help in gathering primary data for this research. Given the fact that the researcher intends to use quantitative methods, the researcher expects a number of respondents. The following is a questionnaire from SurveyMonkey that the researcher intends to use in this research when gathering data.

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