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Ecology Issues: Rainforest Conservation Research Paper


While we understand that natural forests are essential resources occurring on earth, human beings have continuously misused them to satisfy their short term needs. They have cut down trees to create a settlement, plant crops, produce industrial products, and construct structures among other needs. Although this tendency seems to satisfy human wants, it develops some linear effects resulting in human sufferings.

The side effect of this deforestation, which has caused a lot of disability in the ecosystem, cannot be ignored anymore. As a result, this research seeks to identify the most important reason for the conservation of the forest by a human being. It aims at presenting a detailed rationale of taking care of the forests that can resonate with all people in totality.

This rationale is based on analyzing the disadvantages of deforestation and the advantages of conservation. This ideology of presenting the two edges of forest conservation, which include the shortcomings alongside the benefits, can provoke people to retaliate from abusing the forest and taking endorsing conservation.


I strongly believe that forests are pillars of sustainable development. The concept of sustainable development argues that development should encompass three aspects. These aspects include environmental awareness, economic growth and the sociology of human beings. It contends that developments should not sacrifice the sociology of people and the environmental stability of the surroundings.

It adds that a sustainably developed system is equitable, bearable and viable implying that the development is not oriented to a single aspect of life. The concept of sustainable development will form the basis of this research meaning that we shall focus on the environmental, social and economic reasons for conserving the forest. Consequently, the research will present a holistic approach that does not disenfranchise any aspect of development.

Environmental Reasons

Source of Rain Water

Rainwater, which is the main source of surface water, is an essential component of an environmental factor that human beings need for survival. Besides being the main source of surface water, rain is a component of the hydrological cycle that develops stability in the ecosystem. These two aspects of rain make it an inevitable environmental factor.

In that light, we understand that trees release water in the form of humidity forming clouds which fall in the form of rain. This implies that the presence of trees increases the likelihood of receiving rainfall frequently. This condition is evident in the Amazon forest, which receives rainfall throughout the year, due to the thick forest comprising of the indigenous forest (Salati & Vose 133).

On the other hand, the lack of forest cover leads to gradual desertification of originally arable land resulting in real deserts. This means that continued deforestation can result in lack of sufficient rain that in turn lead to desertification. As a result, we conclude that the conservation of forest is not only a role but also a mandate for all human beings in their capacity. Failure to conserve the forest will result in unsustainable development that seeks to develop economically only.

Creating Biodiversity

Animals and plants are created in a manner that enhances the self-sustaining system of biodiversity. Biodiversity is the harmonious co-existence of flora and fauna in natural setup. In a system of biodiversity, animals rely on the plants to live while the plants rely on the animals for growth. For example, animals like monkeys live in trees and depend on them for movement. Birds rely on the same trees to create a nest that forms their shelters. The most obvious dependence is the species of animals that feed on trees leaves, grass and shrubs.

This implies that the existence of the forests maintain the lives of animals while depletion of the forests might lead to the possible disappearance of some species. In an undisturbed forest like Amazon, which is popular for having quire animals, biodiversity is enhanced by the conservation of the forest and protection against deforestation.

The conservation enables animals to develop in their natural habitats without human intervention leading to very big anacondas, large crustaceans, and spiders among others (Salati & Vose 133). On the basis of purporting biodiversity, the Conservancy of the forest is mandated that all people should satisfy. On the other hand, the elimination of biodiversity is a real enemy of sustainability that should induce human beings to conserve the forests.

Impacts on Soil

Many people depend on the soil as a factor in producing food for human consumption. Forested areas have a thick soli layer due to the decomposition of the leaves that fall from the trees. The leaves, also, adds nutrients to the soil making it fertile for the existence of microbial organisms and growth of plants. The forests provide good land for the growth of plants by human beings due to the fertility of the soil.

Deforestation leads to the exposure of soil to erosion agents and sun. Surface water washes away the soil to the river stream while the wind blows off the soil. The soil layer becomes thin resulting in the inability of holding plants hence infertile. Therefore, the conservation of the forest maintains soil and improves its quality in terms of nutrients that are contained in the soil. This implies that we should maintain the forests in a state that will protect the soil layers.

Economic Reasons

Provision of Medicine

Health is an economic concern for all human beings since it affects the productivity of the people. Lack of medicine would lead to poor heath which can lead to the depletion of economic competence due to the importation of medicine. This implies that locally available medicine is of much help to people especially in terms of their financial autonomy. Most medicine, which is even produced internationally, is mostly extracted from trees.

The willingness of other countries to protect their forests enables them to export medicine leading to escalated prices of the medicines. The preservation of local forest preserves trees that can be used as a source of medicine at a lower price since they are produced locally. Elderly people used the trees without processing and packing them. This, therefore, provides the main reason for the preservation of forests across the world.

Increasing Hydroelectric Power

Many countries are relying on hydroelectric power rather than coal-generated power across the world. This is because the hydroelectric power is cheaper and non-exhaustible. The power output depends on the amount of water that is in the river and the force generated by the water current. The availability of rivers ensures that the rainfall is available at all time leading to high volumes of water in the rivers.

The large volumes of water turn the turbine at very high speed leading to high energy output (Gavin 1280). Also, the trees hold the soil intact preventing the erosion of soil into the dams. The erosion of soil to the dams forms silt that has to be removed leading to the high cost of electricity production. From an economic point of view, the production of any service should aim at reducing the cost of production.

Therefore, an activity that increases the cost of production should be reduced using artificial and natural means. This suggests that the conservation of forests is a natural way of reducing the cost of producing electricity (Barringer 2013). It is, therefore, important that we conserve the forest cover to ensure that the hydroelectric projects produce sufficient electricity.

Social Reasons

The forests, which include the tropical forest, provide a settlement for hunters, gatherers, and other communities. These communities use forest resources in a manageable way to protect their future livelihood. When other people including the loggers attempt to deforest the forest, the communities resist to their activities. This resistance leads to human conflict, tribal crashes and massive killing among other effects (Simon 2007).

Also, governments are committed to conserving forests by preventing human activities. However, some citizens decide to defy government policies and settle in the forests. To remove them from the forests, the government applies a force that can result in the death of people. This social conflict among citizens and governance is a social challenge that affects the stability of such countries.


Although we have many reasons for conserving forests, the above are the main reasons for embracing conservation of the forest. From this research, it is clear that forests are the main pillars of sustainable development.

It is clear that conservation of forests leads to economic, social and environmental stability. It is an initiative that supports equitability, viability and creates a bearable system for a human being. This implies that all human beings must be committed to conserving the forest to experience sustainable development that encompasses all factors of humanity.

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