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Introducing of Edison’s Technologies Essay (Critical Writing)

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Updated: Aug 12th, 2019

Introducing new technological inventions influences all spheres of social life and industrial production. At this point, Thomas Edison can be considered a strongly influential figure in industrial inventing, holding more than 1000 patient until his death.

In fact, the invention of electricity light, as well enormous contributions made to development of television and video media provides a new strand in perceiving the role and functions of technological advancement in society. Thus, by inventing the electric light, people have significantly improved their productivity.

Moreover, they have reconsidered the needs and requirements by perceiving the advantage of new technology. At this point, although Edison’s technology redirected the attention from other inventions, their scientific and technological achievements had captured the public attention and dictated new norms, values, and purposes in life.

Recognized as the most prolific inventor, Thomas Edison redefined the concept of invention, and made the public reconsider the role of technologies in their life. So far, the inventions were focused on improving the quality of life by fulfilling physical needs of consumers.

In fact, the emergence of electricity had not only contributed to the total reconstruction of the industrial process, but also compelled people to learn more about this new phenomenon to be able to reconstruct their lives. Thus, a shift of attention from gas light to the new electricity era had been introduced.

The inventor had persuaded the public that previous devices were the matters of the past by explaining the main benefits of electricity – from its efficient work to the cost necessary to sustain the invention. In his interview with The Time reporters, Edison remarked, “the cost, compared to gas-pipe, will be very small, and there is very little change of their getting out of order” (Edison’s Electric Light, n. p.).

Apart from outlining the main advantages of his new device, Edison also pointed to the similarities in functions of previous functions attributed to gas light. Nowadays, Edison’s strategy is heavily used by the inventors who strive to penetrate to the market and capture new segments of consumers.

In fact, the inventor managed to grasp the attention of the majority to give rise to the new period of electricity enlightenment, as well as greater opportunities opened for development of telecommunications.

The fact that the idea of electric lightning was not new also indicates the actual function of Edison’s inventions. Nevertheless, the inventor successfully manipulated the public interest and made them focus on his original solutions (Friedel & Finn, 1987).

Thus, while the public attention was given to the discovery of carbonized filament, Edison had been working on the development of seven element system, being important to the practical application of electricity (Friedel & Finn, 1987). In particular, the scientist focused on the development of an improved dynamo, constant voltage, safety fuses, a durable light bulb, and the parallel circuit.

The success of Edison’s invention brought recognition and fame because electricity light invention had spread all over the world. Various electric companies benefited greatly from this invention because Edison’s technology attracted multiple investors who were interested in developing new incandescent lightning industry.

Despite the fact nothing new was about the concept of electricity lightning, Edison has managed to choose a unique approach to developing the new technology.

Edison’s increased awareness of the need to participate in developing a vacuum lamp was partially a reflection of his strong commitment to producing a successful invention. Both his reputation and his money was at stake due to the great risk of failure, but Edison’s confidence in entering a new technological path was strong and, as a result, the public had acknowledged his achievements in industry and social media (Friedel & Finn, 1987).

Thus, the inventor took advantage of the easier and more efficient approaches he chose for advancement and managed to surpass his competitors. Moreover, Edison paid great attention to revealing any advances to the public to emphasize the importance of his contributions.

Explaining the benefits of new devices, as well as how those could be utilized, provided the inventor with a high competitive advantage over the other activists in the field. Apart from great attention of mass media to Edison’s remarks, the inventor also sought to attract other inventors and make them work on similar techniques. In such a manner, Edison had significantly promoted the development of electricity and telecommunication.

Similar approaches to new product advertising are heavily employed by the producers of modern technology, including digital wireless devices that are popular among the consumers. Despite the fact that Edison’s technology redirected the public attention from other technological advances, his invention had gained public recognition and dictated new norms in social life and industrial production.

To begin with, the misconception about considering Edison as the inventor of the light bulb is not accidental. In fact, Edison’s unique technique in developing new devices is premised on gaining public attention by expressing his strong commitment to promoting technological progress.

Most of his contributions, therefore, are confined to reinforcing the existing knowledge and enhancing their importance for the community development.


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