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The Inclusion of Technology in the Learning Process Essay

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Updated: Aug 20th, 2019

Topic 1

ISD Topei model is very vital in the teaching of technology courses. It helps the teachers to develop the appropriate content for teaching technology courses. It also helps them to be systematic in their teaching of these particular courses. An appropriate model is important for a teacher in the teaching of practical and even technological courses.

With the technological advancements being witnessed in the modern world, it is important for the teachers to incorporate technology in their teaching so as avoid drilling which only produces armature students. Using technology enhances transparency in the teaching and delivering of instructions. The use of technology in teaching also enables the students to fit in the world of rapid technological advancement (Batista, 1995).

A Collaborative Model

Technology is particularly important in enhancing in-service training. The collaborative technology prepares teachers and helps them to use the current technology in disseminating instructions to their students.

It ensures that the syllabi are revised to fit the current technological advancement. The model infuses technology for instance the student teachers are given instructions through emails, spreadsheets, databases as well as the internet. Pedagogical approaches as well as work processing is used in issuing these instructions.

The students are for instance trained on the computer packages like Microsoft Word, Excel, MS Access as well as PowerPoint so as to enable them embrace the new technology enhanced means of issuing instructions. They are then accessed so as to determine whether they are able to use these applications in the learning process.

They are for instance taught how to use MS Power Point in presentations. They are also taught on other aspects like mail merge and the use of MS word in writing letters. The teachers are trained to learn, plan as well as implement technology in delivering instructions to the students.

Teachers are supposed to be trained on the depending on their grade and the training should encompass the use of internet and the training has to include hands-on training on the use of the technology in disseminating technology.

The training must be based on the grade of the teachers that are being trained. It will differ from the high, middle as well as elementary level school level. This is because students that are at different levels of training use technology differently and their exposure to technology varies significantly.

Taking the example of campus tutors, they must be trained on aspects like the use of Micro-computer applications for the tutors in instructing students. They have to be trained on the use of the internet in instructing. They have to be trained on the strategies of instructing. The training must also be inclusive of education projects (McGillivray, 1999).

The tutors have to be trained by professionals and they must be given mentors who can assist them where necessary. The training must also include interaction between them so as to share their experiences over the use of technology as well as sessions for questions asking where answers have to be provided for individual questions.

The training should have provisions for follow up programs which ensure that the tutors are implementing whatever they are taught concerning the use of technology in enhancing technological advancement. The institutions also have the responsibility of ensuring that the students are provided with computers and other technologies so as to aid them in the learning process.

Topic 2

The technology Façade Checklist is vital in helping eliminate technological barriers that are vital in the elimination of technological barriers that might emerge during the learning process. It makes it easy to recognize as well as address any of the problems that might emerge in the technology programs.

The checklist provides a systematic solution to the technological problems that might emerge. The checklist makes it easy to realize any technological advancement. It enhances learning that is based on technology and it encompasses cognitive, affective as well as psychomotor skills. The technology plan is practical and is based on research findings.

It is easy to use and it is sequential.

Topic 3

The inclusion of technology in the learning process is very important in enhancing student achievement and at the same time creates new learning opportunities. A school has to integrate technological advancement and employ qualified staff so as to fully adapt technology in the learning process.

The teachers have to be exposed to hands on training for a longer time so as to enable them fully comprehend the concept of involving technology in the teaching and learning process. Technology has to be adopted in the making of lesson plans and teaching. The development program has to be professional and has to be in line with the development goals of that particular school.

The teachers have to be given both the financial as well as staff support. They have to be encouraged and motivated to adopt technology in their teaching. Technological advancement has to be funded so as to ensure the implementation of the same. The school should have a technology plan. Security plans have to be put in place to prevent internet crimes as well as other threats (Valdez, 2000).


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