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Effective Memos and Emails Essay


A person, who working in a professional business setting, has to have well-developed communication skills, in order express his/her thoughts clearly and persuade others. The ability to write effective memorandums and emails is also critical for administrators or entrepreneurs who have to interact with frontline personnel, colleagues, or senior executives.

This paper is aimed at discussing the relevance of memos and emails to business communication and the reasons why employees should be able to write them properly. Overall, it is possible to argue that effective business writing is critical for the exchange of information within an organization and even the professional growth of an individual.

This is why this issue should not be overlooked by students and professionals who take effort to elaborate their writing skills. This is the main argument that can be put forward.

First of all, it should be noted that business communication is often affected by time constraints, and leaders often have to take urgent decisions that can profoundly influence the performance of their businesses. Therefore, an individual should be able to write in a concise and clear way so that other people could easily grasp the gist of his/her announcements, recommendations, or reports.

This issue is particularly important when one speaks about memorandum or memos. These documents can serve several letters. For instance, they are supposed to describe the actions that were taken by the personnel. Secondly, they are aimed at identifying the difficulties or challenges that an organization faces (Stuart 204).

Furthermore, in these documents business administrators can propose strategies that can solve certain problems (Kolin 133). These examples suggest that memos can be related to various organizational activities. Moreover, they can be intended for almost every employee of a company. Therefore, an individual, who wants to succeed in the business setting, should be able to write effective memos.

Without this skill, many ideas of this person may not be understood by others, even when they are useful or innovative. Furthermore, the arguments of this employee can be misinterpreted, and this can lead to the adoption of poor strategies.

Again, one should bear in mind that poor communication can have adverse effects on an organization, especially at the time when it has to resolve some urgent problems. Therefore, a good business administrator should be able to write effective memos in order to cope with his/her duties. This is one of the reasons why this skill is so important.

Furthermore, one should not forget about the needs of readers who expect other people other to express their opinions in a clear way. If a memo contains spelling mistakes, typos or inaccuracies, they can come to the conclusion, that the writer is an irresponsible employee who cannot be relied on.

Thus, it is important to consider that writing produces a powerful impression on the reader, and this impression is important in the business world.

Apart from that, one should not forget about emails that are vital for the communication in a company. In this case, much attention should be paid to the so-called business emails that have some important characteristics. For example, they can be used a legal records, because the writer represents an entire organization (Kolin 145).

Therefore, employees should carefully proofread their electronic messages that can be read senior executives. Furthermore, they should be formatted properly. Overall, this skill is particularly important nowadays, when information technologies have transformed the communication within organization.

In the future, emails will probably play a more important role because modern companies often operate at an international level (Stuart 204). This is why effective emails are vital for business administrators. Although people are accustomed to sending messages via an Internet, business letters have to correspond to certain standards. For example, they should be limited to one screen and broken into short paragraphs (Kolin 146).

Furthermore, they should not contain any abbreviations that are typical of personal emails. These are the rules that are often overlooked by people working in business settings. Again, one can say that the ability to write effective emails is vital for business communication and responsiveness of a company to changes, difficulties, or problems.

Therefore, students and sometimes even professionals learn more about writing business emails. Finally, managers and entrepreneurs should remember that people often judge a person by his/her written messages such as emails or memos. This is why it is necessary to focus on the development of their writing skills.

On the whole, these examples show that excellent communication skills are vital for people working in business settings. Memos and emails are probably the most widespread forms of written communication within many companies. Moreover, such documents have to meet specific standards that are set for business communication.

Therefore, one should take some time in order to learn how to write effective memos or emails. These skills are vital for the exchange of information within private companies or public organizations. More importantly, the failure to acquire and develop these skills can prevent even a competent employee from making a successful career.

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