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Electronic Medical Record Implementation Project Essay

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Good communication to all stakeholders is essential for successful implementation of projects. There are different types of communication techniques such as E-communication and interpersonal network. In the communication process, it is paramount to know what type of audience you are addressing because personal preference influences communication needs. In addition, locations and cultural background influence the way of project communications. During meetings, project managers give performance reporting to stakeholders, which give an overview of how key players will use resources to achieve the project objectives. Stakeholders are significant in project implementation. Project managers must work and understand various stakeholders. They must have the skills to identify and resolve conflicts.

What prompted the County Health Department’s strategy in implementing the EMR system?

The County Health Department faced a grave problem in that its customers’ health information chart system was becoming outdated and therefore unproductive. This is what prompted the County Health Department to plan in using the EMR system. Moreover, the department had not integrated the system and employees spent so much time recording clients’ information since they did it manually. Consequently, clients spent so much time in the waiting room.

This problem was a threat to Peter’s job and it prompted him to find its solution from his colleagues. The EMR has many advantages and one of them is to enhance the rendering of medical services and minimizes expenses. In addition, the EMR if implemented would satisfy the demands of the stakeholders. By using EMR, information is stored in computer, which is secure and easy to retrieve as compared to paper. EMR links different departments into one making it easy for the employees to access clients’ information regardless of where they are. The EMR is not limited to County Health Department but any other provider will view clients’ health information from other clinics.

How significant was Peter’s announcement of the EMR implementation project?

Peter’s announcement was important because it was a big task and venture. This project was vital because of its power in enhancing the rendering of health services while minimizing costs. In addition, it was safe and user friendly. This investment involved key players like the State Community Health Information Network (SCHIN), Care Willamette, state, federal, and clinical resources who acted as the link in accessing the fund of the three-year project approximated to cost millions of dollars. This partnership among different key players would let the County minimize costs on the EMR and acquire the license. This project when completed would give data of different regions and states, thus solving the problem of getting healthcare services for insured and under-insured inhabitants.

If successful, the EMR would finish the third phase of an integrated technology project for the department. The EMR had the potential to process health information for 250,000 visitations annually. The EMR project was valid because it was in line with the Health Department’s goals and plans for minimizing costs and enhancing health services in the midst of a future with diminishing resources.

What are the benefits of a joint stakeholder meeting?

A joint stakeholders’ meeting is beneficial because it encourages participation of the stakeholders. Their participation intensifies their commitment to an institution’s goals and strategies such as implementation of projects. Their involvement in planning of projects increases their commitment, which results to completing the project successfully. Stakeholders contribute many ideas during this meeting. Some of their ideas give different perspectives of the same project and if considered can be very helpful.

These meetings also encourage talks among stakeholders. Stakeholders can raise matters and ask for clarity or question decisions made that did not yield good results. Employees participate fully in these meetings and raise questions linked to their line of work. For example, some employees request for their participation in implementing new projects or if the new project is adhering to the safety regulations of buildings. There is immense power in inviting all stakeholders to induce dialogue among them.

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