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Elements of Fascism in UK and US Practices on Global Issues Analytical Essay

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Updated: May 28th, 2018

As it has been observed, contemporary politics are becoming more radical and dominated by authoritarianism as most politicians seem to advocate for totalitarianism. Totalitarianism can be described as the process through which men dominate their experiences in the society with regard to power acquisition and control of resources. Notably, some western nations like US and UK have largely been observed to contain elements of fascism.

According to Gregory (2007, p 235), fascism ideology has largely erupted from rationalism where the most powerful states perceive themselves as being the ultimate controllers of human activities, following the currently increasing globalization among nations. This paper will discuss how United States and United Kingdom nations have been observed to express some elements of fascism in controlling the masses, following the currently experienced neo-liberalism era.

With the massive increase in the earth’s population, totalitarian dominion has been evidenced by the way politicians are engaging in the control of the world’s scarce resources, mainly with personal interests. According to Ball & Dagger (2010, p 173), the act of modern masses becoming superfluity, indicating high competition for scarce resources, reflects the way totalitarianism is becoming deeply rooted in the society.

As it has been revealed, merciless processes where totalitarianism is driving men to organize the masses reveals high degree of suicidal escaping of realty among the men in the society. On this basis, the totalitarian attempt to make men superfluous reflects the experiences of modern masses of their struggle for scarce resources in the currently overpopulated society, as triggered by loneliness among men.

Since industrial production seems to expand at a lower rate than the human population, jobs are becoming scarce and industrial workers get involved in competing for the limited job opportunities.

As Gregory (2007, p 235) reports, lawlessness has become an apparent act among men, as they struggle to maintain the control of the scarce resources. With totalitarianism taking new shapes, men in the contemporary society are becoming more vigilant to maintain their royal status by even involving use of force and terror.

According to Ball & Dagger (2010, p 157), the rise of terrorism in the cold-war era can be described as the ultimate strategy to acquire power and fame among the people. Quite significantly, loneliness has largely participated in enhancing the ideology of ‘terror’ since the currently overpopulated society necessitates power and influence to acquire control of the scarce resources.

Being prospective movements of the contemporary society, fascism and totalitarianism has been revealed to facilitate the various changes observed day to day life. As has been observed, US and UK today seem to be the most influential nations globally, as they seem to overrule most of international strategies in all levels. For instance, the rise of terrorism has largely been attributed to the fascism nature of these nations in controlling the world’s resources.

As held by Gregory (2007, p 237), everything has been kept in motion as a strategy to enhance dominance of power among the most influential nations. Considering the fact that idleness would result into creation of new strategies to overthrow the prevailing powers, men are evidenced to act in merciless manners in their pursuit of maintaining a dynamic society in fear of being overthrown.

As it has been observed, the act of military invasion of Iraq and Baghdad by US in the war of terror can be largely described as a strategy of keeping the Americans in control of the global activities. Such activities as evidenced in the contemporary society seem to be aligned with the fascism ideology to a greater extent.

It has been noted that, fascism can largely be associated with personal interests and the urge to realize self actualization. Notably, it is from a lonely situation that individuals develop the urge to achieve their desires, in which totalitarianism forms the focal part of it.

On this basis, this hypothesis developed by Renton (1999, p 21) can be tested in the current society dominated by various power struggles, especially between western states like UK and US and the Middle East countries. With the world becoming globalized as a result of neo-liberalism, political powers are becoming largely centralized among the powerful states.

Considering the current trend of security patterns across the world, super-power countries like US are becoming dominant in global issues. This can be described as high level of totalitarianism. Particularly, the rise of imperialism among nations has largely impacted on the economic and political uproars currently experienced.

With the current trend of universalism, UK and US states have largely been observed to reveal totalitarian political leadership where there has ultimately been no antidote despair. As Gregory (2007, p 239), “If lawfulness is the essence of non-tyrannical government … then terror is the essence of totalitarian domination”, implying how terror dominates the overall fascisms acts.

With the new security system of privatizing all armed forces, creation and maintenance of political powers among these western states has been evidenced. Though the rulers seem not exercise totalitarianism directly, public behavior is being guided by inflicting fear to pave way and intimidate any uprising terrorism from taking into effect.

Considering the act of US of overriding the Middle East countries, fear seems to be inflicted among the terrorist groups from being active. Mainly, with the adoption of totalitarianism in these western states, their domination and terrorization of the global activities from within has been largely realized.

Through the combination of simple ideology and strategies to govern people, totalitarians are always by the law of the nature where individuals strive to survive. Being a continuous process, totalitarianism has largely been facilitated by the state of ‘loneliness’ among the people, as they struggle to dominate the entire world. Considering the recently established European Union culminating to European citizenship, UK has largely been a focal key player in the union.

Political analysis of this strategy has revealed how UK, seems to dominate most of the decisions made in the Union, with an aim of controlling all the ultimate activities in the region. On this basis, UK can be described as being fascist in its governance by establishing networks to dominate the emerging states in Europe.

More so, Ball & Dagger (2010, p 161) presented the ideology of fascism and totalitarianism as being connected to behaviorism and National Socialism. Through totalitarianism as a result of loneliness, arising from superfluity, we can not easily avert mass suicide.

There is usually struggle for power and total control of the scarce resources among global leaders, in which the subsequent impact of the same facilitates mass suicide. As evidenced in the terrorism attacks in US and UK where the alleged terrorists aimed at causing political threats among the potential world political leaders of US and UK, many people died.

In response, the invasion of Middle East countries by US and UK in the war of terror has been evidenced to cause a lot of blood shed. Mainly, it is usually quite hard to avert mass suicide, as long as totalitarianism prevails in the current global leadership.

As evidenced by Renton (1999, p 24), the approach of totalitarianism is philosophical more than just a mere history on the basis of the current trend world events. Further, such approach on human behavior goes beyond politics, psychology or even personal reflection in the way the current happenings are observed as posing great threat to humanity and the universe at large.

With gangster initiatives of the majority, dangerous totalitarians are creating the worst human crimes ever experienced in history. With the rise of terrorism and invariably war against terror, humanity is brought out as at threat of this dangerous totalitarianism.

This is reflected in Gregory (2007, p 241), “…killing of small socialist functionaries or opposing parties merciless dominates the entire process of totalitarianism.” I have found the contemporary estrangement between Muslims and Americans as being intensely rooted on fascism rudiments of American supremacy.


As it has been revealed, fascism movements are owned by masses, in which perplexed people lack clear sense of reality, since the world they inhabit is ultimately destroyed by the turmoil of high levels of unemployment and pressure on scarce resources. It has been observed that, UK and US nations exercise some practices of fascism in their ultimate struggle to control masses.

In fact, the approach of perceiving the helpless people who are exposed to totalitarian movements as being threat to imperial political leaders reveals the danger of ‘the mob’ and the violent nature of the underworld generations. Mainly, the ‘superfluous’ people are brought out as ideal casualties of the totalitarianism terror.

Since this is traced from the capitalism markets where labor movements resulted into the capitalists being at threat of losing autonomy over human labor, the current trend of totalitarianism seems more dangerous and explosive beyond mere explanation.

Particularly, personal reflections are empowered by collective totalitarianism, in which the upheaval oppressive regimes, is being exercised through terrorism.


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