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Emirate Transport Company: Work Experience in Ajman Research Paper

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Updated: May 11th, 2021

Company information

Emirates transportation- Ajman branch

The Emirates Transport company is an organization that has been working in the UAE market for a long time and providing its services to consumers successfully. This state-owned company was first introduced in 1981, and since then, it has supported various sectors of the transport system of the country – private, business, and others (Who We Are). For almost forty years of work, the organization has expanded significantly, and many branches have been opened in different regions. Today, the company owns twenty-seven business centers and has nine subsidiaries, and more than seventeen thousand employees work here (Who We Are).

As reported in the official description of Emirates Transport, it “provides services to more than 430 main stakeholders through its fleet of over 20,000 vehicles” (Who We Are). At the disposal of the group, thousands of vehicles are located to provide services to the public. Therefore, the opportunities of this company are ample in order to work for the benefit of the country and monitor the most important issues related to transport services and regulation.

The company’s branches are located throughout the country, and one of the largest of them is the group in Ajman. The management team of this branch has sufficient resources to monitor activities and provide the population with a high level of service. The center in Ajman is relatively new, and the regulation of its activities is carried out in accordance with the modern principles of corporate policy. It is necessary to consider how the system of supervision is organized and what approaches are advanced by the top management of the organization.

Supervision system

The company’s Board of Directors is controlled by the Ministry of Transport of the United Arab Emirates, while the Board is the main controlling apparatus (Board of Directors). Also, the organization is divided into units where managers are responsible for each of the branches of work. The line manager of the branch in Ajman is Mr. Nasser Al Malachi. The quality of the equipment used by the corporation is assessed by executives who register the property of the company and control its technical base. Also, Emirates Transport has other departments that regulate the activities of human resources, financial reporting, and other areas of work (Board of Directors).

All these functions are successfully implemented in one company, and the branch in Ajman is one of the units where appropriate control is provided, and all necessary measures for monitoring available resources are conducted. The software used to calculate and evaluate current indicators is up-to-date and in-demand since virtually all of the organization’s activities involve the active use of information technologies. Thus, comprehensive control over the company’s assets and the qualified monitoring of all industries allow the management of Emirates Transport in Ajman to provide quality services and develop the production line.

Work Details

Team skills and solution process

To work at the branch of Emirates Transport in Ajman, it is essential to have sufficient professional training and some qualities that are encouraged by the management of the organization. In particular, teamwork is an integral component of success since the tasks set by the Board of Directors are to be carried out in strict accordance with the plan to avoid force majeure and not to stop the work process. For this purpose, all the units of the branch adhere to the principle of mutual support and joint solution of any difficulties. If one of the departments does not work efficiently, it affects the activities of the whole company.

Therefore, competent and competent leadership is a significant aspect that influences performance outcomes. The heads of departments perform intensive work to monitor the current results of employees and encourage any initiatives aimed at increasing labor productivity. The role of leaders is important, and all technical tasks that involve the use of available resources are evaluated in advance before they are performed. This principle of organizing work activity is successful and corresponds to the modern principles of corporate governance.

While working for Emirates Transport in Ajman, it was noted that the solution process was conducted in accordance with the principles of corporate ethics, and no controversial issues arose. The identification of problems took place with the participation of the heads of departments who provided all the necessary information to the Board of Directors. In the Board, key decisions regarding the work process and approaches to technologies were discussed.

Responsible persons identified potential risks, in particular, the groups of specialists in finance and production monitored the activity of Emirates Transport in this branch and passed calculation data to managers. At meetings devoted to current problems, topical issues were discussed, the opinions of different specialists were listened to, and decisions were made on the basis of the expediency of particular proposals. Certainly, some problems arose since this branch of the Emirates Transport company was large enough, and working nuances were inevitable. For instance, sometimes, contacts with partners caused difficulties, and managers had to establish supply chains. Nevertheless, the team of experts of the organization solved all the challenges effectively and implemented the tasks set successfully.

Professional development

To play the role of the employee of Emirates Transport in Ajman successfully, it is required to have not only ambitions but also professional training. In accordance with the organization’s work plan, the corporation “provides services to more than 430 main stakeholders” (Who We Are). This amount of work explains the need for thorough training of specialists, which, in turn, indicates the effective work of recruitment specialists.

After the time spent in the organization, useful skills are acquired, which makes it possible to arrange for almost any enterprise that specializes in the production and supply of transport equipment. Also, the management of the branch is quite demanding, and all assigned duties are to be carried out in strict accordance with the plan. This approach allows training personal responsibility for all the decisions made and gives an opportunity to self-develop as a specialist. Therefore, concerning the possibility of professional growth, the branch in Ajman is the place that contributes to honing individual skills.

The needed professional development required for applying for the branch and working in one of the units should not be limited to professional education in the transport field. Experience is an essential characteristic that helps to cope with all the tasks that management poses to employees. Moreover, effective work in the team implies constant professional growth; therefore, to have positive feedback from colleagues and be appreciated by the leaders of the team, it is essential not to stop the process of self-development.

If performance indicators are high, there is a real opportunity to move along the career ladder and achieve success in realizing individual possibilities. That is why, despite the requirements for employees, the leadership of Emirates Transport in Ajman poses achievable tasks, and encouraging the desire for growth is the natural process of selecting the most valuable personnel.

Standards and responsibilities of work

A corporate governance principle is one of the aspects of Emirates Transport’s activities. The division of the branch into departments is an example of how management is organized in this form of work. Responsible leaders monitor the execution of instructions of the Boards of Directors and distribute orders to subordinates. In case of the need for joint discussions, teamwork is carried out where the opinion of each employee is essential.

Another important principle is the observance of the code of ethics, which is particularly relevant in the context of a big company with large incomes and an extensive resource base. A prejudiced attitude towards one another is unacceptable, but a hierarchical ladder is strictly observed, and the violation of subordination is unacceptable. The partnership established by the branch help to interact with other departments of the company successfully, and overall goals are achieved through efficient resource allocation. Also, additional useful relationships with other organizations are maintained, which influences the assets positively and makes it possible to have a stable profit.

From the point of view of social responsibilities, the branch provides employees with all the necessary benefits and social packages, which indicates that the management takes care of its subordinates. Salaries are paid on time, and all employees are entitled to leave. The principles of the corporate approach do not allow exceeding the norms of work, and the specialists of the branch can always count on guaranteed rest. Depending on the position, employees receive bonuses and allowances, which is a reasonably good incentive. Therefore, Emirates Transport in Ajman fulfills its social responsibilities and encourages its specialists’ activities.

Responsibilities in the workplace and environmental issues

In order not to deviate from the principles of ethics, branch management encourages diversity in the workplace. This rule implies the absence of prejudices or biases regarding race, nationality, or any other individual trait that does not affect the work process. A large number of employees can successfully cope with their tasks and fulfill the intended goals if the team acts coherently.

Any manifestation of intolerant relations to one another is fraught with a decrease in productivity; therefore, the importance of diversity in the workplace is emphasized by leaders as one of the components of productivity. Moreover, human resource regulation in Emirates Transport in Ajman is controlled by the Board of Directors, which also affects the choice of staff (Board of Directors). Consequently, this rule of an ethical selection of employees is observed in the branch.

Due to the fact that the company in question operates in the field of transport, the issue of environmental protection is relevant since harmful emissions of vehicles are a global problem. Although Emirates Transport is equipped with internal combustion engines extensively, the enterprise makes efforts for the maximum safe processing of fuel, pursuing the policy aimed at promoting clean air.

The branch in Ajman is the organization where much attention is paid to the issue of pollution, and one of the mandatory conditions is making reports about the number of harmful emissions. Moreover, each employee of the organization is aware of the work carried out in support of environmental protection, and corresponding responsibility is imposed on everyone who faces harmful production in the workplace. Such a policy makes it possible to reduce air emissions and exclude claims from the state regarding excessive pollution. Therefore, the branch personnel, including senior and junior managers, are well aware of the consequences of contamination and working instructions that should be observed to maintain air purity.

Summary and reflection

Constructive criticism that comes from the heads of the departments of Emirates Transport in Ajman is usually accepted positively since there are no excessive harsh statements in relation to employees. The staff adequately perceives the requirements and tasks that are consistent with the company’s leaders, and the activation process takes place in a favorable environment. Avoiding conflicts is a significant feature that needs to be encouraged, and the management adheres to the principle of cultural communication with subordinates. Relationships among colleagues are benevolent, and it shows that constructive criticism is not an obstacle to the implementation of the work plan of the enterprise.

In general, the work process in Emirates Transport in Ajman meets the modern requirements of the corporate approach to the management of industrial enterprises. The effective use of methods to reward employees and stimulate their interest in the performance of immediate duties emphasizes the interest of the leadership incompetent personnel policy. Professional development is the essential component of activities, and production indicators largely depend on the skill level of specialists.

The standards and norms defined by the Board of Directors do not contradict modern approaches to the formation of a tolerant attitude towards employees and the maintenance of diversity in the workplace. The social responsibility of the enterprise corresponds to those principles of employment that the labor rights determine. Work on environmental issues helps to reduce the number of harmful emissions to the atmosphere, which demonstrates the organization’s concern for this problem. Constructive criticism is a valuable component of work and is aimed not at humiliating dignity but at stimulating the active work of employees. Thus, the activity of Emirates Transport in Ajman is productive and contributes to developing the transport industry in the country.

Health and safety

Emirates Transport in Ajman is an organization that cares about its employees, which is expressed in the promotion of safety in the workplace. Proceeding from the principles of Occupational Safety and Health, the physical condition of subordinates is one of the priority directions that the management adheres, especially when it comes to such a large industrial enterprise. To ensure safety, warning signs and brochures hang in all the units of the branch where information is displayed about the possible consequences of safety violations and the ways of preventing injuries in the workplace.

Team leaders regularly conduct explanatory work with colleagues on the importance of compliance with the rules of protection when working with dangerous equipment. Periodically, meetings with rescues from salvage service take place so that employees of the enterprise could receive new experiences and could be aware of dangerous situations. Such measures make it possible to secure the work process and prevent injuries, which can lead to fatal consequences and entail serious problems for the whole organization.

Another important aspect of the branch’s work in terms of employee safety is accident insurance. The management of the enterprise grants its subordinates safety and offers an opportunity to issue an appropriate policy guaranteeing reimbursement of funds in case of injuries, illnesses, and other health problems. This proposal is part of the social package, and, as can be seen from this attitude, the company worries about its employees. Despite the fact that insurance cases are infrequent in Emirates Transport in Ajman, the workers of the transport company have the right to expect the reimbursement of medical expenses if an incident is committed through the fault of the employer.

Certainly, it is not in the interests of the management to provide subordinates with large sums; therefore, corresponding preventive work is carried out regularly. Meetings with competent rescuers, agitation materials, and other measures are encouraged to maintain safety at the enterprise and protect the health of its employees. Consequently, the work of the branch does not miss safety issues in the workplace, and the leadership makes efforts to ensure that people using dangerous equipment are protected from accidents in the workplace.


One of the main lessons learned is the fact that at such a large enterprise as Emirates Transport in Ajman, it is possible to establish an effective work process and provide employees with good conditions. Also, it is essential to note that having a specialized education is not enough, and the desire to enhance personal skills is the important component of work and, as a consequence, promotion on the career ladder.

An opportunity to work at such an enterprise after graduation is a good prospect since in this organization, all the modern standards of the corporate regime are observed, which indicates the successful policy of management. Moreover, having the possibility to self-develop and cooperate with experienced colleagues, it is possible to achieve high results and to build a good career in the future. Therefore, a chance to receive a job in such an organization or a similar type is one of the best options for employment.

The experience gained has given me an opportunity to take a fresh look at the prospects of work and the desire to achieve success. The study of the peculiarities of the enterprise’s work has made it possible to find out how the activities in such a large and successful branch are arranged. Aspiration for a job in such an organization is justified since the benefits and bonuses provided to employees of Emirates Transport in Ajman are significant.

At the same time, professional development is necessary; otherwise, it will be impossible to prove personal skills in practice, and the employer is unlikely to recruit a subordinate with low qualifications. Knowledge in the field of transport products and the features of this area are mandatory. Moreover, skills in working with technical equipment may help to understand all the nuances of work quickly and perform the tasks assigned effectively. Therefore, the higher the level of professional development is, the more chances are to gain prestige among colleagues and the management of the enterprise.

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