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Emiratization, Its Measures and Methods Essay

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Updated: Aug 6th, 2020

To increase the number of Emirati people in the UAE workforce, the governmental and organizational authorities undertake various measures aimed to develop valuable specialists and establish long-term partnerships with them. To fulfill the primary objectives in its Emiratization endeavors, the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD) may participate in job fairs, invest in the academic and professional development of students and current employees, create benefits for nationals in the workforce. Some measures are meant to hire new valuable national cadres, while the others have a purpose of maintaining the existing qualified personnel. These methods are discussed in greater detail in the following paragraphs.

Scholarships and Student Contracts

Many UAE authorities develop scholarship models to train the Emirati students to become competent professionals in the area of their performance and take leading positions in organizations in the future. Scholarships are usually available for those students who have strong academic records and are determined to grow in the field of their interest. The major feature of the given scholarship schemes is their contractual basis. The students are expected to contribute to the development of the UAE society, business, and economy. These scholarship models attract young people because they provide opportunities to acquire skills and guarantee placement in top national enterprises or agencies. Such conditions are beneficial for both talented students and efficiently meet the Emiratization plan goals.

Employment Fairs

Recruitment fairs are essential sources of information for career seekers and employers. For example, Tawdeef or Najah annually held in Abu Dhabi draw a large number of nationals from various social and demographic backgrounds. The fairs may vary in specialization, scope, and several participants. The EAD participation in one of the numerous recruitment fairs will help to establish an immediate connection with talented and interested people and raise the awareness of organizational mission in public.

Succession Plans

A succession plan is a strategy aimed to nurture and develop individuals within the organization in the order they might take the senior positions there in the future. This management practice approaches Emiratization’s needs by promoting particular employees who have the necessary leadership and professional qualities. In this way, succession plans retain Emirati personnel. Moreover, the internal organizational efforts in the development of qualified personnel are essential to the increase of the UAE nationals’ competitiveness in the labor market.

Employee Benefit Models

To retain personnel, the agency should design a gratuity plan meant to reward long-term employees. By correlating financial and non-monetary rewards with the period of work, organizations stimulate the desired behavior among the staff members and encourage them to stay. To be more efficient, an employee benefits scheme should be a part of the general motivation and reinforcement system because the combination of different benefits provided to subordinates can significantly raise their commitment to jobs and the organization.

Tawteen Agreement

The national Tawteen program addresses the education and professional development issues, and its major goal is the empowerment of the UAE youth. Tawteen has many functioning projects such as Tawteen Leadership Academy, Career Resources Center, etc. which provide young nationals with opportunities for self-development. The establishment of a partnership with Tawteen is thus crucial to the agency’s Emiratization efforts as the organization’s talent database is vast. Such collaboration can help the EAD to align its organizational needs and Emiratization objectives with the personal interests of the potential employees and, in this way, establish long-term and fruitful relationships with them.


Workforce Emiratization requires a multilateral approach and a combination of various tactic measures. The methods described in the paper have advantages and limitations. Some of them can help the EAD to draw potential employees, while others allow retaining current personnel and stimulate the development of staff members’ skills. It is possible to say that a holistic Emiratization strategy will include all of these measures. In this way, it will be possible to find the right balance between organizational needs and personal interests of employees and develop long-term partnerships based on trust and mutual commitment.

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