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Georgia State University Employee Benefits Research Paper

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Updated: May 14th, 2020


Benefits are compensations offered to employees by their employers in addition to their wages and salaries. To qualify for a benefit, the employee must have worked in a regular position for at least half of time for a permanent period of six months.

If an employee registers for a benefit while he/she is not qualified for it, he/she must refund the money to the university. The employee decides on when to begin enjoying his benefits and the level of coverage he needs (Georgia state university, para. 1).


The benefits consist of health and welfare, retirement plans, family medical bills, paid time leave, education, flexible spending accounts, Americans with disability act, cobra, and other benefits such as social security, medicare, unemployment, and workers compensation (Honey 348)


The health and welfare involves programs such as wellness Wednesday that help the staff practice health and wellness. There are sponsorship of yoga and meditation classes, first Thursday health screening, weight watchers, GSU book club and Georgia state university on the move programs.

Others include the great American wellness check, wellness e-library, and smoking cessations (Georgia state university 2). Employees using tobacco are added extra fifty dollars to their monthly medical payment once in the tobacco sensation.

There will be monthly insurance premium deductions to cover the dental, vision, and flexible spending accounts on the payroll on a pre-tax basis. The payments will be done according to the month spend on and the effective date. The insurance company gives out medical ID cards for each family member that is unique from the other social security members.

If an employee uses his money after registering for the card while still in process is supposed to be refunded his money (Georgia state university 2).

Each employee gets pre-tax benefits. Incase of any changes to this benefit the employee is required to report within 30 days otherwise the IRS has strict rules of retaining its records effective for the entire year.

These changes include marital status, birth or adoption of a child, death of a covered depended, loss of eligibility status, loosing or gaining healthcare coverage under the Medicaid. In addition, change in location to the outside of the healthcare plans service area should be added (Georgia state university 2).

He benefits from receiving a service from a non-network provider that qualifies him as a patient under the HMO or PPO and plan compensation as payment in full.

If an employee travels abroad or outside the service area, board of regents PPO and HSA PPO offers him a blue card world wide that is processed by the university to offer service at the time the employee needs. During payments, one will receive benefit coverage (Georgia state university 3).

HMO offers compensation incases of life threatening injuries or illness offers the benefit of blue choice compensation. The employee pays his medical bills but later claims for refunding. The Kaiser Permanente HMO benefit offers 24-hour worldwide emergency coverage like illness and injury needing emergency cares.

The benefit of academic faculty is ten months contract and saving money for higher education expenses for his children and grand children or other beneficiaries.

Members enjoy tax- free accounts, withdrawals, and tax deductions on education purposes. HIPAA compliance provides the employee with privacy and security of personal information regarding his health and whereabouts. The family medical Act (FMLA), requires that qualified employees take up to twelve weeks unpaid but job protected leave each year (Georgia state university 4).

The employee must complete one year or one thousand two hundred and fifty hours. The conditions for change include birth or approval of a child and severe health circumstances of the employee, the employee’s child, spouse, or parent.

Other conditions are incapability of treatment attached with hospital care, hospital or housing medical care facility and any period of uncontrollable irregular absences from work, school, or other regular every day actions that also involves ongoing treatment by a health care provider.

An enduring treatment by a health care provider for a persistent or long-term health condition must be curable or so serious that if not treated, would probably effect in a period of inability and prenatal care (Georgia state university 2).

Severe health state of an employee relying on service membership benefits in the line of duty is permitted up to twenty six weeks of leave in a single twelve-month period to care for the service member. Incase of inconveniences from the employee’s reliance service member, notifications of awaiting call to active duty status are issued in support of an emergency action (Georgia state university 4).


GSU has emphasized most of their benefits on the health and well-being of their employees. Their benefits are vey organized and attractive. It is important that the employee goes through the benefits to understand the rules and regulations set for the qualifications of the benefits.

Otherwise, he/she might find refunding the expenses to the employer difficult. This benefit program is very efficient in today’s working conditions and therefore should have its full impact on the employees.


It is important for employees to understand the benefits their employees provide for them. The benefits help the employer to create a competitive advantage in the hiring and firing of employees. Benefits are designed to motivate and reward employees.

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