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Employee Commitment at the Workplace Essay

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Updated: Aug 20th, 2019

Every working environment acts as a stage where employees would show cases their skills and other prospects. As a result, such commitment in terms of job performance exposes them to several opportunities consequently accompanied by rewards such as promotions and so on.

It is therefore not strange to notice how workers would go the extra way in order to outdo a workmate when carrying out an assignment in any given unit within a company. This paper explores the work ethics, proper procedures and professionalism exhibited by one of my colleagues who managed to put the company profile in a strategic platform almost independently.

Xu is my able assistant with immense energy and intelligence that has always prompted him to be delegated with decisive assignments complete with the most pronounced tasks to handle. An occasion when Xu demonstrated extreme skills of organization and time management was between the month of November 22nd and the day after.

The complexity of the company’s logistics not withstanding, he assumed himself as the coordinator in charge of all the company units. For instance, I programmed to go to Hefei by air and set a meeting with the commission chairman of China banking regulatory board, Cai Esheng together with Sun zhigang who is the deputy governor of Anhui province. The main objective of the meeting was to initialize the joint funding of a financial lease institution.

This meeting was to be followed up by another quick flight to Shangai so as to witness the merger between Amp and Hainan Airline Corporation.

Both assignments are very crucial for the company’s image and reputation due to the fringe benefits usually attached to joint business venture. Here, resources are pooled and risks are equally spread across the entire joint network which narrows the level and value of any loss incurred.

Although when I presumed a deal has been struck, the chairman of China banking regulatory commission decided to shift his meeting from Hefei to unknown destination thereby jeopardizing my earlier plans. The meeting apparently represents authority and financial safety and could only be achieved through convening a session with both Esheng Cai and Sun zhigang.

This complexity of tasks was not only immense and needed a quick solution but also posed a serious threat of being behind schedule.Xu in his characteristic multi-tasking management trend, decided to undertake these tasks on my behalf. Concurrently though, he had a project still running since he was on the brink of relocating the newly acquired Australia lease company to Hong Kong.

Despite the fact that Xu was under pressure, he still managed to carry out the other tasks along side this important one too. For example, he set out a standard communication setting and managed to bring on board Esheng Cai to rescheduling the meeting to 23rd morning. He was also able to convince my promotional event to be moved to that occasion on the 23rd afternoon.

Xu has proved to be an independent employee who can multitask and achieve the expected results. A point in case is when he rearranged for communication with the concerned persons and convincing them that the meeting can be held at a convenient date to both parties. On the other hand, Xu has not relented on his quest to organize for the lease transfer. His efforts attested in this scenario are boundless thus broadening his abilities and personality to enable him capture and exploit the future career destination.

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