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Entrepreneurship and Managerial Roles Distribution Essay

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One should perfectly realize the fact that the organization of a new business venture is a complex issue that should be given great attention. First of all, it is crucial to align the efficient mechanism of management that will guarantee the wise distribution of the most important tasks and their successful accomplishment. With this in mind, it is vital to create a model with several key managers that will be able to contribute to the companys growth.

Main body

James could hold a post of the main administrator who will be responsible for the projects accounting, finances, payments, organizational issues, etc. The fact is that his previous rich experience in depositing funds, organizing sales, etc. will obviously contribute to the improved performance and his great efficiency. He will have to bear responsibility for the timely accounting and wise distribution of funds.

Daniel should be ready to work with customer service. His previous background and competence in the given sphere are the main factors that prove this choice. He will create accounts for customers and monitor their functioning. Moreover, Daniel should also examine the state of equipment and guarantee the timely provision of the needed tools for the rest of the workers to be able to satisfy clients needs.

Besides, considering the importance of the above-mentioned aspect of the functioning of any new business, Edina should provide her assistance to Daniel and also work in the sphere of customer service. Yet, she should be responsible for live and face-to-face communication with customers who want to use the services of the company. Her good communication skills will contribute to the establishment of better relations with customers and improved the image of a new venture.

Finally, Ahmad and Christa should work directly with pets and take care of them. Christa has a 7-year experience of working with children and that is why she recognizes the fact that a special approach is needed when working with speechless creatures. For this reason, she will be able to make them happy and increase customers loyalty to the company. However, the complexity and extreme importance of the given task introduce the necessity to engage Ahmad in this activity. He is able to perform numerous tasks because of his previous experience of a roustabout. Ahmad should be ready to follow Christas pieces of advice to provide pets with the best conditions and satisfy their needs.

All founders of the company should be provided with equal compensation as their functioning is extremely important for the evolution of this business venture.

When speaking of the company and its perspectives, it is possible to outline several important facts. First, it is obvious that at the very beginning, this project will hardly provide giant incomes and the number of customers will be limited. For this reason, its founders could also work as employees, take care of pets, and perform some other duties. At this stage, new workers are not needed. However, every business project has some perspectives related to its evolution and possible rise. For this reason, it is expected that within the following 3 years the company will experience great income of customers and the need for new employees will appear. It is excepted that from 5 to 10 additional specialists will be needed to satisfy the increased customers demands and provide them with the high-quality services. Furthermore, it will be necessary to hire a veterinarian and groomer not to use the services of other companies. Finally, in case the company manages to attain success, it is possible to predict the organization of extra offices across the city to attract new customers. For this reason, from 20 to 40 new employees will be needed to align the functioning of new departments and supply them with the appropriate amount of workers. However, when analyzing the companys perspectives and the need for new workers, it is crucial to mind all factors that might impact its rise, evolution, and success. Only this sort of analysis will help to state the necessity of new workers.


Finally, when running a new business, its founder or group of founders obviously expects some revenues and outcomes that might guarantee their prosperity and success. Moreover, being co-founders of a certain project, all of the partners should have shares that depend on their contribution to the evolution of a venture. That is why all 5 partners should possess equal powers and shares as the company was their common project that benefited because of their collaboration. Being the main shareholders, they obviously are able to impact the future of the project and choose the way in which it will evolve. However, it is important to consider the fact that any solution should be discussed by all 5 partners and accepted only in case the majority is sure that it is the right decision. No one should have some extra powers and dictate his conditions. In case one of the partners wants to leave, his/her share could be redeemed and distributed between the rest of the owners for them to preserve control over the company and not to let some other actors interfere in its functioning.

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