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Etisalat Company’s Brand Essay


The ad portrays a clear message in the image used in this paper. It brings the point home. The marketer wanted to portray a message that they are a strong brand and can be relied upon in the market. One example is that of Etisalat. The ad shows how the organization has a strong brand. It shows that they are better and way ahead of the competition. There are links that are shown that are stronger than the link in the middle.

These links are the links that belong to Etisalat, which is the brand that is being advertised. The other link that is visibly weak refers to other brands, which are regarded to be weak. The message is clear and brings the point home that the only reliable brand is Etisalat.

Etisalat Company's Brand

Marketing strategies used

The marketing strategy that is used by the business is that of relationship marketing. This strategy strives to build relationships with clients that already exist without looking for other new clients. The company is trying to make its clients stick to them by regarding potential competitors as weak. This shows that if the clients use their competitor’s services, they will become a weak link. This way, they have been convinced to stay in the company. Relationship marketing is a strategy that targets clients that are already in the company. They are being convinced that the company is a good place to stay.

Another marketing strategy that is common with most types of ads is that of understanding customer expectations. This marketing strategy is used where the brand has done thorough research and understands what the client is finding interesting. There is prior consumer research that has been carried out. This way, the customer gets what they want. The clients are offered what they want and yearning to get when getting a given product. This is an effective strategy that is common with ads.

Another common feature that is common in these adverts is that of selling the brand. In these ads, the main aim is to show that the brand is better than all other brands in all angles and features that can be compared.

Types of appeal common

The appeals that these ads bring across are the brand appeal. This appeal aims at making the clients understand that the brand is one of the strongest they are investing in and abiding. In this appeal, the organization is trying to strengthen the brand they possess. They are trying to show that they are trusted, and many clients believe in their services and products that they give. The brand of Sant Anna portrays this clearly.

They show that they are taller in terms of service delivery as compared to other beer brands. Heineken is also a good example that shows it will stand out after all the rest have either fallen aside or have been swollen by Heineken. This is a message of strength and the will to outdo the competition.

Another appeal is the play of words appeal. The designers of ads that have few texts in their design try to come up with words that catch the audience. One example is that of “Do not be the weakest link…..”. This alone is appealing and brings a clear message, and readers will get a clear message when they see the image and compare it with the text they get. Another example of this appeal is that of Heineken, “And the world will be one.” It perfectly matches with the image. It shows various brand rubber stamps coming to the bottle so that they are all in the same place. Then, the words say it all, that this is one world. This is a perfect play of words and a good one at that.

Another appeal that such ads portray is that of bandwagon appeal. This appeal signifies that since everyone is using a given service, you should also be part of this team. It shows that there is a coolness in using something, and someone should use it. An example is that of Heineken. It shows that all brands are under Heineken or come from Heineken. Another one is Sant Anna and Tiger. They show that everyone believes and uses these brands, and the reader should also be part of the team.

There is also a plain appeal. This type of appeal makes use of daily aspects to bring an appeal to ordinary people to use the service. One example is the Tiger brand, where the bill of the Hornbill signifies strength. The ad, therefore, signifies that the Tiger brand has strength more than other brands.

Features of graphics

The features that are common in most graphics include the fact that they are appealing. Most of the graphics that are used when designing ads are appealing and good to look at. This is one thing that makes people want to look at graphics for a long. A common thing with all graphics that are used in adverts is that they use things that are friendly and not scary. The Tiger advert in the figure uses a hornbill to signify strength. The Hornbill is a friendly animal and not scary (Baker 91).

Another thing that is common with graphics used in advertising is the use of normal and everyday objects. Most of the graphics that are used in advertising depict things that are commonly used and encountered in everyday life. All graphics that are used is the things and the creatures we encounter every day.

Why graphics are sufficient

With good graphics, the need for text is superfluous. Graphics are brief and are direct to the point. With the messages that graphics bring to the readers, the need for text is no longer necessary (Green 62).

There is also the issue of humor when graphics are used. They make the readers, and the target audience entertained and, at the same time, gets the message that is being passed by the advertisers. The use of graphics is efficient and reliable when clarity and brevity are sought when advertising. They are clear and brief when passing messages to the consumers.

In conclusion, ads that have few texts and have graphics are just as effective, as and even sometimes more effective than those with text. They are brief, and the message is driven to the consumers. Most consumers do not have time to read the text that is shown in the ad. It is, therefore, advisable to use graphics and few texts when coming up with adverts. One thing that should be taken into account is that creativity is important when designing graphics that are used in adverts (Baker 754).

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