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Evaluation of the Movie “A Beautiful Mind” Evaluation Essay

Hollywood has provided the rest of the world with various films which can shape people’s perception of the world. One of these films is A Beautiful Mind (2001). This film touches upon a number of important issues to consider and discuss. For instance, it tells a story of a great love as the protagonist’s wife did not leave him even when everything seemed hopeless.

The film can also be regarded as a great account of the American life in the middle of the twentieth century. However, the film is really fascinating and philosophical with its major idea that the human being is capable of almost anything as the human being is endowed with a really beautiful mind.

In the first place, the beautiful mind of the protagonist helps him excel in his studies. He is one of the best students and he has a really bright future. This may seem quite an ordinary story as there are thousands of bright students who become successful in their lives.

However, this simple life story can be considered in philosophical terms, so-to-speak. Thus, people have used mind (and knowledge) to develop and improve their lives. Technological development verifies the assumption that people have improved their lives and reached unprecedented tops due to reason.

Apart from development and success in life, the protagonist’s mind solves problems which help him achieve success in love life as well. The episode when the protagonist dances with the most beautiful girl in the café is really remarkable. People always think that reason and emotions can never be connected. However, the episode mentioned above refutes this assumption completely.

Obviously, a person can build (or at least start) romantic relationships using his/her mind. Understanding people’s psychology can help an individual reach certain aims. Pure analysis can help people control other people’s emotions.

Finally, the protagonist develops a severe mental disorder that almost destroys his whole life (career, marriage, etc.). However, the protagonist manages to get over disease. Again, his beautiful mind helps him start a normal life. This has quite a specific meaning in terms of philosophical terrain. Clearly, the human being can overcome anything with the help of the mind.

This idea is somewhat Nietzsche-like as the film seemingly propagates ideas of a super-human. Thus, it is believed that any problem can be overcome with the help of reason. At this point, it is necessary to note that pride can have disastrous impact on people.

Therefore, people should understand they are super-humans, but they should remain humble as they do not understand the power of their own mind. The film shows that reason can help people achieve anything when used reasonably.

On balance, it is possible to note that the film is a fascinating story that has a variety of philosophical ideas to consider. The film makes people think of the power of human mind.

The film makes viewers understand that reason is what makes human beings different from the rest of mammals as it does not simply help people develop, but it can also make human beings too proud (compared to mammals who can hardly be associated with pride and necessity to prove their supremacy). This pride often leads to various failures (wars, anthropogenic disasters, etc.).

Therefore, the protagonist’s story shows that people are still unaware of many things (they are not aware of peculiarities of their mind) and they should always beware of pride. Such philosophical ideas make the film really meaningful and important as films should make people think and make right decisions in their lives.

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